Black Widow Spider Facts

Black Widow Spider Female


An adult black widow spider has a black shiny abdomen, with two red triangles underneath, the shape of an hourglass. It is very small about 1.5 cm not including the legs.

These spiders make their webs usually outside and in dark places. The web is often built close to the ground, near houses, or in garages.

Females lay about 300 to 400 eggs per cocoon, and about four cocoon's every summer.

The black widow spider is nocturnal, it hunts and moves about at night. It is a very dangerous spider. In fact its venom is 15 times more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake.

It is an invertebrate animal belonging to the arachnid family, to the class of the arthropods. We can count 8 to 10 species. Its bite can paralyze, even kill.

the Black widow spider female is about 15 mm, the male is smaller only about 7 mm. It has two eyes above the mouth and two hooks with which it injects its venom.

Bites Look Like This

The black widow spider bite

Reaction to a black widow spider bite, depends entirely on where the person was bitten. The venom of a black widow spider is particularly dangerous, because one cannot feel the bite when it occurs, and when the person discovers it, it is can already be infected. The bite is normally sensitive 48 hours after it occurs.

Symptoms of the black widow spider's bite are frequently fainting spells, difficulties in breathing and speaking, vomiting, a low pulse rate, and a cold body. These symptoms can last 4 to 5 hours before falling into a coma, and if no medical care is available death could ensue. The majority of people who have been bitten by a black widow spider have not died, but spent 2 to 5 agonizing days before recovering completely.

If you have been bitten by a black widow spider, stay calm, catch the spider if possible, to make sure it is identified by a specialist. Call a doctor or a hospital right away. We recommend that you apply an antiseptic lotion if you can.

Children under the age of 16 and older people over 60, and people with cardiac problems will probably have to remain in the hospital for a while.

Another Look At The Spider

More facts about black widow spiders

A black widow spider lives about 1 1/2 year. The male has a shorter longevity, only eight months maximum.

The black widow spider is an insectivore. It is found in tropical regions, in the United States, in Australia, and in several countries in Europe. It likes dry and grassy grounds.

Only the female is dangerous, it is recognizable to its bright spots under its belly. The most dangerous for humans is the American black widow spider. (Latrodectus mactans).

Generally, man is not on the spider's menu. About 15 species are dangerous, but bites leading to death are rare.

The silk that the black widow spider spin for its web is extremely strong. The threads of the web lay in a crisscross pattern making it a deadly landing for any insect. When an insect land on it the spider which was waiting for a prey in the center of the web, will feel the vibrations and rush towards the unfortunate victim. It will spin it on itself wrapping it in a silk coffin; there is no escape possible, as this spider is a feared hunter.

Black Widow Web

Black widows spider have redeeming value

Lest you should believe that such a dangerous little animal is rather worthless to human, it has its redeeming value.

A few years ago scientists in Chile isolated properties in the black widow spider's venom, that according to their study could treat naturally and without side effect, erectile disfunction. The drug has been tested on animals and reports say that it functions pretty much as would Viagra.

It would seem that the Chilean spider, offer a venom rich in possibilities as the scientists are reporting that it might have spermicidal properties. These properties do not seem to be present in the venom of black widows in other regions of the globe, said Chilean Dr Fernando Romero, head of the project.

Working for the Universidad de la Frontera Dr Romero has applied for a patent for his discoveries.

In 2007, another team of scientists at the University of California in the United States, have identified two major genes in the silk from the black widow spider. The properties of this silk, elasticity, resistance and lightness, would make it a good candidate for usage in such materials such as bullet proof jackets, and medical applications. Industrial production can be done by adding these genes to a bacteria which can synthesize the protein. The University has filed a patent application for an industrial application.

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fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Such good information. Here in Southern California, the spider population is out of control. I personally have spiders everywhere. Black widow spiders are common visitors to my home. Some of the info I never knew. Thanks for all of the research. Great hub

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

Fastfreta, stay away from them, but they won't hurt you if you don't bother them. Just the same it is no fun finding them is it?

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I personally like spiders. They are like "dog in a cage" ... they sit in a corner catching "wandering" insects. From my experience they make one web and sit there. They never seem to bother me and I do the same. I have never encountered a black widow spider though ... I am not sure what I would do in that case.

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

Mr Happy I guess you would probably stay very calm and not bother it, and it would go its way not bothering you.

