Being Exposed


Just the word alone could make someone feel vulnerable, and open.  What comes to mind is when Adam and Eve ate the apple in the garden and when God came walking through they hid, because they were exposed.  Exposure could make someone feel ashamed, embarrassed, an outcast, or worse not normal.  However, exposing yourself could also bring change, because in this huge world, someone has to be feeling the same way, or has gone through something so similar.  By not allowing ourselves to be exposed we stay shut off in our own little world, which could bring feelings of loneliness.  It could be the fear of rejection that keeps most closed-up.  I truly envy people who are brave enough to expose themselves, because they allow people to see them intimately.  When I say intimately I mean “into me you see”, you are allowed to see the real me with no barrier, nothing to cover the truth.  Everyone wants to think that they do not care what others think about them, but a large portion of us do care what people think.  That’s why we keep secrets, we hide how we feel only letting portions of the truth be reveled to inner circle friends or family.  We walk around with those masks that Lawrence Dunbar told us about.  We pretend that everything is fine.  For today, I am going to expose some part of me to someone I wouldn’t ordinarily let in.  I encourage everyone who reads this to expose yourself!  Do something today scary, and watch how many others expose themselves.


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