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Beginner Triathlon Exercises


Beginner Triathlon Arm Routine

On April 1st, my wife, Jess started a 30-day pushup challenge. At the end of 30 days, she wants to be able to do a pushup. Jess has long, thin arms and the fact that she’s 6 feet tall makes doing a pushup that much harder. Not only will she be focusing on strengthening and toning her arms this month, but she’ll definitely notice a difference in her triathlon training as well. This triathlon exercise arm routine I created for her uses resistance bands and helps strengthen shoulders, back, triceps and chest so that she can swim stronger and so her arms won’t get as tired on those long triathlon training bike rides.

This routine is awesome for beginner triathletes as well as anyone who wants to tone up their arms in time for summer! All you need is a resistance band. I love using resistance bands because they are so versatile. Not only are they small and light weight and perfect for travel, but there are SO MANY different exercises you can do with them. And whether you’re a beginner triathlete or someone who can do 100+ pushups, you can find a resistance band that will challenge you and give you a great beginner triathlon training workout.

Watch the routine now:


1. Chest Flies

Start by wrapping your band around a sturdy pole or tree. Facing away from the pole, grab the bands in each hand and hold them out to the side. Then, keeping your arms straight, press your arms together, trying to get your hands to meet. Then fly your arms back out to the side and repeat. Go for 10-12 reps. To make this easier, step back, or to add more of a challenge, step out farther and that will stretch the band out, giving you more resistance. This strengthens your outer chest which really helps with the pull portion of your swim stroke.


2. Modified Chest Press

Standing in the same positing with arms bent at the elbows, press up and out at a 45 degree angle. These will really target your shoulders, which is great for the beginner triathlete as it will help you swim stronger and build stamina for biking. Do 10-12 reps.

3. Tricep Kick Backs

Turn around and face the pole. Grab the bands and hinge over at your hips. Bring your arms up parallel with your back and bend at the elbow. Then, press your arm back, making sure you squeeze your tricep at the top. Using a resistance band gives you resistance throughout the whole movement. Go for 10-12 reps. Strong triceps are not only optimal for a strong triathlon swim, but they’re necessary for pushups too.

4. Shoulder Press

Remove your band from the pole and holding it in each hand, stand on the middle and press your arms up above your head. If this is to far, you can modify it like I had Jess do. Simply stand on the band with one leg and kneel down and then press up. Go for 10-12 reps. Again, this is targeting your shoulders which is great for any beginner triathlete!


5. Overhead Tricep Extension

Standing in the middle of the band, grab one handle with both arms behind your head. With elbows bent and close to your ears, press up, squeezing your tricep at the top. Go for 10-12 reps.

Try do repeat this arm routine 2 more times. These are great beginner triathlon exercises and will really strengthen your shoulders, back, chest and core which will give you a more powerful swim stroke and increase your swimming endurance. Not to mention, you’ll also have sexy toned shoulders just in time for summer! For more great beginner triathlon workouts, check out

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