Beta Carotene Mini-Guide

So, What is beta-carotene anyway?

It seems you cannot escape the term “beta-carotene” whenever you seek information about good nutrition and healthy foods.

If you are just getting started in learning to lead a healthier lifestyle, check out this easy to understand mini-guide about beta-carotene.

A key factor in learning about beta-carotene is to have a complete understanding of the benefits of vitamin A.

Beta-carotene belongs to a class of chemical compounds called carotenoids. Among many other positive health benefits, carotenoids act as a precursor to vitamin A, so… if you know about the benefits of vitamin A, you will completely understand the importance of beta-carotene.

Basically, when you consume foods or ingest supplements containing beta-carotene, it breaks down into vitamin A in your liver.

Beta-carotene is thought to possess the following positive health benefits:

· Reduce the risk of Breast Cancer

· Treat Macular Degeneration (AMD)

· Reduce the risk of Ovarian Cancer in Post Menopausal Women

· Prevent Smoker’s Bronchitis

· Prevent Exercise Induced Asthma Attacks

· Improve Physical Strength of Elderly People

· Prevent Sunburn

The biggest benefit of beta-carotene is its believed capacity to prevent certain forms of cancer due to its ability to neutralize free radicals.

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