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How I came to believe in Barefoot Science Insoles is a tale of foot pain, frustration, and ultimately, of revelation. As an avid tennis player and sometimes coach, my feet have taken a pounding for decades. At one point, around 20 years ago, I started to notice sharp pain in the arch of both feet. I was told that this was plantar fasciitis, and so I began trying out different shoes along with a variety of arch supports.

Slowly, the pain began to migrate to my achilles tendons; my feet were slowly becoming flatter and I was supinating in my gait and when I was standing still. My calf muscles and my achillles tendons were absorbing all the impact of the running, pivoting, and twisting involved in competitive play. Nevertheless, I continued my fanatical tennis playing by using any over the counter lotion, potion, or pill that would get me through,even to the point of hobbling to hit those wide cross-court forehands. I could not understand why I was experiencing these problems and thought that maybe I just wasn't built for high level tennis or that my diet was causing inflammation or that I would just have to live with the pain. I may have had an inkling that something was fundamentally and structurally wrong with my feet but didn't know how to fix the problem. It turns out I was on the right track.

One morning when bending to pick something up, I felt excruciating pain shoot up through my achilles tendons and all the way up my leg. I soon learned I had developed an acute case of achilles tendinitis in both feet. This put an end to my tennis playing and teaching for around six months. The next step was to get a pair of expensive custom orthodics and go for regular massage and ultra sound treatments on both of my achilles tendons. The pain eventually receded and I hoped I had corrected my bad feet.

I was anxious to get back on the court, but little did I know that my treatment program would not have lasting benefit. By mid point of each summer, my achilles tendons were once again inflamed, and I had to limit my tennis playing and teaching and other high impact activities. I did the usual routine: rest, ice, massage, anti-inflammatories, etc. In other words, my problem feet were not fixed. In fact, I was merely treating the symptoms.

Then one day while seeing a chiropractor for another reason I mentioned my bad feet. He showed me a pair of Barefoot Science insoles, a unique arch activation foot strengthening system, which also happened to be very reasonably priced. He explained that the root of my problem is weak foot muscles caused by a number of factors, not the least of which is our Western footwear. Barefoot Science insoles stimulate and strengthen your feet so that you develop healthier functioning arches, which can then better withstand shock absorption. This is particularly important for athletes at all levels.

The problem with conventional insoles and orthotics is that your feet do not receive the stimulus necessary to activate your foot muscles in order to regain healthy functioning feet. On the other hand, Barefoot Science insoles copy the physics of being barefoot and help restore natural foot function for various foot pathologies.

The solution is not a passive, cushioning mechanism, but a foot strengthening program. Barefoot Science has a domed insole in which you use a series of progressively firmer inserts, or steps, which stimulate and restore your feet. You begin with Level 1, and over a period of weeks, you graduate up one level at time. After sliding the insoles into your shoes, you will feel some presssure or a massaging sensation under your arches. This will fade, usually within a week, which means it is time to move up to the next level.

In short, these insoles really worked! I am now able to play the sport I love all year around—without the debilitating foot pain I had in the past. I have since learned that these insoles work for all kinds of foot stability and gait issues, beginning with something as simple as tired, aching feet. No matter what painful foot condition you suffer from, this technology is definitely worth trying.

When using Barefoot Science arch activation insoles, there is a soft tissue adjustment phase when the muscles that support your foot begin their re-training mission, so some people experience new aches and pains when starting their foot rehabilitation program. Therefore it is important to follow the instructions carefully and stick with the program.

Barefoot Science versatile insoles can be used in athletic, dress or casual shoes and come in 3/4 length for shoes without removable insoles and full length insoles for dress shoes and athletic shoes with removable footwear. They also come in Multi-Purpose, Active, Therapeutic and Children's models.

One more note: Another effective treatment for tired, aching feet is the remarkable homeopathic remedy, Traumeel. It comes in ointment, cream, liquid and tablet form.

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