Back Massage

Chastity- This is one of the cardinal virtues and is described as the opposite of lust and abstaining from the pursuit of excessive sexual contact. There is also an added description and that is by embracing this moral wholesomeness you achieve purity of thought and thus betterment of self though education and self improvement. When you think about this a pattern emerges. This is often how a happy, successful person behaves. They will often be busy with higher order activities, activities you often associate with the cranium or higher thinking part of the brain. They will often do this at the expense of their lower bestial desires and achieve a great deal. Now all this is interesting but what exactly has it got to do with back message.

Well any form of message is a form of service to your fellow man, or woman and often brings a great deal of joy. With a little oil, to decrease friction and the skill to now how to apply the correct pressure on the correct areas of the back and other muscles you can help a person no end. You can help reduce stress, combat cellulite, increase the body’s ability to rid it self of toxins and increase circulation. Many professional masseuses started out practicing on loved ones and turned this ‘hobby’ into a very lucrative career. A really good masseuse is worth his or her weight in gold and if you do not agree, then you haven’t had a really out of this world message and one can only feel sorry for you.

Now this practice that some of the best masseuses out there undertook did it as a desire to improve themselves and as a way to serve their fellow man. If you are stuck in a rut, so to speak and are looking for a change, maybe you should follow the same example. Learning a therapeutic message skill is a great way to bring a little joy to people around you and improve yourself at the same time. In other words you are acting in a selfless, chaste way and thus increasing your value to your fellow man. Who says acting selfishly is the only way to improve your chances at a successful career. It does not have to be so; all depending on the kind of career and the ‘state of mind’ you keep yourself in.

So if you are looking for a way to improve yourself through education and service to your fellow man then why not try learning to be skilled at back message. If one thing seems to be increasing in our society these days it is stress and that means that you will have a great market out there. If this is not your thing in terms of a career, then it would still be wise to seek out a really good masseuse, otherwise you are robbing yourself of one of the real pleasures in life. So whether wanting to learn this valued, stress relieving skill or just in need of it, do some research and do not waste one minute longer in the acquisition of this higher order pleasure.


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