Ayurvedic Tips to Lose Weight

Some Reasons for Weight Gain

The reasons for sudden increase in body weight can be many. One factor to consider is age. As one ages the metabolic rate decreases leading to weight gain. This type of weight gain is observed in people in their late 30s. Thyroid imbalance and decrease in thyroid levels in particular lead to sudden weight gain. Change in lifestyle, mindless consumption of junk food etc lead to weight gain.

But we also find people who do take junk fund and still look lean and mean. This is due to their higher metabolic rate.

Now what is metabolism or metabolic rate? It is the rate at which our body will use energy, better known as burning calories. If your body can burn calories faster then there is no excessive weight gain.

BMR or basal metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest. A general way to calculate this is by multiplying your weight in pounds by 10. To know your true BMR, seek professional advice.

Now the more you exercise, the better gets your metabolism. And with a higher metabolism you will burn calories more efficiently. As for a person with a low metabolism rate, he/she will burn fewer calories from the same amount of food and store the calories that were not 'burned' into fats.

Coconut Oil to Boost Your Metabolism

Some Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss

Increase the intake of horsegram, kidney beans, millet, dry broken beans etc in your diet.

'Varadi' is a kashayam available in ayurvedic stores. Take 15 ml of this kashayam and mix it in 60 ml boiled and cooled water. Add honey one spoonful to this mix and take it early morning and evening in empty stomach. Lie down to your left side immediately after taking this for 15 minutes. On getting up, drink a glass of warm water. This kashayam is an excellent remedy to reduce excessive fat.

Avoid yoghurt or curd. Add one spoon of 'triphala' choornam in 80 ml of water and boil it. Once boiled, let it cool and then filter out the solids. Add a spoon of honey to this and take it immediately after food morning and evening.

Needless to say, exercise is a must. An hour after taking kashayam in the mornings, walk briskly for at least 30-45 minutes. Avoid daytime nap.

Horsegram is powdered to a nice consistency. Heat sour buttermilk and add 100 gm of horsegram powder to this and make a consistent paste. Apply this paste onto fat deposits on the body and massage vigorously in upward strokes. Horsegram is known to reduce body fat very effectively.Take hot water bath after half an hour. Use 'eladhi choornam' instead of soap. Add a few drops of water to this choornam and prepare a thick paste and use it for bathing purposes.

Avoid non-vegetarian food at all cost. Keep your colons clean and avoid constipation, take plenty of fibers. Triphala also helps prevent constipation.

Lavana Thailam for Weight Loss

One of the popular Ayurvedic preparations for weight loss is Lavana thailam.   This oil is to be gently massaged in upward strokes on areas of fat deposits.  It is to be washed off after 15 minutes with warm water.

The suggested regime is three months and can extend to six months in some stubborn cases.  The oil can be used by regulars too who want to maintain their figure and prevent accumulation of fat.

Psychological Aspects of Weight Gain

Psychologists say that people who experience a sense of insecurity, which may be due to real or imagined threats, may find solace and security in food. This results in food cravings and emotional binge eating.

One simple technique that is found to be very effective in treating the psychological aspect is EFT. Developed by Gary Craig a Stanford Engineer, this technique has helped countless people to lose weight easily and effortlessly.

You can learn EFT very easily and you can use it not only to overcome weight gain but also to successfully clear blocks that had been hampering your overall psychological growth.

EFT for Weight Loss

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anurada 8 years ago

is that varanadi kashayam and varadi kashayam are same??

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 8 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Yes they are the same with some slight variations.

Malathi 8 years ago

Please advise as i am having Polycystic Sydrome...because of weight gain...How could the horsegram can help?

profile image

rakheeindubai 8 years ago

is it possible to take varadi kashayam after pregnancy? My kid is 1 year old and I have put on loads of weight. I would like to take this medication but curious if post pregnancy ladies are allowed?

annupamaa 8 years ago

plese let me know where varadi kashayam is available in chennai. i need it immediately for my husband who has put on a lot of weight.

