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Why Buy Shower Filters?

Believe it or not, your daily shower is hazardous to your health. The chlorine used to treat water is absorbed by your skin and the chlorine laden steam is inhaled into your lungs. Studies have shown that shower chlorine exposure can increase the rate of cancer and heart disease. Cosmetically, it can affect the health of our hair and skin causing brittle, green hair and dry itchy skin.

Scientists have found that our skin absorbs as much water during a shower as people drink in a day. That's a lot of water and contaminants! Tap water is not as clean as most people think. Not only does it contain chlorine but also heavy metals and germs that can cause illness.

This is why everyone should have a shower filter in their bathroom. Shower filters remove impurities and chemicals like chlorine from the water before it passes through the shower head.

Fortunately, shower filters aren't that expensive. Prices range from $20 up to $200 making them affordable on almost any budget.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know before you buy a shower filter, information on the top three shower filters as well as more inexpensive models. We also have a video of Dr. Oz talking about the need for shower filters.

3 Tips for Buying Shower Filters

1. Check to see what contaminants the shower filter removes. Chlorine, heavy metals, VOCs, parasites, THMs are common contaminants that shower filters remove. As a general rule, the more expensive shower filters remove more contaminants than their less expensive counterparts.

2.Determine if the installation of the shower filter will affect shower head height. This is especially important if anyone at home is tall.

3.Know how often the cartridge will have to be replaced and at what cost. Some models have really expensive cartridge replacements and you'll want to factor in the operating costs of any shower filter you buy.

Below we'll briefly review the top three shower filters on the market as well as three inexpensive shower filters for those on a budget.

Three Best Shower Filters On the Market

The three top rated shower filters on the market are:

1.Aquasana AQ-4100 A mid-priced shower filter. Cartridges last 6 months and cost around $40 to replace. Doesn't affect shower head height (which is good news for tall people!). Removes chlorine, heavy metals and other common tap water contaminants.

2.Wellness Filter A more expensive shower filter. Cartridges last a year and cost almost $200 to replace. This is a great shower filter, but the price is prohibitive and not necessarily indicative of better performance. Doesn't affect shower head height.Removes chlorine, heavy metals and other common tap water contaminants.

3.New Market Naturals Shower Filter Another mid-priced shower filter with cartridges that last 6 months. Removes chlorine, heavy metals and other common tap water contaminants. This shower filter doesn't affect shower head height either.

Keep reading to learn about less expensive shower filters.

Cheap Shower Filters

1. Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Filter. This super inexpensive water filter is highly reviewed by users. The filter needs to be changed every six months and only filters our chlorine and sulfur. This is a good basic shower filter that has hundreds of positive reviews.

2.Vitashower SF-1 Shower Filter. This shower filter uses Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine in shower water. It does not filter out any other contaminants. Filters should last 6 months. Installation may lower shower head height--take a close look at the product picture to see how it's installed to gauge how low the shower head will be in your bathroom.

3.Sprite Industries HO-WH Shower Filter. This shower filter removes both chlorine and other contaminants including heavy metalsĀ  in tap water making it a best buy. Filter lasts a year and installs above your existing shower head so it should not markedly change shower head height.

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Joe Kruger 6 years ago

Great post! I installed an Aquasana filter about 6 months ago. My girlfriend has since told me that she doesn't need to apply body lotion after showering anymore. Personally I think the Aquasana filters give the most bang for you buck.

Mark Moller 6 years ago

Interesting hub! I just installed a Royale Chrome from Great filter and I'm very happy with it so far.

timmy  5 years ago

i want a good shower filter

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