Biochemic Salts And The Zodiac Sun Signs

Many people thought it a bit far-fetched when Dr. George W. Carey came up with his theory of a person’s astrological sign corresponding to a particular biochemic salt. The fact is that there are twelve months and twelve sun signs and there are twelve biochemic salts. Sheer co-incidence or is there a deeper synergy that runs through all of Nature?

These are the salts that go with each of the sun signs according to Dr. Carey. A few doses a month will help to maintain the balance in the body. Each person's astrological salt can be given together with the salt necessary for the ailment concerned.


Mar 21 - Apr 19    Kali Phos

People born under this sign are intelligent but also excitable. Kali Phos helps keep them calm and collected. Aries-born people fit very comfortably into top positions in their working environments. They have a fiery temperament which Kali Phos keeps under control.


Apr 19 - May 20    Nat Sulph

Taurus is a sign that has produced many doctors and healers. Nat Sulph helps keep these people in the best of health with great endurance. Taurus-born people have a strong will, a great presence and a thick bull-like neck. They work hard and Nat Sulph makes sure this does not put a strain on their liver.


May 20 -Jun 21    Kali Mur

Mercurial is the word to describe most people born under the sign of Gemini. Quick-witted and gregarious, they are usually the life and soul of the party but they are also prone to restlessness and distraction. Kali Mur makes them more focused and keeps away the respiratory illnesses these people are prone to.


Jun 21 - Jul 22    Calc Fluor

Cancer people are usually attractive and talented but tend to be weak. They could suffer from glands getting hard as well as coughs. Calc Fluor keeps them strong and their skin and lungs healthy. They usually have strong, great looking teeth and flash their smile when they are with people they are comfortable with.


Jul 22 - Aug 22    Mag Phos

Leos have a magnetic personality and are leaders. Some may prefer staying in the background but they make sure their presence is felt. If they are given their due respect, they purr but they can be very sullen if they are ignored. They can be lazy and Mag Phos is great to get them up and going, leaving their egos behind.


Aug 22 - Sep 23    Kali Sulph

Virgo folk like to keep to themselves and are usually shy. They are very intelligent, rarely get into a fight but hold onto their opinions. You’ll find that because of their non-interfering nature, they are welcome everywhere. However, they are prone to depression and melancholy and Kali Sulph is a great help.


Sep 23 - Oct 23    Nat Phos


The balanced sign, Libra is good looking, intelligent, just, even-tempered and is respected by all. However, they usually suffer from a problem with their pH balance and Nat Phos keeps this balanced in the body so they don’t suffer from acid reflux or biliousness.


Oct 23 - Nov 22    Calc Sulph

Dignified but rather heavily built, Scorpio people are usually very shrewd and very unforgiving. They tend to suffer from skin ailments and Calc Sulph helps. They are usually extremely ambitious and money is very important to them except when they take up a worthy cause and then spend their whole life totally committed to it.


Nov 22 - Dec 21    Silicea

Sagittarius people are usually good looking with thinning hair and sharp eyesight. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on learning and they are usually successful in whatever enterprise they decide to embark on. You’ll find many a philosopher and a poet here and Silicea keeps at bay the over-sensitivity and irritability that could plague them.


Dec 21 - Jan 19    Calc Phos

People born under the sign of Capricorn tend not to be tall and they are usually very well informed. They can be a bit fixed in their views and could get stubborn. Their health problems like weakness of the bones or general weakness could benefit from Calc Phos.


Jan 19 - Feb 19    Nat Mur

Generous and rather noble in everything they do, Aquarius people are very hard working and take pride in being honest and ethical. They tend to get carried away when they are committed to a cause and you’ll find many an Aquarius person who gives up all in the pursuit of something noble. Nat Mur tends to keep them balanced without getting over excited about things.


Feb 19 - Mar 20    Ferr Phos

Courteous and kind, Pisces people are always willing to lend an ear to those who are in trouble and need a shoulder to cry on. They also make good doctors and are very helpful. They could suffer from colds and fevers and Ferr Phos is a great help in preventing these.

Dr George Washington Carey went beyond seeing a connection between the sun signs and the tissue salts. For him, all religions were allegories about Man and the human body with God being the perfect state that every man can achieve. He goes back to the Bible and sees the parables and the laws as the way to become a new human being, healthy in mind, body and soul. In his book “The Chemistry and Wonders of the Human Body” he draws connections between the universe, religion and man. For him, God is chemistry and if we get it right, we can become gods too. All we need to do is make sure our bodies are in perfect balance so they vibrate to the music of the spheres.

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Pete Maida profile image

Pete Maida 7 years ago

I hate to spoil the plans of the sun signs but I'm a cancer and a third degree blackbelt and at 58 years old I can still bench thirty pounds over my body weight.

Candie V profile image

Candie V 7 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

I'm a cancer too, with great teeth and a dazzling smile.. lol!! I can bench press my cat, so there, Pete! Ok, so i'm gonna get some Calc Flor - I coidn't hoit!

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India Author

Oh wow! Pete and Candie - I think I'm going to travel back in time and tell Dr. George Washington Carey that he was a bit off when it came to the 'weak' bit :D

Thanks as always for coming by to read!

andromida profile image

andromida 7 years ago

I am Taurus and definitely have a strong will and also have a strong desire for more of Dr. Carey's research outcome.thank you for sharing this valuable information.

