B 12, B Complex, and Mental Disorder

Several studies have indicated that a deficiency in B12 is the cause for psychiatric symptoms like "dementia, psychoses, and mood disturbances" according to the Mayo clinic. The levels of B12 are not low enough to be an anemic problem and could therefore be overlooked as a cause of the mental dysfunction. Deficiency is associated with Alzheimer's disease, but more studies are needed.

Clinical evidence according to Scott Olson, ND are promising in their indication that the B complex can help people with bipolar illness. It seems that when levels of folic acid and B12 are too low manic states occur. The brain produces mood regulating substances like serotonin and dopamine. Some smaller studies have indicated the choline may help with bipolar disease. This nutrient is thought of by some authorities to be a b vitamin. Inositol is also sometimes said to be a B vitamin and apparently it helps with treating bipolar disorder.

Higher homocysteine levels is a factor in cardiovascular disease and research has made it evident that scoring lower on cognitive tests is caused by this higher levels of this amino acid. Supplementation with foliate reduces homocysteine. Test for the plasma levels of B6 and B12 were also done in studies and there were found to be an association with declined spatial ability when the levels are low.

It seems that good mental health is dependent on proper nutrition as well as physical health. To elevate your mood and be healthy eating foods laden with B complex is a good move.


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