Benefits of drinking Water

Drink-up and help your body

Benefits of drinking water


As many of us know drinking water is beneficial to our bodies both internally and externally and I would assume if drank prudently then both our insides and our skin would reap the benefits simultaneously. Well without getting too philosophical about it let me just break down some facts.

First of all who doesn't want smooth unblemished skin? Maybe you were born to have it and maybe for others it may seem to be a lifelong obstruction that is helped by the medical industry with its numerous skin care products with includes laser treatments, Botox injections and needless to say Plastic Surgery. Let's not forget the numerous over the counter products that promise almost a whole new look and at the same time can leave you in the poor house.

The Purest liquid form for health

Well let me give you some real hard facts that will make you a believer in the benefits of drinking water and not just because you're thirsty. On during some research I found out that hyaluronic acid is a substance that gives our skin tissue that plump younger look unlike the shallow look that makes you look much older than you are. Because of biological components in our bodies, hyaluronic acid is very hydrophilic which means it has the ability to bind water. The reason for me saying all this is that we want to be able to bind water to our bodies tissues. The way to do this is to add just a bit of Aloe Vera Juice first thing in the morning to a glass of water. Aloe Vera is very high in mucopolysaccharides (even harder to say) which helps in binding water to your system.

Drinking water is good for all ages

One other thing to remember is that we do get a lot of water from foods we eat, fruit especially. One fruit is watermelon whose water content is about 98 percent with the other 2 percent sugar that helps bind the water so the benefits of vitamins and minerals in watermelon can be utilized in your body instead of being excreted out quickly.

Lastly, no beer, soft drink, coffee or tea can ever replace the health benefits of drinking water and it's much cheaper. And who wants to change the way they look when your skin looks so wonderful and healthy.

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Madame X 7 years ago

Laringo - This is wonderful, and extremely important info. I've heard of the aloe vera method and have used that in the past. Another method is salt. A lot of people say that you shouldn't have too much salt or none at all, which is very uninformed. Salt helps your body to retain water and use it. A no-salt diet exacerbates dehydration, which causes an infinite number of problems. Please look at my hub - "You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty". I think you'll enjoy it.

Madame X 7 years ago

Sorry - I mean Iaringo. I guess my eyesight isn't what it used to be:)

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Madame X, indeed a balance of sodium is crucial in keeping the body operating well. The balance should be natural with what we take in everyday if we eat right.

ralwus 7 years ago

bleah. I hate water. Love watermelon though. I follow St. Paul, drink no longer but drink a little wine for thy stomach's sake. I use a wee scotch too. LOL Now I love all your recipes you sexy thang you. Just look at that smile. woo-hoo

I bet your toes are like cute dandelions too. LOL

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

ralwus, the name is changed but the person is still wonderfully the same. How about a glass of water my friend. lol

ralwus 7 years ago

ROFLMAO yer too much dear. hehe hugs now and a big XXX I will return tomorrow as we are having a storm now

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago


Hurray for water it is my favorite beverage! Thank you for the great information. I agree it is the "purest liquid form of health." Nice hub!


ralwus 7 years ago

Say anything you like about me but that I drink water my little Chickadee. Happy New Year sweet Laringo!

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Happy New Year to you too sweetie!

ralwus 7 years ago

Ooo, a chill just went down my spine. She called me sweetie. LOL OK xox

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