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Video Game Addiction

There are different levels of addiction and all types of people can be affected. Some video game addicts only binge and others are full blown addicts. No matter the case it is still a serious problem no matter the level of addiction.

Note: You will find some helpful information in this article, but it is always important that you seek professional treatment for any type of addiction.

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Video Game Addiction Warning Signs

Video game addiction is becoming an increasingly difficult problem with the youths in America today. It can affect the everyday life and social situations of children. Video game addiction can hinder a child's learning skills, cause real life problem solving to become more difficult, and cause a child to spend far less time with family and friends.

If you find your child showing symptoms of video game addiction it is important to intervene and address the problem promptly. If left untreated the problems that come along with video game addiction can have long term detrimental circumstances.

Video game addiction can cause an older person to have the emotional disposition of someone much younger. It can also cause someone to skip meals, school and even work.

We have compiled a list of warning signs that you can look for in your child or loved one. There maybe other signs that are also important and should be considered if you suspect your child or loved one of being addicted to video games.

Symptoms & Warning Signs of Video Game Addiction -

  • Playing for hours and hours
  • Spending less time doing other activities (sports, playing, outdoor activities)
  • Becoming more anxious or depressed
  • Hiding the fact that they are playing
  • Making increased references to video games
  • Lying about doing homework or chores
  • Thinking and believing they can solve problems by implementing something seen in a video game.

Video Game Addiction Statistics

Some experts say it is hard to show statistics in video game addiction. As of 2007 the American Psychological Association (APA) had not defined video game addiction as a mental health disorders. Although, it is said that video game addiction has been purposed to the APA for inclusion in their next published edition of DSM.

Video Game Addiction May Have Claimed Life

China has taken further steps to define the statistics of video game addiction. This all came to light after several stories were published on a 26 year old man dying after a 50 hour long video game marathon. The stories did not specify what game(s) the 26 year old was playing and also noted that the man was also obese.

Even though this story failed to explain why the marathon played a roll in the mans death the Chinese have taken it very seriously and are investigating the problems that are associated with video game addiction.

Harris Poll & Stanford on Video Game Addiction

In 2007 stats in a Harris Poll reported on youths addicted to video games. The poll showed 8.5% of youths (between the ages of 8 - 18) in the US could be classified as video game addicts. While another 23% of youths would say that they are addicted to video games.

These stats are merely a rough estimate. Until the APA has defined what video game addiction is exactly no one can say what constitutes video game addiction.

Stanford University School of Medicine in 2008 held a study that concluded that video games do show to have addictive characteristics. Allan Reiss MD and colleagues published their study in 2008.

Reiss says that males are two to three times more likely than females to become addicted to video games. The study showed that the part of the brain that creates rewarding feelings is more active in men than in women during game play. This may help to unlock some of the mystery behind game addiction and binge gaming.

In 2005 stats showed more than 230 million video games were sold and an unknown poll shows 40% of Americans play console or computer games.

You can read more on these studies by following the links below.

'Game Over' - A Feature on Video Game Addiction

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Video Game Addiction Help and Treatment

Although the ADA hasn't defined video game addiction this hasn't stopped organizations from trying to combat the effects of video games on potential addicts. These treatment centers are dedicated to providing help for people in need of addiction treatment.

It is always best to catch addiction in it's earliest stages. The sooner a problem is addressed the better the chances are to correct the problem. This is true with video game addiction or any other addiction you may find your child or loved one struggling with.

Don't ignore the problem and think it may go away. You must take action and steps towards a health recovery. It is important to your child's future to correct whatever is wrong in their life. This will make for a happier child as well as home.

You can read more on treatment of video game addicts by following the links below.

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Comments 35 comments

vrajavala profile image

vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

gee, thanks a lot for writing about this. My 12 yr old grandson , I believe, has developed an addiction. He spends hours playing on his Xbox with his cousin in an other city. His habits have really changed a lot too.

Concerned Mother 6 years ago

Thanks for the article it really did help me see that my son may actually have a problem.

Amy 6 years ago

I wish I would have found this a year ago. I e-mailed this article to my sister. Her son has a problem with video games. I think this may help her get him the help he needs.

Josh 6 years ago


Concerned Father 6 years ago

Thanks for the article it really did help me see that my son may actually have a problem. But then i played a game and im soooooo addicted now. seriously you should try call of duty or fifa they are so good and so addicting. i don't know why im on a computer and reading about video game addiction when i could be playing xbox right now. cheers Gary

worried mother 6 years ago

i think my son has a gaming addiction. thank you for giving me information about gaming addiction. hopefully this will help me help him.

