Ways to stay cool

Summer is in progress dam! Immediately at the start it has been actually burning the majority of you would have experienced it up till now. In this piece of writing I am going to emphasize ways by which one can beat the heat: p

Most of you would merely utter just by turning on air-conditioner, that’s the easiest way to chilliness. But in numerous developing countries such as Pakistan the citizen’s are left with thumbs down with the alternative technique by sitting on the roof, gardens or heading towards beaches and parks! wonder why?

In summers a massive electricity breakdown occurs and at times there is no electricity for days. Last summer every day I used to go to office with messy cloths and with one eye closed as was not able to complete my sleep. But circumstances used to be even more awful at office, Water dispenser not working, and Air conditioner not working, not even a fan at times, sweating and working whole day!

So all those out there who are from Pakistan or other developing countries the best recommendation for you guys is to act upon falling things

  1. If you luckily have water in your tank take a shower twice a day.
  2. At night sleep in your garden or roof top
  3. In morning go for a walk at beach if you don’t have water in your tank take a bath there.
  4. Even if it does not help then migrate to another country. Seriously!

For those in developed country summer is the time to freeze: p hang about in home as much as possible in the dawn and day. Go out in sunset until and unless you are not working. Turn on the air conditioner set its temperature to 18 c button on the DVD player and watch a movie accompanied with a ice-cold beer J

Comments and views are most welcome!

Ill love to know how you spend you summers if you have idea and tips do share them!

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wanya  6 years ago

greaaaaaaatt :P

husnain22 profile image

husnain22 6 years ago Author

thank you so much Wanya :0

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