Best Vodka Ever Created? New Protein Infused Vodka.

The New Protein Infused Vodka.

Devotion Spirits based in San Francisco, California has created the world’s first protein infused vodka. The proprietary alcohol has created a new hybrid food-drink category and targets individuals with a passion for fitness but still want to indulge. The protein used in the concoction is PeptoPro, a milk protein that is derived from casein. The vodka is 80-proof and four column distilled vodka which can be drank on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Protein infused screw-driver anyone?

In August of 2010, Devotion Spirits announced their partnership with MTV’s Jersey Shore star, Mike Storrentino or better known as “The Situation”. He seems like the perfect candidate to promote this product as he is a fitness buff and extreme partier.



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DJ6ual profile image

DJ6ual 6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

I wonder if this will be available as a well or premium drink choice?

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