Concerned 6 years ago

Why do parents never consider getting rid of computers and game consoles? We are in charge you know. We have the right to make that decision. Aren't we responsible for our childrens' well being? Even if means making them angry because we took something away?

hailey  6 years ago

my dad is addicted :(

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

Wow this article is very interesting. I know I do spend some time on the XBOX 360 sometimes, but I will be sure to acknowledge playing it excessively. Especially when I see my friends playing games excessively, I tend to notice that video games can be very addictive. Thank you for all the info. 2 Thumbs up!

What's News profile image

What's News 6 years ago Author

Yeah people normally don't realize they are addicted to something until they stand back and see someone else doing the very same thing.

Even after they realize their addiction people stay in denial and say something along the lines of "I can quit whenever I want I just choose not to."

Scrapaholic profile image

Scrapaholic 6 years ago

Great advice! I hope you don't mind that I linked to this hub from mine:

kryssy 6 years ago

this is going to help me with my essay after seeing so many friends and even my mom becoming addicted to video games im writing an essay on the topic

charmaine101 profile image

charmaine101 6 years ago from CA

this is very true, and a surreal addiction - come check out my hub:

Wiser 5 years ago

About time more articles like this got released, too many people are denying the video game addiction issue. Then again, a lot of people ignore real life issues already as it is.

anon 5 years ago

help me i have an addiction to videogames i cant stop and its relly ruing me email me for any thing you can do hellllllllllllllp

Calie 5 years ago

wow this really helped me figure out how to help my step-brother he is totally addicted to video games he almost never goes outside and if he does he brings his PSP or DS out with him he even brings them to school hes 16 going on 4 he acts like it at least.

addicted gamer 5 years ago

im 18 and have been addicted to video games since i was around 10. i see how video games have affected my life and am selling my ps3. also i have a step brother that has a more serious gaming addiction and it has affected him even greater than me. when i have kids i'll be sure to use the parental controls on the game systems or even not allow them to not play games at all since life is better without games.

JP 5 years ago

"Lying about doing homework or chores" lol don't all kids do that anyway? I hardly see that as a symptom. I have all but 3 of those symptoms haha. Just because a kid loves his Xbox/PS3 doesn't mean s/he's addicted.

James 5 years ago

If you play for hours doesn't that automatically mean you will have less time for other activities? That list of 'symptoms' is a joke.

Bryan 5 years ago

I feel like starting a self-righteousness addiction program now.

WB 5 years ago

Am I addicted? Ask me in the fall when the sequel to Oblivion comes out. But don't expect a reply for a while.

Adam 5 years ago

"Im having fun playing this game and I don't have much else to do"

I must be addicted!!!

Its popostrous people play games because they are fun, I used to play build up tig (A huge game of tag if your american) all the time whenever I got home from school I must have been addicted to that too!

Apparently it changes when instead of running around as a kid you have to make do with a console at home, I don't think most of this addiction tosh is correct.

oliver 5 years ago

i play runescape

kimo-sabi 5 years ago

thanks for the information ;)

chlebo 5 years ago

i have spent over 6 years playing wow. missed my chance at collage my girl friend and had to move in with my parents agean unable to hold a steady job. as im tiping this im playing 3 games - terraria - wow and portal 2. and down loading 2 more off steam. i need to git help but its just to easy for me to log in and let life problems just go away.

michelle 5 years ago

my husband is addicted but denies the fact he is,he is very distant from me and the kids,and it is really taking a toll om our family,people really need to take this more seriously

joy ebilane 5 years ago

I have a 23 yr old daughter who's been addicted to online games since college. Her addiction ruined her studies. Is there a rehab center in the philippines for her? pls. help me. she's getting worst now.

Professional Gamer 5 years ago

Go on youtube and watch Addicted to [Epix]

a person 5 years ago

i used to hunt, trap, fish, and a bunch of making ac/dc converters. was i addicted to that? if i have soccer practice three days a week 3 hours a day am i addicted to that "hours and hours". that if i "spent less time" playing video games.if i "get depressed" that i lost a soccer match, am i addicted? what if i sneak out at night and go check my traps? im "hiding that im doing it" am i addicted? if i start asking for a new fishing pole (making reference to it), am i an addict? if i shoot a burglar and knew how because i shot 30 deer(using something i saw) am i an addict yet?

Anonymous 5 years ago

This person I know...he is extremely addicted to video games and I am loosing sleep over it. It won't stop!!!!! Somebody please help me! Give me a number to call.

Jon W Hansen profile image

Jon W Hansen 5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario

I have to tell you that I am concerned that this may be just a sign of a disturbing trend as this is not the first case of a young parent killing their child for disrupting an on-line game (

Samwii 4 years ago

I am supposed to be writing a research paper on video game addiction, but I have not started writing it because i have a video game addiction-SWEET IRONY

Bob 4 years ago

I like this website!

Andrew teh Envy 4 years ago

Gaming addiction for the win! i loveh it

sher 4 years ago

Who is the author of this article? Writing a paper about video game addiction.

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