Basic information about the training for 10k

Training for 10k means the race which is usually occurred between ten kilometres or in other words, equal to the 6.2 miles. This is considered as one of the most popular race lengths for running games. This is very useful for the beginners to gain stamina and prepare themselves for advance and short term _ racing. The training for 10k will include the shorter versions of different races, like it may be known as the short form of the road race.

Sometimes, if any advance player has not any interest in the long term goals by showing their performance in short distances race, then that particular player may select this 10K race. There are various reasons for the selection of this ten kilometres race. Some athletes may be involved in the shorter version of races before the choosing half marathon. In that case, this training for 10k will be a very useful choice by any player.

If any player has been winning shorter race like five kilometres race, then he or she may show interests to achieve more goals in slightly longer races like 10K. If there is a proper fitness level is required by any player, then he must choose this particular kind of training schedules. This is also helpful for half or complete marathon, so if you want to participate in marathon, you should prepare your body stamina according to that running. Sometimes, the winners of 10K race may be involved in the harder training for 10k, for the overtaking of their previous records in this race.

The basic training in five kilometres and ten kilometres is the same. However, as the distance is shorter in five kilometres race, so it will be easier as compared to 10k race. The training involved in five kilometres will be slightly less tough with the comparison to the ten kilometres race. Some players also choose ten kilometres race for improving their stamina for next race. Another reason for the selection of ten kilometres race is that; it may be an easily attainable distance by most of the beginners in running.

This is not as time consuming as in half or complete marathon. There are various tips for a beginner, and if they used to follow these tips, then they may achieve their goals. This particular training may include ten-week training schedules for the complete practice of 10k running. This may enhance the stamina of any player to run for consecutive 60 minutes without any stop in the way.

Don't forget to stretch

If you can run for consecutive 20 minutes, then training for 10k will be very helpful for you to build up the stamina to run more than 60 minutes. If any player shows faster builds up of stamina, then the training period will reduce to only eight weeks. In this case, a special schedule will be designed by instructors. If you can run for 2 miles in single stretch, then it will be easier to achieve the goal in eight weeks. On the other hand, if you have not used to running in the past, then there may be slightly difficult for you to run in the beginning, but after training you will be able to complete ten kilometres.

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thedietview 5 years ago

great hub i am just training for my first 5km run next month , hopefully move on to the 10 km then :)

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CyclingFitness 5 years ago from Nottingham UK

Nice hub

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