Top-Selling Rowing Machines for Exercising at Home

Sometimes you just can't go to the gym when you want to because your schedule or weather doesn't permit it, so it's great when you have an exercise machine that can give you a total body workout. A rowing machine is a perfect exercise machine to give you that total workout.  Rowing is a sport that helps you develop your aerobic fitness, so working out on a rowing machine helps you to strengthen your cardiovascular system.  The other benefit to rowing is that it strengthens your upper body and lower body muscles as well.  Here are some of the best selling rowing machines that users have found to be effective and great value for the money.

Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine

This popular rowing machine comes with many features: an adjustable gas-shock resistance, a monitor that shows the time, calories burned, and stroke count, sturdy steel frame construction, very compact and folds for easy storage. It's great for apartment dwellers and if you have your own fitness area in your house, there's plenty of room for your other exercise equipment.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

This rowing machine is compact measuring only 32.5 inches wide by 48 inches long, but offers the same terrific workout as machines twice its size. It has a padded seat that glides on a ball-bearing roller system, rowing arms whose resistance is adjusted by hydraulic cylinders, and foam grips that keep your hands stable and comfortable. The multifunction fitness monitor shows speed, distance, time, stroke count, and calories burned. And users will love the thick padded seat and pivoting footplates.

Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine

The Concept 2 Indoor rowing machine is more similar to the rowing machines that you would find in the gym than the other home rowing machines. It has a monitor that tracks your distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts, with five display options for rowers--all data, force curve, rowing with a pace boat, bar chart, and large print. It also has an ergonomic handle that allows for a natural arm and hand position; an aluminum rail capped with a stainless-steel track for smooth seat movements and adjustable Flex-foot footrests.

Stamina Conversion Rower

This multidimensional rowing machine can convert to an exercise bike and can help you to exercise your upper body by using the handles for bicep curls and tricep kickbacks. This machine provides for a total body workout.

Bodycraft Rowing Machine

This state-of-the-art rowing machine folds for storage into a 16 X 24 space, adjustable pedals will accommodate any height, has rubber coated aluminum handle, and offers air and magnetic resistance while the console shows time, distance, strokes, calories and heart rate.

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dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA rowing a boat! Great research. Thanks for sharing. Flag up.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi dallas93444! I had a rower a myself and thought they were great for exercising at home. But I broke mine.

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

When your "rower" is broken and have only one oar, "rowing" is difficult at best! One could experience "going in circles" and not accomplishing anything!

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

Yup, you said it.

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