Bermuda Grass the Wonder Herb

According to Bible, grass was the first in line of God's creation. Biologists say there are some 500 varities of grass the world over. From paddy to sugarcane there are very many varieties of grasses. Of all the grasses, Bermuda grass, biologists call it Cynodon Dactylon, is endowed with excellent medicinal properties and has been used in villages of India from time immemorial to treat various diseases. Siddha and Ayurveda systems use Bermuda grass in preparing various concoctions. In India Bermuda grass has a spiritual dimension too. It is called arugampul in Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state. Along with basil, vilvam, and neem, Bermuda grass is revered as a divine herb. It is the herb of Lord Ganesha, the one who clears all hindrances.

Bermuda grass grows in mostly all types of soil. Because of its wide spread roots, the grass does not perish in any adverse climatic condition. It is quite difficult to pull out the grass complete from ground. It is a highly agressive species, crowding out most other grasses, leading it to be called 'devil's grass' in some areas.  Farmers regard this grass as a weed and pluck them out whenever they find them in their paddy fields.

Arugampul or Bermuda grass contains more than 65% of chlorophyl. This helps in increasing the number of red blood cells in our body. It contains protein, fiber, calcium and phosphorus, potassium etc. It is an excellent detoxifier. It helps in maintaining the alkalinity of blood. This is one of the reasons Bermuda grass is able to cure diseases.

It is an excellent supplement for lactating mothers. It boosts prolactin and so increases the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Courtesy Wikipedia
Courtesy Wikipedia

Bermuda Grass in Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy works on the principle of similia similibus curentur, or like cures like. Homeopathic remedy made from Bermuda grass is called by its botanical name of cynodon dactylon. The remedy in 3x, 6x and higher potencies are more powerful that the mother tincture. The great Kent observed that homeopathic remedies were less effective in their action in people addicted to tobacco, coffee etc. In such cases, a few drops of cynodon dactylon of 10x potency is administered. This helps to neutralize the ill effects caused by addictions mentioned above. Then the treatment for the presenting symptoms can be continued.

Homeopathic remedy cynodon dactylon is used in treating almost all ailments that trouble the urinary tract. The remedy is also useful in treating nosebleed, blood vomiting etc.

Bermuda Grass and Diabetes

Recent research at University of Allahabad in India has shown the glycemic potential of Bermuda grass. The study conclusively proves that Bermuda grass extract has significant hypoglycemic as well as antidiabetic effects. The result of the research suggests that cynodon dactylon may provide a therapeutic avenue against diabetes and diabetes-related complications in future.

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bala99 profile image

bala99 7 years ago from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Nature is wonderful I guess! Very informative hub.

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 7 years ago from Central United States of America

Amazing information about plain old Bermuda grass! I know 'grasses' are nutritionally rich, but never gave that reflection to Bermuda. Thanks for great hub! I'll have to check out the homeopathic Bermuda too!

neysajasper profile image

neysajasper 7 years ago

nice hub i really like it. It is by your hub i am able to know that grass can medically helps you. Great discovery

Ashraf from Malappuram Kerala 6 years ago

Dear sir,

What is the name of burmuda grass in malappuram kerala. Is it karukapull ?

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Yes Ashraf, it is called karukapull in Kerala.

fritz 6 years ago

what other grass extract that contains the same with the bermuda grass?

Naag 6 years ago

Hi Ppl,

Jst read d comment wch i gave in my blog. Really saying, Bermuda grass reduces our fat. i was 79kgs, within 3 months i came back to 73. Could u belive this???? yes i belive. i drink daily.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

This information just amazes me. Are you saying that the bermuda grass growing in my front lawn can be used? If so, how? Excellent hub! Thank you.

Dr. Tripatt S.Grewal 6 years ago

Cynodon dactylon in Hindi is Doorba and in Punjabi it is called Khabbal. As a farmer I weed it out from my fields but as a Homeopath I store it in my clinic to be prescribed as a medicine.

deep 5 years ago

bermuda grass can also be used in soccer fieldd ?? is that true ??

gurdev singh 4 years ago

Someone told me that a drop of pure juice can cure Catract. I have not tried it but can anybody tell me about this.

Gurdev Singh 4 years ago

The chemical nature of the poison is also very important when considering poisonous plants. Some

common poisonous compounds found in plants include glycosides, alkaloids, oxalates, oils, minerals,

resins and nitrates. Some of these poisons affect the nervous system, some the blood, and still others the

intestinal tract or the heart. Knowledge of the specific poison and its mode of action will aid in trying to

treat specific poisoning cases. For example, nitrates sometimes found in Johnsongrass or Bermudagrass,

bind to hemoglobin in red blood cells rendering it incapable of carrying oxygen to the tissues. In acute

nitrate poisoning cases, the only way to counteract the symptoms is to reverse this chemical reaction in

the blood.

Please let me know the meanings of the above statement and oblige

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