Beauty and Fitness, Going Beyond The Gym:

Beauty and Fitness, Going Beyond The Gym:

Health is wealth. By being physically fit, it can make a person look lean both inside and out. Just like taking any medicine, one should first consult the doctor prior to including yourself in any form of exercise regimen. However, beauty is not only about having muscles which is what people can see. It is also about enhancing the beauty within. Here are some things one can do every day to stay beautiful and healthy.

Keeping your body sound is a great way to keep you beautiful. However, most people mistakenly think that by keeping the external portions, such as muscle building and toning, or firming up the "glut's, abs, and buttocks areas, are only the beginning of any true experience that is needed for true beauty, to shine through. One must also include the firming and toning of the intellect and functional mind.

As in all things, we attempt through our lives, we must begin at the beginning. That is to say, we must begin in "baby steps" and progress upwards in our physical toning endeavors, to adequately open the doors towards achieving our goals. By flooding the body with too much exercise, too early is dangerous and causes discomfort. The same is true for exercising and expanding the mind's capability.


Physically Beginning Towards Beauty

When one begins speaking of beauty, they are speaking of what their outward perspective is, concerning an object or person. When we place a person whom is over-weight and has features which are not attractive to us, next to a slender, blonde, bomb-shell model, we all would say that the model was beautiful. However, no on recognizes the hard work that is put into achieving that firm body.

Now, it must also come to note that the "full-figured" ladies, should not get upset at this yet, there is to come, several points in your favor.

Beginning to get a body in shape requires that we take small steps to allow the body to adapt and grow. Activities such as walking, taking stairs instead of elevators or escalators, lifting light amounts of weights and the like, are excellent places to start. The goals of this is to begin adaptation of the body, by making it stretch to achieve flexibility as well as getting the body to start the building processes. It must be stressed that before you get too involved in your improving workouts, that you consult your health care provider, for tips and cautions which may relate to your medically based fitness.

Most people, who are employed, will try to escape the walking portion of any physical regiment. They will make excuse that they walk all day at work. However, this is not the same thing. To explain the difference between walking at work and walking for become physically fit, one must realize that at work, we walk without the goal of increasing our heart rate. Increasing the heart rate, or doing cardio related exercising, is probably among the most important beginning step for toning and working to improve the body’s performance. Well you are well on your way to improving your beauty ratings, already. (Provided you went beyond, merely reading this material.)

Development of The Beautiful Mind

Well, once again we are speaking to the mind and intellectual beautification. Yes, we are! Have you ever met someone who is very beautiful, but something about her/him is a real “turn-off” to you? Most of us have. Why does this occur? Well it is their outward presentation, of their inner-self. HUH? Okay, putting it simple; Being rude, or ignorant towards others is a turn off. Arrogance can be admirable, but being a “jerk” is not. Striking a balance between graciousness and being realistically confident, shines through and makes one stand up to notice you.

Some of the most beautiful people are over-weight and have some physical limitations. Their beauty comes from not their outward physical appearances, but their souls shine through and make one stand out, in a crowd. Something just draws you to them, like a magnet, without an apparent reason. (See, I told you that your redemption would come.)

Development of the mind and of the person may be the most difficult thing that anyone can do, to improve themselves. Many seek professional assistance, and others seek the advice of friends and family. But, the majority of those who need this type of toning up are typically the people whom are always surrounding themselves with others of like mindset and attitudes.

Reading The Ultimate Work Out:

Reading books, magazines and other materials is important to any mental body building. Most people whom read regularly, are associated with being ‘Geeky” and awkward. As that may the case, it also relates to the ability to maintain a healthy mind, as well as an open mind.  Being open minded, is the ability to take in new information, which may or may not be comfortable to us. Being open to the ideas and realizing that there are possible other ways of approaching things, which may be better for us to consider?

Educators have long stated that by reading, we can experience anything in the world.  This is true, to the degree that if we allow ourselves to new ideas, we can open doors of opportunity and personal growth, in our lives.  If someone is not a regular reader, they can always start in small segments and expand their beautification workouts, much like the new person in a gym.

 By developing a mental workout, which allows for progression, a person can maintain mental sharpness and awareness, beyond what they are likely to possess, currently.  This also extends well past our prime or growing years of life, into the retirement years as well.  But most of all, reading can develop ideas and compassions, towards things that enrich our lives on a daily basis, including our careers and relationships.

Reaching Plateaus, and reaching beyond


As in body toning, body fitness, and body building, we all experience mental plateaus, as well. These plateaus are stages, where we feel no progress is being made, in our efforts.  Both paths of development have to experience a short regimental interruption.  Not a rest from your training, but an enhancement in your workout. It takes a given activity and adding something, which has rarely been done, to stretch beyond the boring rut, that the body experiences.

Development of our personality, along with reading and our physical workouts, are typically a good approach to breaking a plateau cycle. A visit to a professional mental health provider, a vacation where we can visit places we might have read about, visiting a museum or art gallery, or simply listening to audio books, can all be good ways of changing up the mental development, plateau.

Building and toning of the body is important, to maintaining healthy lifestyles, where we live in an active environment. Progression in developing our lives and our beauty standards, allows us to shine thorough in all phases of our lives. Enriching ourselves both physically and mentally, will bring about rewarding results, in how others and most importantly how we perceive ourselves.


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