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Camel Milk

Camel Milk the super food...

Camel milk, which is slightly saltier than traditional milk, is drunk widely across the Arab world and is well suited to cheese production. It is is rich in vitamins B and C and has 10 times more iron than cow's milk.

Camel's milk is said to be an 'acquired taste', yet many people around the world depend on it. Its composition is closer to human milk than cow's milk is, so it is better for us. It also contains antibodies, and these may help fight serious diseases like cancer, HIV/Aids, Alzheimer's and hepatitis B. It could be the 'super food' of the future in the West, and generate much-needed income for developing countries. The United Nations is calling for the milk to be sold to the West.

Will Camel milk become the 'Insulin' of the future?

Health benefits of camel milk are attributed to presence of high concentration of insulin-like protein and other factors that have a positive effect on the immunity. The fact that it does not coagulate easily in an acidic environment (e.g. in the stomach) makes it available for absorption in the intestines. The anti-diabetic action of camel milk has been attributed to the camel’s choice (or is it default!) grazing/browsing on natural vegetation in the desert, including salty herbs and plants, some medicinal plants like the (neem).

In Somalia and Kenya , some diabetics who recognise the value of Camel milk are using Camel milk therapy to control their Diabetes.

Is Camel milk the new Viagra?

Farmer Vimaram Jat, from the Indian state of Rajasthan who has fathered a child at the age of 88, put his virility down to drinking two to three litres of Camel milk a day. He has sexual intercourse every day and plans to do so until death!

Camel Milk based beauty products?

Camel milk is a natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy acids which are known to plump the skin and smooths fine lines. Camel Milk soap provides a most luxurious bath experience.

Products from Camel milk are already hitting the shelves of shops such as soaps and yoghurts. An Austrian chocolate maker has joined forces with an Arabic Camel farm in Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates - UAE) to create a new delicacy - Camel milk chocolates. But as yet the choclates are only available in the UAE but is deemed to conquer the world as the sweet ambassador of Arabia.

Will you give Camal Milk a try?

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hubber-2009 profile image

hubber-2009 8 years ago from India

as it is contain lees fats so it is good for health

Sudani profile image

Sudani 8 years ago Author

True..especially if one has high Cholestrol levels..

jano 7 years ago

I am suffering with ED and PE(male problem),what should Ido? I am 40 years old.

Omar 6 years ago

True, the benefits of camel milk is amazing. I have used myself for years.

IBRAHIM INUSA 6 years ago


Malaysian 6 years ago

I tried it for taste - I could deal with the salty but the rich fat content that was tough to handle.

But might look out for the by-products since I did drink Al Ain Camelait here in Dubai, will see if I find the camel milk chocs!

abdinor hassan 6 years ago

I was suffering a long time lower back pain and i went in to kenya where i found feshly camel milk drink about 3 weeks and i became health and my old back pain was cured .

muyki 6 years ago

it taste odd but if you get used to it then it'll be yummy. if you want camel milk chocs, its available here in al ain. choc shops here are all over the place. its really good.

Nimo 6 years ago

As a proof of the camel milk benefits to the body, the Badiwans who been brought up on camel milk in the desert, were the strongest warriers. They defeted the armies of the two great empires " Roman & Persian" and they were aging up to 100 years and more.

saloom 5 years ago

how many calories does camel milk has?????

Mansoor Del Rosario 5 years ago

I am 54 years old, still energetic & productive however behind this is an array of medications, insulin, hypertensive, uric control, B complex, heartburn meds, etc. so I think I will give it a try!!!!! I am inspired by Vimaram Jat from India....

nancy 5 years ago

my 3 year old son has milk allergy but when he tried the camel milk there was no reaction so it`s much better than the cow or goat milk.

Shigshig 5 years ago

As aproof of the camel milk,a friend of mind was diabetic for almost 6 years and have been using insuling injection in 24 of the fine days he was adviced to use comel milk.He used for 6 months and he recovered,no more insuline injuction and he takes anykind of food.

Shigshig 5 years ago

As aproof of the camel milk,a friend of mind was diabetic for almost 6 years and have been using insuling injection in 24 of the fine days he was adviced to use camel milk.He used for 6 months and he recovered,no more insuline injuction and he takes anykind of food.

Sudani profile image

Sudani 5 years ago Author

Shigshig...You are right..camel milk is good for diabetics..many people in the Middle East and North Africa are drinking camel milk to reduce blood dugar levels.

nazia 5 years ago

is camel milk useful for pt of [poly cystic ovaries syndrome n for insulin resistant body

nazia 5 years ago

is camel milk useful for pt of [poly cystic ovaries syndrome n for insulin resistant body

Sudani profile image

Sudani 5 years ago Author

Hi Nazia

Not sure about camel milk being useful for poly cystic ovaries syndrome....did you try to google it? I did and could not find anything to support the usefullness of camel milk for this condition..but you need to do an extensive internet research to see if there are any research/scientific work/contemporary medicine/individuals experiences for this condition that looked at camel milk for treatment.

Dawolat 5 years ago

After what I've read, I personally feel that camel meat and milk can be right choices to our lives as they are reowned for highest nutritional values which can also treat multiple health related illness amazingly...I just ate my wife's delicious camel briyani yet I want to eat you guys should give it a try...the magic in your wife's hand increases the taste...enjoy a whole camel meal!!!!!!

camelgirl 5 years ago


Ndungu maina nyeri 0722 766732 5 years ago

Iria riri niriega muno na ndirahuthira na niriega muno

ROZ MOHD 5 years ago



RAMONA 5 years ago



Wabs 5 years ago

Neither do medicine work through the stomach! One does not need education to know what works for them. In Kenya we also have traditional brain surgeons who have never been to school - do their patients die or become vegetable as happens with medical doctors? Hell NO! Camel milk is the future insulin!

omar 4 years ago

Yes camel milk contains many benefits its good.


My dear brothers camel milk is good for insulin

and its good for young babies whover say camel milk can not cure cancer .while doctors they advise to drink 2 litres daily.

Abdulahi said 4 years ago

Camel milk has many benefits i tried when number of times i was expriencing high pulse rate and stomach problems know i had recorvered .

moha 4 years ago

No doubt about camel milk being used for all sort of ailments, i have friends who had been having problems such as diabetics and high blood pressure and now all that is history. so for those who have no idea about camel milk please do not argue or discarrage others please try for your selves and see the result, if not just shut up.

Majid H 3 years ago

Should we drink camel milk in raw form or boil ? Majid

sallinas.rosebud 3 years ago

am algerian and i 'd like to know how to preserve camel milk for more than three days.please if any one of you knows i ' d be very grateful.thanks beforehand.

Shamma 3 years ago

I raised in Badiwan family.. and yes its super amazing.if u children under 10 years it'll increase their IQ level, memorizing level,their height,glowing skin,healthy body and strong.after puberty, it can heal any diseases in ur body and protect u from future diseases. for women, its amazing for beauty " hair or skincare". definitely,I recommend the pure on nt the one from the supermarkt.

Sudani profile image

Sudani 3 years ago Author

Camel milk stays fresh for up to 7 days. For more info on medicinal value of camel milk please see this research.


Abdirahman 3 years ago

i used to drink 1 littre of Camel milk on my wedding. it was amazing to have many chances of erection.

jane 2 years ago

Is camel milk good for you when your pregnant

sudani 2 years ago

Hi Jane

Camel milk is rich in vitamin C and has ten times higher amount of iron ... high amounts of calcium and so it is ideal for pregnant women but make sure that it is pasteurized.


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