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 7 years ago from India

Kind of cruel to tell a foodie that they may suffer from acid reflux...but thanks for the warning Shal! :P

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

This is very interesting! My type of topic. :)

I think there are two sides to every astrological sign, when a human is developing in awareness, they will express the lower tendencies of their sign, such as greed, and when they evolve the expressions are higher.     

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India Author

Andrmida - I'm so glad you like it!

FP - haha - well Nat Phos keep it away!

VioletSun - I totally agree. Biochemic salts and Flower remedies make you vibrate to your higher self - so the baser emotions and the ensuing health problems are kept at bay - isn't Nature wonderful?

jayb23 profile image

jayb23 7 years ago from India

very interesting hub. Never knew there existed such a relationship between astro signs and biochemic salt. Thanks for sharing

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India Author

And thanks for reading Jay!

sunstreeks profile image

sunstreeks 7 years ago from Western Washington

I am a Cancer too.. I think it's safe to say I can bench press somewhere between a cat and thirty pounds over my body weight. =P

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India Author

sunstreeks - well, that's one thing Dr Carey seems to have got oh so wrong!! :D

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Well, I find Nat Phos very useful for myself (I am Libra). BTW Nat Phos is also great for majority of people.

Ascendent of person also has great impact on tissue salt needed, and the houses where are more planets, 6th house in horoscope and sign in which the house is, etc, etc....

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India Author

Thanks for coming by Tatjana - I fully agree with you - the complete treatment would be to see a holistic picture with the ascendant and the moon sign figuring prominently. However, with most people just knowing what their sun signs are, at least that one remedy makes things a bit better health wise. Thanks for the inspiration - I must do a few hubs with a horoscope chart now :)

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Taurus-born people have a strong will (i agree), a great presence (i agree) and a thick bull-like neck (I need a shoulder to cry now).

Nice Hub anyways, did not know about biochemical salts. Thanks for sharing.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India Author

hey Anamika - I'm sure your neck is long and slender!:)

Thanks for coming by and reading!

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

This is so interesting! New to me and I like learning new things. I do like a little sea salt in my diet and know it's vital

And interesting too that there are so many Cancers here - add me to the list. My moon is in Scorpio, on the cusp of Gemini, and Venus in Cancer...and I can go on and on. We are peaceful people but as all Cancers know - that peacefulness is often taken for weakness. Always a big mistake.

Great hub - rated up and I must bookmark it! Thank you!

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 6 years ago from India Author

Thank you BkCreative - glad you found it interesting. I guess most people make that mistake with Cancerians - in fact with all the water signs. A calm surface hides so much power beneath!

horus 6 years ago

Hi, I was just wondering where I could find more information on Dr. George W. Carey? Interesting topic as well, very much enjoyed.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 6 years ago from India Author

Hi horus - not too much is available online but you can get his book on Amazon:

toknowinfo profile image

toknowinfo 5 years ago

This was fascinating. I never knew there was such a thing as biochemic salts and their relationship to the sun signs. But I guess, why wouldn't there be. Everything is connected to nature. You piqued my curiosity to learn more. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Voted up and awesome.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

Thank you for reading - the underlying web of connectivity is so incredible, isn't it?

Docmo profile image

Docmo 5 years ago from UK

Fascinating... i always love to see these kinds of connections however far fetched they are. Intriguing premise. I suppose we have to take all this with a pinch of- wait for it- salt? ;-) thank you Shalini!

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

Fascinating, yes - haha - a pinch of salt!!!

Aarushi 5 years ago

Hi Shalini..this was amazing..I am a practicing homeopath myself and i have heard something as fascinating as this for the first time...

are you based in Delhi?

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

Hi Aarushi - thanks - coming from a homeopath, that's so great! Thanks for reading.

No - I live in Pune.

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

Hey! I really do enjoy your hubs and no doubt you are a wealth of knowledge in many things. I say this also because I need to ask you if you are aware of a natural remedy for Hepatitis C, I have had for 4 years. I have never tried natural medicines but have to take dozens of pharmaceutical pills each day and I am struggling so I thought I would take the chance and ask. Thank you


Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

Hi kimberlylyrics - try Natrum Sulph 6x, three tablets, thrice a day. You might need to take it for a few months.

Thanks for coming by and reading this :)

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

omg Shallni thank you so much I'll try anything at this point


dr prashant baheti 5 years ago

this is very useful topic for those people who beleve in astrology and do practice of astrohomoeopathy.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

Thank you Dr. Baheti - I do hope it is!

Dr.B.S.Sayal 5 years ago

Biochemic salts work as catalyst no organic compound or drug can work on its own in human physiology,these salts split in humanbody as cations and anions to complete all reactions,and after the chemical reaction is over the excreted via sweat,urine,stool,hence these are to be topped up every time,taking biochemic under supervision is mandatory.regarding zodiac sign relationship I am working on this project,and whole periodic table of inorganic chemistry,to reduce suffering of humanbeings.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

That's great to hear, Dr. Sayal - all the best!

Agapants 5 years ago

I'm just loving this imformation about tissue salts. I discovered them years ago and have all 12 on hand at all times for any ailments that affect my family. I used them through all three of my pregnancies and give them to my kids all the time.

Thanks for sharing your insight.

BTW I'm an Aquarius and find that Nat Mur is my "go to" salt as I tend to suffer from excessive dryness. I'm also a caffeine addict but think I might have to cut down a bit : )

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India Author

Thanks Agapants - I'm so glad you found this useful! Amazing stuff, right? I brought up our daughter and our two dogs on these remedies.

Anita 23 months ago

I will like to forward ur post so that more people can take benefits.

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