Bedwetting and how to avoid it.

Bed wetting, Enuresis in medical parlance,among children can be due to emotional disturbances,or because of the maladjustment between the child and the parent, or because of insecurity on the arrival of the next sibling, or could also be hereditary.

Children with bed wetting usually sleep very deeply at night and it is very hard to wake them up.Due this deep sleep signals from the distended bladder, indicating the need to empty it, do not reach their brain, which results in the involuntary of emptying of the bladder.

After examining the child thoroughly for any physical causes, such as juvenile diabetes and urinary tract infections you can use these simple tips to help the child to out of this habit.

Remember at any cost you should not nag, shame or scold the child for something beyond his control, because this will normally aggravate the condition rather than your expectation.

Reduce the liquid intake of the child after 5 O'clock in the evening.

The child should be made to pass urine before going to bed. Make it a practice.

The child should be aroused after 2-3hours and made to walk to toilet on his own.

During the day give the child large quantities of water and persuade him to delay emptying his bladder as long as possible, this will help the child's bladder to get trained to hold urine for longer periods of time.

All this takes some time and it is a must that you should keep your patience, and on any account you must not critize the child.

Even after all these if the child is still continuing the practice there are certain drugs that can help to get out of the problem, but you should go for it only as a last resort.

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advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing

It is also true that most times when bedwetting occurs, the child can be trained to recognize the recurring dream. For instance, a child's dream may switch automatically to certain surroundings (ie a certain person's house or a certain bathroom stall). The child can train himself (or herself) to wake up when she finds herself in that place. Obviously, the ideas in this article are true, but as time goes by, the child will eventually get a handle on this situation anyway. Certain drugs, such as Riddlin (sp?) may have a bedwetting side effect, and discontinuation of the drug may be what stops the bedwetting.

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