Bay Laurel

Laurel (Laurus nobilis L., 1753) is an aromatic plant belonging to the family Lauraceae, widespread in areas of Mediterranean climate.It is a herbal plant.


It has since undergone pruning shrubs in the form of various sizes but it is a real tall tree up to 10 m. It is a perennial plant. The stem is erect, the bark blackish green. The leaves are oval, are dark green, leathery, glossy on top and opaque in the lower and very fragrant. The laurel is a dioecious plant that is bearing male flowers and female flowers on separate plants. The unisexuality is due to evolutionary phenomena of abortion from the initial full flower. In fact, female flowers are 2-4 staminoidi (ie, residual non-functional stamens). The flowers are pale yellow, meeting to form an umbrella inflorescence, appearing in spring. The fruits are drupes black and shiny (when mature) with a single seed.


Spread along the northern coastal areas of the Mediterranean, from Spain to Greece and Asia Minor. The widespread spontaneous under natural conditions did identify a specific type of stain: stain or Lauretum at bay. It is the spontaneous form of plant association that is established in the less arid and generally cooler area occupied by the stain.


The bay is a rustic plant, grows well in all terrains and can be grown in any garden.

The multiplication of the plant can be made for seed multiplication of the suckers or by cuttings.


You use the leaves and you can make a variety of uses: in the kitchen to flavor meat and fish, as a home remedy to ward off moths from wardrobes (excellent and most fragrant camphor substitute), to prepare teas and refreshing and digestive qualities or foot baths , or treated with alcohol to obtain a fragrant and aromatic liquor digestive, stimulant, antiseptic and is useful for coughs and bronchitis. It was also used to preserve books and scrolls, and to prepare the classic laurel wreaths.


In mythology, greek-roman laurel was a sacred plant and symbolized wisdom and glory: a laurel wreath encircling the front of the winners in games or Pythian Delphic and was the highest honor for a poet who became a poet laureate. Hence the figurative meaning of a symbol of victory, fame, and honor of the triumph. In addition, this plant was sacred to Apollo, as Daphne, the nymph of the god fell in love, turned into a laurel tree to escape him (his Apollo was, in fact, make this an evergreen tree)


Fred Perry adopted as a symbol of his clothing two laurel branches cross.

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