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 8 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Dear annupamaa Varadi Kashayam is available with Thaikaatu Mooss Dr.P.T.N.Vasudevan Mooss, SNA, www.thaikatmooss.com. Telephone: 91-487-2441947, 2441948.

Dear Rakheeindubai, post pregnancy ladies can take this kashayam after consulting their ayurveda physician.

priyanka 8 years ago

if i will prefer only varadi with honey as per u r advise is it sufficent to losse unnecssary fat on stomach?

how long i have to take varadi?

anju 8 years ago

can including horse gram in our diet alone reduce fat significantly? i want to lose nearly 19 kilos. and how long wil it take me to achieve the desired result?

Kukku 8 years ago


I am 25year old, married woman. My height is 5ft 2in and weight is 63kg. It was just 52 around a year back. Can Varadi with honey alone could help me to reduce my weight and also belly fat?

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 8 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Dear Kukku,

You may start with the recommendations mentioned in the article.

sindu 7 years ago

thank u... how long it will take to know the changes. should i follow this my lifetime..

bini 7 years ago


I am 30year old, married woman. My height is 5ft 2in and weight is 76kg. It was just 73 around a year back. could help me to reduce my weight and also belly fat?

profile image

loseweightfast24 7 years ago

Certain amount of body fat does the following function

1. Heat insulation.

2. Absorption of shock.

3. Storage of energy. Etc.

Ayurveda describes the functions of body fat as

“Medaha sneha swedaudhrudatwam pushtim asthyancha”

This means in normal conditions the body fat keeps the body moisturized, causes sweating, gives energy to body (by storing energy) and nourishes bones. (By protecting them from shock)

soumya 7 years ago

letme know where varadi kashayam is available in kerala (near thiruvalla)pathanamthitta district.

geetha 7 years ago

Should varanadi kashayam be used along with honey?

krishna 7 years ago

Dear sir,

i am 25 years old and am having some fat swellings in my body and my stomach also become too big suddenly ,my doctor suggest me to take varanadi kashayam and arogyavardhini tablets.Is it enough for me to reduce the stomach and fat sellings in my body?.Please suggest me

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 7 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Krishna,

Along with the remedies prescribed by your doctor, you need to walk vigorously at least 1 or 2 hours everyday. You need not worry about fat swellings. You can take virgin coconut oil 1 tsp everyday morning before you walk.

krishna 7 years ago

thanks a lot for your information .what do you mean by virgin oil where i got that in bangalore

afzal 7 years ago

Dea sir.,

would u please advice me how many days do i need to take this varadi kashayam

Shareef 7 years ago


I am 41 Years and my weight is 99Kg. how to use varadi kashayam

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Afzal, Shareef, you need to find out your dosha with the help of an Ayurvedic practitioner and then start taking the kashayam under supervision. The physician can help you determine the duration of consumption.

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Krishna,

Virgin oil is available in local stores or you can make your own by boiling fresh pressed coconut milk.

Jason 6 years ago

Bhagya Lakshmi 6 years ago

Hi sir...I am Dr.Bhagya lakshmi,completed BAMS n am in to internship now..am under treatment ,navaka guggulu,medohara vati..n my main problem is..my face is puffy with dull eyes..can u please reveal me the cause for it?n trt also

anonymous 6 years ago

is it ok if i exercise for 30-45minutes instead of walking for an hour?

shyamala 6 years ago


I take saptasaram kashayam for a course of 3 months.Should i avoid non veg food while i take this medicine?Pls help me..

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Shyamala,

It would be ideal if you can avoid meat when taking the kashayam. This way you can let the medicine do its job more efficiently.

sangeeth 6 years ago


did honey +lemon juice will reduce the weight sir

naziya 6 years ago

hi i am 24 yrs old, i have itching problem for past 1yr, after taking medicine for itching my body weight has been increased, now i need to loose weight , pls can u advise me abt horsegram......?

priya 6 years ago

triphala choornam means????????????

raihana 6 years ago

what is vaingara thundu means ?

anjali 6 years ago

where horsegram powder wii be found? is it available in ayurvedic stores?

