Beginning With Absolutes

photo by: Christopher McMahon

It can seem intimidating and costly for a novice aromatherapist to explore the world of floral and plant absolutes.Have no fear, there are several ways for the average hobbyist to experiment with such rare materials without over-reaching your budget.

Essential oils and absolutes are extremely concentrated by nature. Out of the bottle these oils are hard to evaluate until they are further diluted.

The following essential oil companies offer dilutions for easier handling and experimentation, at a reduced price.

New Directions Aromatics offers a selection of expensive floral and plant essential oils in a 3% dilution. These oils can then be used as a single note perfume, in bath salts, in massage oil blends and are diluted perfectly to evaluate the nuances of the natural plant aroma.

White Lotus Aromaticsis a small, independently owned essential oil company that has recently started offering a nice selection of 33% dilutions for the purpose of easier handling. This company also offers customers sample sizes,

Sun Rose Aromaticsis another small essential oil company that offers a small selection of precious oils in a 10% dilution.



Simple project ideas to get you started:

For a nutritive, therapeutic quality massage oil follow the suggested recipe

2 oz. Grape seed oil (light and quick to absorb, this oil provides essential fatty acids to skin)

1 oz. Sweet Almond oil (thick and nourishing, commonly used for massage and lotion)

1 oz. Jojoba oil (closely resembles skins own sebum)

Combine oils with 15-30 drops of essential oil such as: 20 drops 3% diluted Melissa Leaf, 10 drops White Grapefruit essential oil. This refreshing combination contains all the benefits of Melissa essential oil, reputed to kill bacteria and fight viral infections of skin. While White Grapefruit essential oil tones and tightens skin.

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