Best Ab Exercises for Thick Abs

Why Get Great Abs

Having great abs is one of the best ways to attract the opposite sex. It is seen as a major sign of fitness and well-being. A person may have big arms or legs but still have a large belly. This is because for the vast majority of us the stomach is the last sanctuary of fat; the last place for it to leave and the hardest place for it to be lost from. A flat stomach gives a major confidence boost especially in locations where you have your shirt off. The beach, the shower and even the bed. Those of us with fit bodies know what it's like to walk into a place without a shirt on and just be turning heads everywhere we go. It really i a great felling. No wonder it's a dream of so many. And it's not even that hard!

Basic Background

Before we get to the excises you will need a basic understanding of the abdominal muscles. You abs generally consist of the transverse and rectal abdominus muscles which basically for what we call "the six pack" and the internal and external obliques that are the muscles on the sides of you stomach that include your love-handles. For all complete shredded ab look you want to be working all of these muscles.

How To Do Bicycle Crunches

1. Bicycle Crunches

To perform this exercise you lie of your back and pull your legs to your chest holding the there. At the same time you pull your head toward your stomach as much as you can contracting your abs.

To initiate the exercise all you do is cycle you legs as if you were riding a bike.

To increase the intensity you can hold a weight above your chest or wear leg weights.

This exercise, while is does engage the oblique muscles it focuses much more on the abdominus muscles for the "six pack look". It is a really great exercise recommended by experts time and time again especially for beginners. This being so, it however would have to be used along with other exercises to achieve the shredded look and give those 3D abs.

How To Do Russian Twists

2. Russian Twists

To do this exercise you sit on the ground in an L-sit with your legs extended. You then lean back until your legs raise about about 4-6 inches off then ground.

To initiate the exercise you turn your torso 90 degrees to the left and then 90 degrees across to the right moving your body to 180 degrees repeatedly.

To increase the intensity of the exercise you can hold a weight in your hand such as a plate or dumbbells.

This exercise really engages to the obliques for the shredded ab look while also engaging the abdominus muscles. The aim of this exercise is really to engage the whole abdominal muscles through a wide range of motion.

How To Plank

3. Planks

This one is really simple. Just assume a pushup position on the elbows instead of the palms of the hands and hold the position.

To increase the intensity of the exercise you can drop some weight on your back. Also you can do spider man planks where you assume the plank position and send one leg out to the side with the leg bent at 90 degrees at the knee. Then return the assume the original plank position and repeat with the opposite leg. The process is done continuously with both legs.

This true purpose of the abdominal muscles is to provide stabilization to the body when holding a position or during movement. This exercise is sure to get you a strong core and will help improve your posture.

How To Do Hanging Knee Raises

4. Hanging Knee Raises

Find a lateral bar such as a pull up bar and simply hang from the bar with your legs free.

To initiate the exercise pull the knees up to the chest and return then to the original position and then back up again. Be sure to perform the exercise slowly.

To increase the intensity add some weights on to your legs.

This exercise focuses on the abdominus muscles for the six pack wall with some work done on the obliques.

5. Sprints

That really it. Sprints. Run at full speed for 60-100m for 6-14 repetitions. This is one of the most underrated exercises for abs. Look at any serious track and field short-distance athlete(sprinter) and you will see that ALL of them have great abs.

Simply increase the amount of repetitions to increase the intensity of the exercise.

This works the whole of the abs. This is also a great way of getting cardio to burn away fat hiding your abs.

Final Notes

While these exercises are sure to have you on your way it is important to remember that great abs are really made in the kitchen. This is a very common saying among bodybuilders. It doesn't matter how much exercise you do you'll never get amazing abs if you don't eat right. You can eat loads of junk and expect to have the washboard stomach you've always wanted. Also, cardio is important as well. That is, exercises that involve a lot lot of heavy breathing like running and swimming. This is needed to burn away the fat hiding your abs. Best of luck!

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