Choose the Best Mini Trampolines

What is a Rebounder?

A Rebounder is a mini trampoline and can be used indoors or out doors. Rebounding is a fantastic exercise that invigorates the cells in the body.

Think about it, weightlifting affects only a small subset of muscles, running another set, swimming gets close to exercising most muscles, but rebounding can be used to exercise almost all muscles at the same time.

NASA determined that rebounding was a great exercise for embarking and returning astronauts because the rebounder is so efficient at exercising so many muscles and at exercising just about all the cells in the whole body!

What to Look for in a Mini Trampoline

Not all Rebounders are created equal. Make sure to consider these factors when choosing a mini trampoline.

Bounce Area

  • If the bound area is too small for your comfort, your rebounding experience won't be as enjoyable, and you'll end up using it less and less. A large rebounder will give you 49 inches as your jumping space which is quite a lot for a mini trampoline. Others might be 39 inches or even smaller. You'll notice a big difference between 39" and 49". You'll also notice a big difference in the price as well. There are rebounders that are 44" that might just do the trick for you. The more wild you want to get when jumping on the rebounder, the more you'll want a larger rebounder.


  • The height of the rebounder is important if you have low ceilings and don't plan to use your rebounder out of doors as much. When selecting a rebounder, measure the height of the room where you want to use it, and measure how high the rebounder will be. Many rebounders are 10-11" high, but others measure a bit taller than that.
  • A good way to tell if your room is tall enough is to do a jumping jack with your arms reaching upward. If you can hit the ceiling with your arms when you bouncing from the floor, you'll definitely hit your hands against the ceiling when you're on the rebounder. You could still jump on the rebounder, just be careful not to treat it like a full trampoline.


  • Most rebounders have springs attached to the jumping mat while others are secured through bungee cords. The spring models are considerable louder than the bungee models. The downside of the bungee models is that the cost is much higher. Compared to other exercise equipment however, the rebounders as a group aren't all that noisy. Still, if noise is a concern, look for the Bellicon or JumpSport which are bungee based.


  • A major thing to look for when selecting a rebounder is the amount of "jarring" you get on impact when you jump. If the mat and springs are low quality, you'll feel like you're jumping on a hard surface and you have a greater potential for knee and back injuries. The higher quality rebounders (which are more expensive) are made from better materials and much better springs or bungees. You want a smooth up and down bounce where the rebounder absorbs the shock of impact of each bounce rather that you receiving the bulk of the impact. Good rebounders will absorb about 85% of the hard impact force making an enjoyable and even relaxing bouncing experience for you.


  • Pronation is a concern when using a rebounder. Again, the cheaper rebounders lend themselves to aggravating pronation problems than do the more expensive rebounders. Pronation is the tendency of the feet to bend inwards or outwards in an unhealthy manner. The higher quality rebounders provide better support so pronation is much less of an issue. Proper form should always be maintained, and pronation may occur as you walk and move about, so a poor rebounder might not necessarily cause pronation, but it can aggravate the problem.


  • Some rebounders fold up in halves or quarters for better portability.
  • Some rebounders have legs that fold up.
  • The more portable, the higher the price will be.

Support Bar

  • Some rebounders come with an optional support bar that can help you maintain balance especially if you have joint or balance challenges.

Personal Preference

  • Much of the bounce experience even among some of the best rebounders can come down to a matter of preference. Check out the return policy when ordering a rebounder. Unfortunately, it's hard to find good rebounders at sporting goods stores. Often, your best bet is to do the research and select the one you think will work the best. If it doesn't work out, return it. Better yet, if you have a friend with a rebounder, try their rebounder and see how it works for you. Below are some videos so you can see the difference others express in the rebounder preferences.

JumpSport vs. Bellicon



So what Rebounder do you Choose?

Some of the best rebounder brands are the following:

  • Bellicon (made in Germany $600-800)
  • JumpSport
  • Cellerciser
  • ReboundAir

The Bellicon and JumpSport use bungee cords while the Cellerciser and ReboundAir use springs. All four are great options and are the high quality rebounders you'll want to look for.

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akirlew profile image

akirlew 6 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

We own an Urban Rebounder which my wife and I like, however I had a friend rave about the Cellersizer, so I tried his (Cellersizer) but I could not really tell the difference.

Dr Ken Romeo profile image

Dr Ken Romeo 6 years ago

Thanks for a great Hub.

To tell you the truth, I had forgotten all about this exercise even though I used one for about a year (but that was over 15 years ago).

I don't know why they are so expensive now. The one I bought was less than $50.

lumexflower 5 years ago

your hub is great.

Kevin Hall 5 years ago

Nice hub. I bought Fun Spot Trampolines brand trampoline one month ago. It is working good and it's pad, mat and springs quality is also good. You can see their trampoline here -

Now i want to buy a Rebounder for my family. Can anyone tell me from where i can find a good rebounder in lowest price.

buck ofama 3 years ago

$15 like new, Goodwill. ;-)

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