Ashley Joy profile image

Ashley Joy 7 years ago

I actually just saw my first black widow last week. Fortunately for me it was already dead so I did not have to worry about being bit.

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

Good you did have to panic since it was dead. It probably would not have hurt you, the important is to see it. It is when people do not see them and disturb it by accident that they can get bitten. Thank you for your comment

sillysqrrl profile image

sillysqrrl 7 years ago from World Citizen

Ok totally freaked out now...blah! ewww! creepy crawlies all over me...I HATE SPIDERS! Thanks for the info though!

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

sillysqrrl, they are not that bad, lol, but I understand being freaked out by the sight of creepy crawlers. It is funny because I have learned to deal with spiders and writer this post helped me even more, but there are some things that make my skin curl up too. There is this bug kids play with called a rolly polly, for some reason I hate those. Thanks for stopping by.

slick 7 years ago

i have had a blackwidow for about 6 months now and they are one of mother natures bad asses they are a trip to watch i have thrown bigger wolf spidrers , big praying mantis, potato bug and just about every thing eles i could find and shes killed them all the bitch is bad

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

Well you are helping the black widow and that is commendable but what about the poor creatures you threw there. I tend to think that if the widow want to catch them she is capable on her own and we should let nature take care of itself. I am all for feeding the hungry, but not really willing to perform sacrifices. LOL

Yes it is a mean spider not sure I would use the wording you use for it. It is a little insulting to female dogs. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

mom 7 years ago

If you catch a black widow and want to kill and mount it for a bug collection -- is it safe to do that or can you easily have venom injected into you while handling the dead black widow?

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

It is not safe to handle a black widow spider. I would consult with a bug specialist at your local university on the best way to do that. But I do not recommend that someone inexperienced tries it. This is a very fast spider. You would not die from a bite, but it is very unpleasant and you will have to seek medical help. Please don't do that.

I think that if the spider is dead and you handle it carefully you will be alright.

profile image

tranvinhthuy 7 years ago

I hate spider.They look really awful and now I know that they're also poisonous.I never see this type of spider but when I see it,I'll run away immediately :p

Thanks for the advice

dramrtalaak profile image

dramrtalaak 7 years ago from el mahalla el kubra - Egypt

thanks for your valuable info . but what about the superstition of the huge spiders we see in tv and films is it true?

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

dramrtalaak, well I have never seen any of these so I cannot say if it is true or not. I hope it is not LOL

maxxpayne profile image

maxxpayne 7 years ago

I have never heard of killer spiders before reading this hub. Nature is so wonderful with all these creatures. More and more people should be made aware of this information.

profile image

eswete 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing, now i will be more aware from that Black Widow Spider. Fortunately there are not many spiders in my country :)

Millie Lucienne profile image

Millie Lucienne 7 years ago

I remember as a child in Idaho catching Black Widows in jars with my cousin. We knew they were dangerous - that was the draw for us I think! Thank goodness we never got bitten - might not have made it! Thanks for the hub - very well written and full of good information!

profile image

twista21 7 years ago from Woodbury, Minnesota

I didn't know that about the black widow. It will be interesting to see what other properties we may find in the venom.

SPIDERS!YO 7 years ago

whoa!well spiders are just plain creepy,i wouldn't ever wanna play or see them.hopefully i dont havee anywhere im living.i would be terrified to death. but as you said if we get biten by it,i assumer you mean that we wont die or anything right?cause im preetty freaked out right now!

rivet3000 profile image

rivet3000 7 years ago

Interesting facts. I like the fact that we can use the black

widow's silk threads to fortify helmets,vests and other strong materials.

The photos of the spider bites look painful, ouch!

quanny 7 years ago

spider are crazy i dont see why there pets

timesup 7 years ago

a very dangerous female!!! having 15 times more power than a snake to kill. watch your back, guys. this girl's no joke! i saw a black widow in baltimore aquarium one time, and ive not dated anyone since!!! HAHAHA!!!

missbahdie 6 years ago

i think you ppl did a great job with this i know all about spiders...when i see a black widow...ill be scared out of mii mind nd ill panick...but i wont hurt it

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

Thank you all who have stopped by and left a comment. I am glad this information has been useful or entertaining to you.


justin g  6 years ago

had sex with a spider lol

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

So you were eaten alive. You might have deserved it. LOL

RecoverToday profile image

RecoverToday 6 years ago from United States

I was bitten by one of these; on the leg. I felt really sick, feverish for a couple of days. Went to the doctor the day I realized I'd been bitten. Now all I have left is a light, round scar on my upper thigh. It certainly was uncomfortable.

justin g 6 years ago

that is stupid

cocowboy profile image

cocowboy 6 years ago from Colorado

great hub... we have these where we live too. A few brown recluses too, but mostly black widows

007 6 years ago


Debi Dryer 6 years ago

Do any Black Widows have a "Blue Spot" instead of Red?????

