Chewing Gum is fun and good for me?

As I'm chewing this piece of gum, I find it very interesting at what this gooey, chewy, flexible, tasty substance can do for me! It comes in all sizes , shapes, flavors, colors and brands and surprisingly enough it can be good for me!

Most of us have heard at one time or another these benefits to chewing gum:

  • Assist to stop smoking: Instead of reaching for a cigarette, one would reach for a stick of gum.
  • Bad Breathe: Temporarily aides in covering bad breath, specially those gums that have the added breath fresheners
  • Flying:Helps the middle ear equilibrium during flights
  • Dental Hygiene: Assists, when brushing isn't available, in reducing cavities, neutralizing plaque acids, remineralizing enamel to strengthen and washing away food particles( sugar-free gum of course)

Continue reading below to learn some things that may surprise you about our chewing gum habits.

What are the benefits?

I have compiled all the research on gum I've found in this one little article, some of which surprised even me. This will make me think twice the next time one of my children asks me for a piece of gum.


  • Weight loss: Studies have shown that one 5-10 calorie stick of sugarless gum can help fight off high calorie cravings, burn calories & raise your metabolic rate! If I chew a piece of sugarless gum at a rate of 100 chews per minute, I can increase my metabolic rate by 20%. If I chewed at this rate every waking hour , I could lose 11 pounds a year!( New England Journal of Medicine)
  • Improve Brain Power: Studies showed that chewing gum can improve & stimulate the brain in areas of concentration, memory and focus. By increasing your heart rate and blood pressure it will carry extra oxygen to the brain and stimulate the right and left hemispheres to work together.
  • Ease Stress & Tension: Studies have also shown that chewing gum can relieve muscle tension and stress, again by increasing blood flow and oxygen levels. This is one reason it is still given in the field and combat rations for the US Armed Forces.
  • Improve Ability to Retrieve and Retain Information: It's been measured by an EEG, that chewing gum stimulates the brain in the areas that are responsible for memory thus making it easier for to retrieve and recall information and to retain it.
  • Helps Breathing: Chewing gum helps breathing and opens up your frontal areas that will convert your air to better enrichment for your brain, says Dr. Lawlis on the Dr.Phil show.

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Theophanes profile image

Theophanes 8 years ago from New England

How very odd. Growing up I was told all chewing gum did was make you look obnoxious and sit in your stomach for seven years if swallowed (which even at 10 I knew better.) I would have never guessed it could stimulate the brain in any real measurable way. Neat.

Just Toyia profile image

Just Toyia 8 years ago from Tennessee Author

Yea, me too! I think it's more the effect of chewing than the gum itself, however, what else could you chew that would last as long as gum without hurting your teeth.

Thanks for commenting!

tyren 8 years ago

I started chewing gum during lunch time instead of having food, and so far i've lost 5 lbs in one week!

I still have breakfast and a early dinner, and walk up the stairs at work daily.

chewy fruit candy sugar coated 8 years ago

some even said that chewing gum can makes one smarter :0

dainon 7 years ago

gum is not that good at all well thats what i think;

chewey 7 years ago

it can even make ur skin taut and fight doublechins

anne philips 6 years ago

i have observed that chewing gum helps me to digest easily.

me 6 years ago

i luv gummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

givingfairy profile image

givingfairy 6 years ago from some place in the Big Apple

I'm a lover of chewing gum. Not only does it freshen my breath but it helps me maintain my weight.Great hub!

Tammy 6 years ago

Interesting article.

JJ 5 years ago

I Have Gum for every meal of the day. EVERY meal

melissa 5 years ago

why would you have gum for every meal of the day JJ? ^^

JJ 5 years ago

cuz i can. i get paid in layers

melissa 5 years ago

ahaha you wish kido' okay well i better get back on this article i have to write.. and i think you should too..

JJ 5 years ago

were the same age

melissa 5 years ago

okay then if you say so then you must be 20 as well right?

DuPeR 5 years ago

okay thennn!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahah

Nerd 5 years ago

I really think this whole thing is mind blowing. its friggin fan-diferus.

OMG 5 years ago

holy S*** this is awesome

Opilala 5 years ago

I chew gum really hard whenever i'm reading & really soft whenever i'm thinking. That is wen it really works 4 me

me 4 years ago


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