AbelSmith 6 years ago

Take a full glass of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Make this as a daily habbit. Eat more fruits, vegetables and low calorie meals. Bitter vegetables help weight loss. Use as little salt as possible, or eliminate it altogether.

Avoid milk products like cheese and butter. Have some cabbage regularly. Cabbage stops the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates to fat. Yoga is part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, it gives good and fit body with peace of mind.

mrs.anil 6 years ago

i am 33 yrs old and my wt is 94kg.how can i loose weight

red 6 years ago

does the any of these medicines have side effects?

red 6 years ago

hi can any one tell me if the lavana thailam has any side effects.

deepthi 6 years ago

i am deepthi comleted my BAMS and now i am in iternship....my aunt is suffering from obesity i prescribed varadhi kashayam...now i want to know how long she should use it?n any contradiction?

Lena 6 years ago

Yes you can loose weight easaliy even when your old but what about the loose skin all over the body? How do you reduce that except for operation?



Rani 6 years ago


i am 26 yrs old maried 3 yrs back and i have a kid of 1 yr after delivery i have gained weight and fat around my tummy now my weight is 68 kgs

please suggest me can i use lavanam thilam and varadi kashayam

if i can use then how much time will take to reduce the fat and get a flat stomach

Rani 6 years ago


i am staying in Noida(UP) can you please tell me from where can i get these Lavana Thilam and Varadha kashayam in Noida

Glemoh101 profile image

Glemoh101 6 years ago

Thanks for this tips if you want to know more about the most effective way to lose body weight follow this hub .


Chandru 6 years ago

i am 27 yrs old and undergone c-section operation 2 yrs back. Now can i use Ayur Care Lavana Thailam to reduce my Tummy fat stomach. Please advice

Anu 6 years ago

Dear Sir,am 22 yrs..and too fat ..how to reduce weight faster.

selvie 5 years ago

thank you for wonderful information shared. Would appreciate if you could suggest diet for treatment and home treatment and diet for fistula

chelvi  5 years ago

pls inform me where can i getvaradi khasyam in malaysia

balasaraswathi 5 years ago

hello sir i got scissorine 2 yrs back , shall i use the lavana thailam for reducing belly fat. please tell me

sh dxb 5 years ago


I delivered (c-sec)baby 3 mths back during my preg i have puton a lot i used to be 55kg now i weigh 67kg my age is 33. Need your advise if i can use varadi khasayam.I feel very low 'cause of my weight pls help.....

priya 5 years ago


during my pregnancy i hair fall stopped completely instead it grown a lot now after delivery its entirely the opposite my hair falls a lot.iAM USING NILIBRIGADI oil .... pls advise its my fourth month after delivery....

rajini anchoori 5 years ago


i dilivred a baby 1 year back. after dilevery i have gained weight and fat around my tummy now my weight is 70 kgs please suggest me how to reduce that

divya 5 years ago


i delivered a baby 1 1/2 years back.my age is 21 wieght 75kg around my tummy lot of fat please suggest me how to reduce plz.

sonal gandhi 5 years ago

where is varadi kayasham available in dubai???

dinesh 5 years ago

let me know where i will get varandi khasyam in kolkata

Sanjukta Lal 5 years ago

Sir, I am 58 years old. I have put on 33 kgs since 2003 after my menopause. I take 150mg Thyrodium and am sufferuing of thyroid since 1995 kindly advise me steps to reduce weight, as i have an injured knee and it is not able to take my weight.

Arjun 5 years ago

Hi Sir,

My Height is 171 cm,weight 175kg. Am I over weight?

my stomach is 98 cm. i am suferring with diabetics. can i use this Varanadi Kashayam without honey or if used with honey will it increase my blood sugar level.

xyz 5 years ago

sir my age is 25 height 150 cm my weight is 120 hou i reduse my weight

darfar 5 years ago


I am from the United States and am having some problems understanding some of the words and language on here but wanted to see if you could explain a little more. I just found out about horse gram today..i need to lose weight desperately. can you tell me the best way to get the benefits of horse gram to lose weight? thank you

Sapna Mangalore 5 years ago

Dear Sir,

I am from Mangalore. Sir, I am 30 years old. My weight is 60kgs. I have recently started taking treatment for thyroid as i am sufferuing of thyroid. kindly advise me steps to reduce my tummy fat, as my stomach is so big. Pz advice me as soon as possible sir.