Darren Haynes profile image

Darren Haynes 6 years ago from Maryland USA

Spiders terrify me and it is 100% irrational. I am a total arachnophobe. No other insect really bothers me in the same way. I would literally rather have to fight off a rabid dog than be anywhere near a spider. However, they do eat annoying flies and mosquitoes! So, besides my irrational fears, I will still give spiders their few dues.

steveo 6 years ago

I just saw a black widow in my garage, i sat down next to the web and watched it for 10 mins or so. This little beetle looking bug was in her web and I was lucky enough to get to see her spin him up! It was really awesome I felt like I was watching planet earth or something.

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your experience, it must have been really cool to watch it. I find it amazing how nature work.

Interesting Facts profile image

Interesting Facts 6 years ago from Anywhere USA

Thanks for the info. Now I know what to look for.

Ello 6 years ago

Hi Mireille,

About 6 months ago I found a little spider making a web under the lip of my bathtub in the corner near the floor. There was a little hole that it could escape to if disturbed. At the time I thought this is cool even though it was in my bathroom. So this may seem a little macabre but I started to actually get a little attached to it…weird huh?! Everyday a random fly would enter my home I would stun it and feed it to the spider, not knowing what kind of spider it was. Yesterday I found out by doing some research that it is a Black Widow and so now I am freaked out a wee bit. My friend said I should kill it but I can't do that, I want to trap it and transplant it somewhere far away. I am stuck and also since it is a little cooler here in LA she is staying kind of hidden away. I think she is anticipating me catching her:) Anyway any advise on what to do?

Also question for you do these spiders ever leave their web at night to look for food? I keep having thoughts of this spider walking through my living room:)


Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author


I would not worry about the spider walking through the living room at night then returning to the web during the day waiting for you to trap it. They do use their web to catch food, so it stands to reason that it would stay there if it has a web.

I am puzzled by the length of time this has been going on. I probably would not have lasted 6 months with it. :)

By the way they can live about 3 years in the wild, so with you making it a pet and feeding it you might have it a long time unless you catch it and get rid of it. Killing it is not the end of the world. It is a spider.

Ello 6 years ago

Thanks Mireille you put my mind at ease I know it sounds ridiculous to have this spider in my bathroom for so long. I just didn't mind it cause it was quite small 6 months ago and I found it so interesting to watch. I even clean up after it bizarre I know, it is after all in my bathroom. OMG I sound nuts :) Anyway I have some guys coming over tomorrow to do some work on my apartment so I am going to ask them to catch her and then I will release her somewhere dark and moist where she can live out her life and maybe I can get back to normal around here.

JennaJackson profile image

JennaJackson 6 years ago

Hi, Mireille....

I was checking this hub for the info needed to recognize a black widow spider, but I'm a little leery now. Seems that some of you have them for pets. Not so sure about Ello. I guess it is whatever floats your boat. For my part, I'm going to kill the spider outside my door, black widow or not.

Ello 6 years ago

Hi Mireille.

Mission accomplished I could not go another day without taking action. I finally caught her and took her to a new home far from me. In the future I will have to abstain from keeping Black Widows as pets it's just not a good idea :)

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

Ello, you did it! Good for you. If you feel lonely I have a kid I might sell LOL, I would not give her away for anything in the world, but I might suggest you get a real pet. If you need something really cute and gentle and quiet and easy to keep, look at hamsters.

We had one and I grew fond of her.

Best to you.

profile image

IreneH. 6 years ago

Okay, I'm starting to be scared of this. But very helpful information. Don't black widow spiders build their webs or homes in dry places? Or is that outside? Anyways, I feel more alert in my house. Either in my bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Afraid to see a black widow spider. Even though, I live in N.Y. Should I watch out for it?

