Best Protein Foods for Muscle Growth (Hypertrophy)

Best Protein Foods for Muscle Growth (Hypertrophy)

As is know bodybuilders or just practitioners should have a rich diet in proteins and carbohydrates (also depending on the objective).

Proteins are essential molecules for functioning of our body, and these make the maintenance of our body and are themain nutrients to redo the muscle tissue and grow muscle lean.

What are the best Protein Foods?

The most rich protein foods are mainly of animal origin such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurts.

What foods are rich in protein?

Protein in 100g

  • Chicken Breast and Turkey Breast – 30g
  • Tuna, Salmon – 26g
  • Cheese – 32g
  • Pork Loin – 25g
  • Lean Beef and Veal – 36g
  • Eggs – 13g
  • Milk, Yogurt – 6g

Red meat also have creatine, one of the main sources for increasing muscle strength and endurance, but if you prefer to avoid calories and fat you should opt for white meats such as Chicken and Turkey.

Another benefit of the salmon is the omega 3 that studies shows this stimulate the production of hormones which in turn promote muscle growth and may also prevent heart and inflammatory diseases.

An bodybuilding athlete must have a feed containing from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, this is one of the most used strategies for increasing muscle mass (Hypertrophy).

Don’t forget to drink water because 75% of muscles are made up of water.

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