Reshmi 5 years ago


i am not abe to loose weight please give your tips to loose weght

raghav 5 years ago

sir i would like 2 know that where VARADI CHURAN is present in PUNE..........its very urgent please reply as soon as possible.....

ushasuresh 5 years ago

sir, will this kashyam help in cyst and fibroid

ushasuresh 5 years ago

Hello Sir,

can sukumaram kashyam and varanadi kashyam taken together

with 45ml of water pls let me know this


prathi 5 years ago


i got maried a month ago

whether taking of horsegram will affect preganancy?

Arundhati nandini 5 years ago

hi, i need to know how tummy fats and flabs can be reduced in a short span and what are the best remidies, plz help me i m sick of this problem.

kannan 5 years ago

hii sir,

i am a post graduate student.i don't have

rama 5 years ago

i am having hypotyroid problem so even i am doing exercises and following diet i am increasing weight how can i reduce it i am 5"4' height and weight 64 kgs. can you help me

srihari 5 years ago

i have taken horsegram for 6months.Now planning for 2nd baby. doctors said i have less eggs. horsegram too heaty and kills the egg growth?

rajesh 5 years ago

sir i am from vellore my age is 24 but have big tummy i stoped goin gym for a year i ahd taken power to bulid my body will tis tummy be in my life long or varadi kashyam will stop do i want to use even lavana thailam with tis or wat

radhika 5 years ago

Hi sir i am from Bangalore my age is 29 years but have big tummy i want to take this item please tell were i should i contact you

riya 5 years ago

sir my age is 15 and my wieght is 65 can any one or sir pls tell me what should i use to reduce wieght i was very much disturbed due to my body shape pls help me

athira 5 years ago

sir my age is 17 and my weight is 50 wht can i do to reduce my weight sir

Debashish Sharma 5 years ago

plese let me know where varadi kashayam is available in chennai.

Debashish Sharma 5 years ago

Hi,plese let me know where varadi kashayam is available in Guwahati(Assam)and Bangalore? Is there any sideeffect? I am 105kg. and age 23, for how long I have to consume varadi kashayam

meera malik 5 years ago

hi...I am 20 years old and weigh around 90kgs. I have tried everything to reduce my weight but it hasn't worked well for me . I wanted to know does this medication really work and for much time should I use it.....thanks

APARNA.S 5 years ago

sir i am aparna having 6months baby... before delivery i was only 65kg now i put on weight to 85kgs.... i harldly want to reduce my weight back to 65kg... i am breast feeding my son... wat all should i take to reduce my weight... where are the supplements available in vadapalani area. can i take them

Archana 5 years ago


I am 27 Yrs Old and 115kgs in weight and suffering from PCOD.

menuka 5 years ago

as i am already going thru the ayurvedic treatment to loose weight as massagetherepy will it work permenently.Please do advice

RRQ 5 years ago

what ayurvedic medicine i can take to keep my body system clean

Preethy 4 years ago

Excellent tips


ravi 4 years ago

weigh loss easy at the home tell me

Annapurna.M.kachavi 4 years ago

i am 23years old before i was 60 kgs now iam above 70kgs how to reduce weight fastly can i reduce it in 15 days only

Patience 4 years ago

Am 24 yrs of age,am weighing 78,whr wil i get the drugs in nigeria.

NARENDER 4 years ago


jagruti pai 4 years ago

hi im 37yrs old n my wt is 128 kg im suffring from knee pain n vericon vens problem pls help me what shd i do for my wt n my knee

Sco 4 years ago

23yrs weight 76 what shld i do to reduce it?

prakruti 4 years ago

I am 25 yrs old and suffering through thyroid imbalance due to which i have gained 10 lbs weight during this 6 mths. please advice me to loose my weight

pinkuuuu 4 years ago

respect sir

i m 24 yr old.my height is 5ft 6 inch and my weight is 72kg and my waist is 36 so i look bored due to extra fat in my stomatch.plz adviced me how i can tone my stomatch quickly....