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

Irene, I don't want to scare you and for the most part you may never have a black widow spider in your home, but yes they can enter, I had one in the house in NC. Usually they are not as common as the brown recluse in homes and are mostly found outside. In a house if there is one it will be under heavy furniture or appliances. To control all spiders a good cleaning once in a while in these out of reach places is not a bad idea.

profile image

zabella 6 years ago

Great info here! I respect these critters, and whenever I find them around my house or shed, I re-locate them. I have noticed one under the eves of my house. I'm cool with that; she stays in her web and is eating a lot of insects, but there are some egg cases there. Does the mother spider eat the babies, do they take off after they hatch, or am I going to end up having 400 BW spiderlings soon??

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

The hatchlings will hatch within the cocoon and will leave the web as do other spiders.

Alex 6 years ago

Holy... I know we don't have those here but still! I Hate all spiders except the ones with the small body and huge leg's, the ones that stay on a corner and eat flies and butterflies!

Lauren 6 years ago

Last night I saw a black widow, in person, for the first time. We have a table and chair set on our front porch, and my husband and I sit out there every night watching the kids play in the yard. I have been noticing a spider web from the chair I always sit in to the the house. For the past 4 days I have knocked the web down and cleaned it up....then the next day it is back. I walked out on the front porch last night around 10 and finally saw the culprit. As soon as I got close enough I could identify immediately that this was a female black widow. I yelled for my husband to bring the bug spray so we could kill it. They are very fiesty for sure...did not want to die right away. It tried to crawl around for about 3 minutes before it finally gave up. Now I am freaked out to say the least knowing that these things are around our home. I had been sitting on top of it for at least a week, and never even knew it!!!!!

Fungus-Yeast profile image

Fungus-Yeast 6 years ago

A really informative hub. Staying calm after being bitten is great advice. Not sure I'd be able to do so. Or catch the culprit for identification.... But good to know.

ejcross profile image

ejcross 6 years ago from Kentucky

Nice info on the black widow, saw one today at our churches summer camp!

eperon profile image

eperon 6 years ago from Amsterdam

scary stuff

Bardalabosio profile image

Bardalabosio 6 years ago

im glad to have no black widows around here

Carly  6 years ago

I just saw (and killed) my first black widow spider. I was out of town for a few days, and it had built a massive web in my doorway. And it was just chilling in the web. It was beautiful, but I couldn't let it live. I wouldn't have been able to get past it and into my house!

And I gotta say. I'm a little freaked. I see brown recluses all the time. But black widows are so much scarier looking!

mobatgirl 6 years ago

there is a large female in captivity and a few of us are enjoying her beauty (through a clear glass jar, tightly capped). We are opening her jar once a day for air, and have been feeding her crickets. She fascinating to watch. When first discovered, and incarcerated, what may have been the dessicated remains of her mate were in the web. So now we wonder if she has mated. Of course this is a torturous situation, as we are just observing and do not really intend to let her go...though as we grow more attached and entranced, we may take her out to the woods somewhere. Do you know of any websites with info for dietary needs?

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

@mobatgirl thank you for your comment. I am sure she is fascinating to watch but I wish you would turn her lose. She does need to catch her prey to be happy, (if a spider can be happy). As you get attached you probably want her to live as long as she can. Turning her loose is the best thing you can do for her.

Wishing you well.


gisiXcg00 profile image

gisiXcg00 6 years ago from Garfield, NJ

Very useful information, thank you very much for sharing.... I myself love spider I have a beautiful Chilean rose tarantula funny how a year ago i used to be terrified of them until the day I held one.

qualifydisability profile image

qualifydisability 6 years ago from Irvine, CA

Is the strength of black widow silk unique to black widows, or do all spiders have silk that is equally strong? I remember always hearing that spider silk is stronger than steel, but I've never heard it applied uniquely to black widows.

kencun profile image

kencun 6 years ago

I have a phobia of spiders, maybe because I lived with them in my basement bedroom growing up. People that like spiders live in a universe I cannot fathom. Isn't it true that the female black widow eats the male after mating, or is that just a story made to scare little kids living in basements?

red2 6 years ago

My brother was keeping a female black widow spider in what he thought was a spider proof container, and she had laid her 3 sacks of eggs, and when they started coming out of the sack, he promptly realized it was not spider proof and he got rid of the spider, however I am led to believe that some of the babies were still in my house. I am pretty sure I saw one in the bedroom today, where he had the container, what should I do. I was thinking abut bombing the room, or should I do the whole house?

