Beware of Brain Stroke

A stroke is a term used to describe cerebrovascular disease. It results from either a blockage of any blood vessel in the brain or rupture of the vessel. When the former is causing damage to brain cells due to lack of blood, (infarct) the later causes damage by producing bleeding around the brain cells (hemorrhage). Strokes stand third in the list that causes most deaths around the world, next to cancer and heart disease. This should be prevented rather than treated.

Changing lifestyles and lack of proper diet is causing an increase in the number of cases of brain stoke. Most important is those being affected the most are people in their late 30's.

Some of the common causes include aging, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise and high fat content in the blood. And in some cases this may be transferred through genetic reasons in some families. Out of this the age and family genetic background cannot be treated or corrected the other causes for this can be corrected. Every effort must be made to take care of all other risks which is in our hands.

Since high blood pressure is the commonest cause

If you come across sudden loss of sight or speech, abrupt headache, abnormal flow of current, trembling or numbness in any part of the body, don't ignore it - these can be initial symptoms of a brain stroke.

Doctors claim that as strokes often go undetected, there is a steady rise in the number of such cases.

The reasons behind this, doctors cite changing lifestyle and the lack of a proper diet as the main reasons behind the increasing number of cases. According to experts the age of getting brain stroke is decreasing. Recent researches has proved earlier brain strokes affected people above 70 years but now it can easily affect people in their late 30's. According to a newspaper report, a registry maintained by the neuroscience centre at the All India Institute of Medical Science, reveals that one forth of people suffering from brain stroke are young adults.

Experts consider brain stroke as a silent killer because the initial symptoms of strokes are often mistaken with normal weakness or fatigue. But contrary to this experts believe that if a person remains cautious, he can easily detect the initial symptoms.

Most of the time people take these symptoms as normal cases of exhaustion and ignore it. But instead of ignoring it one should immediately consult a doctor, one can't lose sight or speech suddenly, if someone is facing indications like this then there's something abnormal. Brain strokes happen when blood circulation in the brain stops for a certain period, say doctors. Experts believe that the intake of trans fatty acid, stress and family history are some of the major causes of brain strokes. Besides trans-fatty acid and stress, intake of alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep can also lead to a stroke.

The other causes of stroke according to doctors are diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Most of the causes of brain strokes are similar to the reasons for a heart attack. " Heart patients are more prone to brain strokes because the circulation of blood stops with a blockage in the artery". Both heart diseases and brain strokes happen due to athero sclerosis or aging of arteries. Once a blockage happens, the blood clots starts forming finally leading to a heart attack or brain stroke.

However, if the warning signs are taken seriously, though warning signs are tough to detect, it's not impossible, It is always distinct from normal symptoms of fatigue, we can avoid brain stroke.

You can take some prevention methods,

restrict salt intake, avoid pickles and pa pads and, if necessary, take an anti hypertension drug with the consultation of the doctor.

Take care of your blood pressure, good BP control can reduce the incidence of strokes.

The treatment of the disease should start as soon as it is detected. Warning signs are never repetitive, so even a small symptom can lead to a major stroke.

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eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Yes ofcourse, a lot of us doesn't take these symptoms serious, it is time that we should take some proper care on our health, thankyou flutterbug.

Barbie-Perkins profile image

Barbie-Perkins 8 years ago from Cincinnati, OH


Great Hub! I didn't realize brain stroke affected such a high percentage of our young 30 year olds. Fast food and stress are taking our young far to soon. I hope many will read your message and take action before it is too late.

Thanks for sharing.   ~ Barbie Perkins

Kebennett1 profile image

Kebennett1 7 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

Great Hub.I just had a stroke last week. I was lucky as it was fairly mild. I am 47. I had a more serious stroke 8 years ago. I waited for 2 days to go to the hospital because I thought it was only another TIA which I have had several. My speech is affected and I have right side weakness and balance problems. I start OT and PT tomorrow. I want everyone to know if you think you may be having even a TIA go to the hospital right away.

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