Ashok kothiyal Dehradun 4 years ago

Take one tablespoon Flax seed Powder with water daily in early morning and evening before meal then see the result about reduce weight quickly.

riaz 4 years ago

Hi is it ok to use virgin coconut oil while breastfeeding.

riaz 4 years ago

Dear sir,

Also need to know if its ok to take varadi kashayam while breastfeeding to 18 months old baby.thank you.

neha 4 years ago

dear sir

my wgight is very high after delivery.plz tel.and also say there is no problem in breastfeeding my baby is 10 moths old

loseweightbestips profile image

loseweightbestips 4 years ago

Nice hub with detailed information, I can tell it all by just looking at the hub score

anusha 4 years ago

sir i am studying b.tech second year am 19 years old my height is 5.4 and am about 80 kg i gained my weight suddenly i feel very odd when i am with my friends so i maximum avoid going around with my friends and interacting with them i stay alone all the time i want to reduce my weight can you help me please by suggesting any ayurvedic tips

Kavya 4 years ago

I am studying btech second year my weight is 65 and my height is 5feet 5inches and my age is is 20years. i feel my body fat is more deposited in my ties and hands what can i do to reduce my weight

moumita kayal 4 years ago

does varaadi kashayam have any side effects?

yoga 4 years ago

there's any solution or medication for goiter? Mine looks bulky w/out any surgery what shall i take to reduce it

sadhan kumar nandi 4 years ago

Add Your Comment-sir, I am 37 yrs. , height 5ft 11 inch, my weight is 90 kgs. please advice me to weight reduce as early as possible. my email id -sadhan_nandi2000@indiatimes.com and M-8016900693.

waiting for reply.

Madhuparna Dutta 4 years ago


pls inform me where can I varanadi kashayan in kolkata (near behala) and send price


pls urgent

POORNIMA S 4 years ago



mithila 4 years ago

Dear sir

I am applying lavana thailam for 2 days 2 times both in the morning and night. I am doing workput daily for 1hr will I b able to reduce weight

hemaxi gondaliya 4 years ago

hello doctor........i want varadi and i am at surat ..............so wich place i calect varadi .................

sudha narayanan 4 years ago


I am 40 yrs and weigh 66kgs and height is 5 ft and i have two kids. I have put on weight around my stomach, hips n thighs.i have pear shape body. I am quite active , i go for brisk walks 5 days a week but it is not helping me to reduce weight in the problem areas. I am a vegetarian but once in a while i do binge on chicken or fish . kindly suggest

profile image

jaimatadii 4 years ago

i am having thyroid now it is in contrl range with pcod problem before 10 yrs & from last 2 yrs i am having diabetis prblm.i am taking insulin now with glycomet.i also want to reduce wgt with low sugar levels .its my marriage age so plz help me out that how i can reduce wgt with control of sugar.my age is 25 ,height 5'3 ,wgt 71 kg.

plz reply sir ,i am waiting for your posoitive feedback.with the god grace you have knowledge so plz help.

Shan 3 years ago


Hi I am calling from Mysore, I just want to know where i can purchase a Varadhi Kashayam. please drop the Address.

Thank You Shan

namrata 3 years ago

Sir before pregnency my weight is 60 kg my height is 5.6 after a pregnency my weight is 85 kg nw my. Baby is completing 1 year and my weight is 73 kg i want to lose my weight bt my baby feed so i u give. Me suggetion can i use this churn and medicine

siji 2 years ago

I am calling from kannur.my height is146 weight 55 kg and pcod problem please suggest weight reduce medicine

PRIYA 13 months ago

SIR, I AM CALLING FROM ERODE, MY HEIGHT IS ,150 . my weight 75kg. please suggest weight reduce medicine

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