Beating the Blues

Let the Sunshine in

Literally as the title says, let the sunshine in. The natural light helps to brighten and improve your spirit. So open your curtains, raise the blinds and enjoy the sun.

If your not able to do that, buying a cheap natural colored bulb to put in your lights will help as well. Do not keep yourself in the dark. Sadness and depression is often worse in the darker months. Meaning when the winter starts to roll in and the sky gets darker quicker, it makes you feel more depressed. So instead of dealing with the dark make your own light. When the sun goes down, close the curtains and blinds again and turn on the lights in the house. It will help you to feel brighter inside as well.

Also having paintings of beautiful summer and spring days will help. You can take the pictures yourself and hang them on the wall or find others to do the same with. The picture listed in this was taken by me and you are more than welcome to use it if your choose to, as long as you are using it for personal reasons and not financial.

When at all possible, watch the sunrise. It does something for people to watch the sun come up. It means a new day, a fresh start, and new beginnings. So get up a little early and watch the sunrise. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Fresh Air

Let fresh air into your home. Open the windows (if it's not too cold outside), and open the doors. This will help let in the fresh scent of the outdoors. A fresher home means a fresh you. You will feel lighter yourself.

If that isn't an option, or you choose not to do it, going outdoors can help as well. Just go out and enjoy the fresh air.

Also if you can, find flowers that remind you of the spring and summer. Even if they are fake, place them in places in your home to lighten it up. If your able to get real flowers the scent can help lift your mood.

Other Things You can do

There many things you can do to beat the blues.

1. Watch funny videos. There are plenty of videos out there that are so cute and funny they will have your smiling and laughing in no time. My favorites tend to be more about animals.

2. Listen to upbeat music. I have a habit of putting my earbuds in and cranking up music that has a good beat to it. Not to down any country lovers, but stay far away from the slow sad country songs. They won't help.

3. Petting your pet. It's been proven to help lift the mood. Or give your cat catnip. Mine tends to get high and act weird. It's pretty funny.

Find something you enjoy, that's the bottom line. Bring something back into your life that you miss from the summer. You can even go as far to put a bathing suit on, run the hot water in the tub, sip your favorite drink and pretend to be at a beach. You would be surprised how doing something that may seem silly can increase your good mood.

If you know of other things you would like to share please feel free, I would love to hear from you. For now, here's smiling at you kid.


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