Best Protein Supplement for Women

Best Protein Supplement for Women

Let's get one affair out of the picture: women are hitting the gym. As the count of women that workout increases there is more and more interest on the deviations in training principles between men and women. The trouble is, there are also deviations between male and female athletic aims. Which leads me to the the following question: what is the deviation in the type of protein supplement a female athlete consumes versus a male athlete?

What do you want to get out of your exercising? Statistically, if you're a man you want muscle mass, if you're a women you want health, weight loss, a sleek body or a combination of these.

One thing that is very reassuring is that your body will not pack on muscle in the same way that a man does (very hardy exercising with weight included).The fact that they might get big actually prevents some women away from working out. Much less employing a protein supplement.
Remain at ease. Unless you take some really outlandish measures, you will never loose any of your sex appeal through heavy lifting.
So, let's get back to it. Given that a woman's goals are different from a guys, should this affect the selection of their particular best protein supplement?

The brief answer is that there is really no differentiation to be made based on gender. Nevertheless, there are some other factors that must be taken into consideration, in this case I am speaking about lectin intolerance. That is however a different article and I have discussed it on a different Hubpage article: Best Protein Supplement and Blood Type

Best Protein Supplement - Which do you choose?

Best Protein Supplement Dillema
Best Protein Supplement Dillema

A little side note, there is a family of individuals who propose that the selection of a protein supplement must take taste into consideration. I wholly disagree with this, yes, great taste is brilliant if you can get it , but it must in no way outweigh other components such as protein composition and most importantly the presence of artificial ingredients.

Let me give a couple of reasons for why this is. You see, that great taste results from a couple of possible sources, such as sugar (gets you fat and drains you of vitamins and minerals), taste enhancers (neurotoxins) or artificial flavors (again ordinarily toxic). This is really a question of shooting yourself in the foot. You're going to the gym to better the way you look, the way you feel and your health. And later, after you do all that strenuous work what do you do? Just throw it out the window!

Always keep in mind that YES, you should repay yourself for doing anything that you don't necessarily feel like doing. Do get yourself a little something every time you do your exercise. My word of advice is: do NOT use food items for this. Or buy products only because they taste better. There are plenty of good options out there.

Let me attempt to foresee another common pitfall besides the taste over quality one. When you start your exercise program you also have to begin eating more. To get lean you must eat MORE calories. What counts is the macronutrient ratios and the quality of your food. If you take the correct steps and choose the best protein supplement you can support your goals by knowing that at least one of your meals is taken care of.

A closing tip I have is: Don't combine your protein with juice or milk. Use water instead. The trouble with milk is that it increases the secretion of mucus and makes the digestive process harder (thus perturbing your body after a hopefully strenuous exercise session). As far as the juice, it will add additional carbs (empty calories) and maybe toxic flavorings, colorings or preservatives-- I just consider it is rational to avert low quality calories that undermine your workout and perhaps poison you.

Let's cement what you've learned:
- your sex does not play a part in the choice of the best protein supplement
- quality is more significant than taste
- the characteristics that matter are: amount of protein per scoop, low carbs, no fat AND most importantly: the protein source

You can find out more about the selection of protein powders, protein sources and everything that has to do with a protein supplement here: Best Protein Supplement Guide

If you just want the bottom line, click here to find out that the best protein supplement is...

Best Protein Supplement is NOT Whey

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