Beer, Beer and Everything You Need to Know About this Bubbly Brew

History of Beer that's Worth Remembering

Okay, we all know people love beer. (Cause I honestly don't know anyone who don't). Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage to date (and perhaps the best one). Since the 6th Millennium BC people were enjoying this ancient brew. History tells us that the most documented data about beer came from the Sumerian's and Ancient Iraq. There was even a hymn (The Hymn to Ninkasi) composed for literate people to remember how to make beer. This reverence to this beverage can still be seen today and still in the same manner. But unlike before when only certain individuals can drink beer; people from all walks of life today can now have a taste of this golden drink. Beer can be made from almost anything containing sugar specifically starch that means fruits and grains. And it was also discovered prior to the discovery of bread (What d'you know, ground grain and water can be made into pastry after all).

From all parts of the world, every country have their own version of beer. Africans used millet, cassava and also maize while the Chinese used wheat. Egyptians used barley and Japanese used rice (of course). Until came a time that hops is used as the main ingredient to make beer - the modern beer. Hops is the ingredient which gave beer its bitter taste; it is also used as a preservative for the beer. Back then, women known as "ale-wives" were the ones who makes beer (malt-drink) and they used to call it "food-drink". And young women who were about to be married used to sell malt drink to people for them to have something to pay for the wedding. And they are called "bride-ale" thus the term bridal today. This food drink was perfected by monks who passed on the idea to "ale-wives" about how to ferment grains better using yeast.

Brewing is the term used on how to make beer (but I bet y'all know that). And as time progressed, beer was soon industrialized and produced by breweries all competing to make the beverage available to everyone. The drink which used to be produced domestically suddenly became the most produced product that's supplied globally next to water and tea.

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Think about how a small amount of beer can make you feel. Aside from craving for some more; beer is actually a healthy drink (when drank in moderation of course). Beer, since it came from a combination of different healthy ingredients is both fat and cholesterol-free. So that means, the beer belly you have? that's not because of beer per se. That's actually because of a sick liver brought about by the wrong consumption of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and fatty foods. Beer also has a relaxing effect which reduces stress. That's why when you drink beer it's also nice to have a good company around and talk about little things or everything under the sun without anyone getting into your nerves. Beer (as if you don't know) can also help you sleep better. It stimulates your brain to produce a hormone called melatonin (sleep and happy hormone) which makes it easy for you to have a goodnight sleep. And since it can prevent cases of heart disease, experts and even doctors recommend patients to have a glass of beer once in a while to aid in good blood circulation. Drinking beer is also known to help in good blood circulation which is why you'll have a top notched memory when you drink beer. Because of this, it is said to be very beneficial especially to old people to help prevent memory loss.

Other health benefits of drinking beer moderately can also contribute to better urination as beer is a natural diuretic. It is also a good source of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnessium, selenium and phosphorus. However, the news that it has vitamins is not yet scientifically proven. Beer also contains less amount of salt and is even great in a lot of other stuff like cooking. It also contains fiber but not the same as the dietary fiber you and I need everyday. And believe it or not, in some parts of the world beer is used by women for washing their hair with (Awww..what a waste.). Although not proven, beer is said to give a volumizing effect on hair giving it body and shine.

What Makes Beer Bad For You?

Since beer has an alcohol content of 4% - 10%; it is not entirely healthy once abused. And when we say abused that means getting drunk by it. A moderation in intake of alcohol is definitely good for your health but like anything else that's taken out of context it can cause health problems where some are irreversible.

Health problems caused by beer is the result of taking too much of it regularly. Heavy drinking can cause liver diseases, gastric problems like ulcers and gastritis, and even mental illness. In regular cases the most common side effects of beer is loss of consciousness or fugue, poor judgment, vision disturbances, and dehydration. In addition, beer can also have other undesirable effects. Some people even though they drink moderately does not experience stress reduction through alcohol. In fact, the exact opposite happens. They become aggressive, labile, reckless and may even gain the confidence to do what they don't normally do - all these with little alcohol in their blood.

And of course, the fact that alcohol or drunkenness is the main cause of thousands of accidents and deaths worldwide. Not to mention the effect it has on the survivors.

How Moderate is Moderate?

Moderation in drinking depends from place to place and also from person to person. Some people have a higher tolerance to drinking while others do not. And some place permits drinking a little more than usual while other places do not. So how will you know if you're drinking moderately?

Since there really is no clear rule as to how moderate is moderate you simply need to keep these following rules in mind: Know your limit, Don't drink more than you can handle, Drink more water than alcohol to flush it out, Never use alcohol to gain confidence, do stunts, impress people or even become reckless (it's not cool), Don't drink if you're under medication, Hard liquor should be a No-No when you're socializing, Don't drink if you have known cases of mental illness like OCD, ADHD and etc., Or simply, drink less.

If these are the effects of beer and alcohol, should it be banned?

I've been irresponsible in my drinking when I was younger but now that I've learned my lessons I honestly think alcohol shouldn't be banned. Although there are a lot of bad things and events and consequences associated with drinking alcohol; it always comes down to how the drinker handles himself. I guess its safe to say then that whether or not alcohol gets banned there will still be people who will suffer or even die through other means like drug use for example.

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