Kaye McCulloch profile image

Kaye McCulloch 6 years ago from Australia

In Australia we have Red Backs, which are a kind of widow spider, and they seem to be everywhere lately, in summer. Although the Brown House Spiders (another related one, but not so poisonous) are more common these days.

alexis lewis 6 years ago

i think that these special types of spiders are very unique and that we ought totake care of them..............coming from a student at park forest middle

alexxis oliva 6 years ago

i love black widow spiders.... coming from a park forest middle student

alexxis oliva 6 years ago

i love black widow spiders.... coming from a park forest middle student

alexis lewis 6 years ago

i totally agree with u on that one especially their life cycle.............coming from a parkforest student

alexxis oliva 6 years ago

oh so you go to pfm to alexis lewis

shannon 6 years ago

These things scare the crap out of me. Especially with a toddler and a small dog in the house. Last summer I found one on the corner of our french doors leading out to the backyard. I thought it was weird because that area of the door gets a lot of sunlight through out the whole day, and I thought they like dark areas. Then when we took the pool down a few weeks ago, my nephew spotted another one. So, creppy. But I read something about the black widows living in clusters? Is this true? Should I be expecting more visitors? If so, what is the best way to get rid of them? By the way, I WD-40'd the one on the doors, and my nephew stepped on the one by the pool, but if there's going to be more of them I need to figure out what to do with my daughter and dog always out in the backyard.

dahlia 6 years ago

i think black widows are cool

Dameer 6 years ago

My couins once got bitten by a black widow. He was crying.

Dameer 6 years ago

A black wideo is very smaall. It can bit someone so hard they can start crying.The best spider I like is the black wideo. They mostly make their weabs in the dark

deb 6 years ago

ok.I get it, some people like spiders, but do you realy

want to sleep with them? now i am breathing like a race horse.

5 in 5 days

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

Oh the varying opinions on this little creature. Some love them and others are scared to death, that is what makes us and them so interesting. Thank you all for posting your comments I love them.

Kranston 6 years ago

I saw my first black wiow earlier this week,nd i live in the bahamas.I killed it.

dahlia 6 years ago

when my dog and i was in the garden every day i look in the slide to see if i saw a web and once i saw a black widow making a web so then i called my dog and my dog came and broke the web and killed the spider

Meeee. 6 years ago


AskAshlie3433 profile image

AskAshlie3433 6 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

This is very useful information. I never knew about all this. Great Hub!

Nick M. profile image

Nick M. 6 years ago

Great info here!

mm. powergirl 6 years ago

wow. No wonder i hate spiders. Can i ask something? can we roast and eat them because i love fried insects. Not sure about this one....

etchy 5 years ago

Is it normal to see a larger female widow kill and eat another female widow?

Gypsy Jan 5 years ago

Here in the central coast of California we have them all over the place. One year I found a nest under a porch chair and extracted the female intact and kept her in a large jar with twigs. I fed her crickets from the pet store and let all the children watch her for a couple of weeks. Then one morning she looked really small. Low and behold she had laid a cocoon of eggs. After all the kids got to see the egg sack I killed them all with Raid. I don't like killing them but did it anyway. It was a real education for the kids who are now able to identify them and keep their distance.

Elaine 5 years ago

I have been workijng at this house and seen the Widow in the corner of the window of the basement . I'm not real scared of spriders it's mostly the web that freaks me out . we seen that she had one egg . Three days later she had another egg . Was going to killer her , thought about it then was going to killer her and put in a jar . No could'nt do it . I have seen these widows before but this is the biggest I've ever seen . I damaged her eggs feel bad for it . but I now have her in a small jar with her eggs didn't want her heart broke . Any how now what do I do with her ? Thought of giving her to the Zoo or something . But don't want to let go of her she is so amazingly beautiful . She has an hour glass on her tummy that is almost like the shape of hearts , then a strip that goes toward her rear , with another big red dot .


StephenSMcmillan profile image

StephenSMcmillan 5 years ago

This is very informative. Very useful.

Linda 5 years ago

I remember when I was a kid I saw this really large black widow, working on her web in front of my garage door. I got really freaked out, so I got the water hose and blasted at it for like a minute against the door. Poor spider!

Higgybaby 5 years ago

I found one in my basement, hanging down the doorway into a storage room. If I would have done my normal routine, going downstairs with only the light from the hallway to guide me to the room I was going to, I would have walked right into her. Thankfully, I turned on the main light when I got into the basement. BUT, now I'm curious if I need to start watching for me? I've never, ever seen one until now.

Denise 5 years ago

That is my Halloween costume this year. Was looking for info on black widows. Nice to know that only the female is the dangerous one. Hope we don't have those here in Canada

Sarah 5 years ago

Hello! Thanks for the info, very intersting. Last month I noticed a Black Widow living outside of my kitchen window. She was living behind the shutter attached to the wall. I would only see her at night. I couldn't kill her and I wouldn't let my boyfriend kill her either. My plan was to move her. Over the time she was here, I noticed her changing some. This sounds like a silly question, but do spiders look different when they are about to have babies? We ended up moving her last week, but this afternoon I noticed lots of little babies right outside of where she was staying. I am assuming they are hers, but is there anyway to tell? Not sure if I can move a bunch of babies but maybe hose them away. I hate to kill things, especially things that are smaller then me. I always feel that if they can be moved safely, why kill them? Silly I know. I really think they are hers, but I guess the question is, do spiders look different before having babies & how do I know if they are black widows when they are so tiny? Thanks!

Really old man 5 years ago

Don't put a black widow or any spider in an insect collection because they are not insects - they are arachnids. They have eight legs and only two main body parts while insects have six legs and three main body parts. Almost all, if not all, spiders produce venom, but most won't or can't bite you (the mandibles or jaws are too week to penetrate skin). In the United States there are only a few that can bite you (namely the black widow, the wood recluse or fiddle back, the tarantula, and the giant wolf spider), but only the black widow and wood recluse have venom that will harm you. It is really difficult to get a tarantula or wolf spider to bite you, but I have been bitten by both kinds when rescuing them from children with sticks. The tarantula's bite is very similar to a wasp's sting as is the wolf spider's but a little numbness follows the initial pain. I taught science for thirty years before I retired and did field studies during most summers. I would strongly advise against keeping a spider for a pet, especially a black widow. Many people keep tarantulas as pets without realizing that a male tarantula will live about five years while a female tarantula can live for thirty-two years! Once they have been kept in captivity for a length of time, they lose the ability to hunt on their own. If you turn them out then, they are apt to starve. All spiders are beneficial to humans so I, personally, tolerate them where ever I find them - in my house or out. The black widow, however, I kill as soon as I find one. The wood recluse is the more common of the two spiders being present in almost all buildings including all those occupied by humans. Before you have you home or office sprayed for wood recluse spiders, be aware that the residual spray will do you more harm than the spider's bite and you will be killing other harmless-but-helpful spiders.

Carol R. Riley 5 years ago

I have black widows in my backyard, in the garage. Which I try and kill every chance I get. I have a question: the newly hatched black widows, are they a white color? and do they have the same amount of venom as a full grown spider?

scaredycat 5 years ago

if a black widow falls in a pool but is still alive, and i take it out and kill it... would the black widow could have sprayed it in the pool??? I need to know fast.

Really old man 5 years ago

scaredycat, the black widow does not spray out her venom; she injects it. Even if she were able to spray out her venom, it would amount to a tiny drop and would be immediately diluted by the water. I don't believe you have anything to fear from the water in the pool or (if you killed it) the black widow. If this is a wading pool or a swimming pool, you would probably have a great deal more risk from the inevitable urine in the pool. :-)

profile image

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

I remember while i'm watching tv there's a news that a whole town is coated by a huge amount of web. Its so scary but it is good to watch that kind of story about spiders.

Mr D 5 years ago

I just woke up & Think i saw a black widow above my head i shit myself & Jumped up. It got off the bed by the pillows, Is this possible?

Really old man 5 years ago

Mr. D., I suppose if one were to get really excited suddenly, then one might very well shit one's self. Having done that I should think that jumping up would be only natural - rather messy, but natural. As to the likelihood of the black spider having been a black widow, I rather doubt it. It is not impossible, of course. However, it is much more likely that the black spider on your bedroom ceiling was one of the jumping spiders (Salticidae) such as a bold jumping spider (Phidippus audax). The male bold jumping spider is black with varying amounts of white -some with almost no white- on their legs and body. These are hairy spiders grow to be half-an-inch in size and frequently move indoors during early fall through winter. They make my wife uncomfortable, but they are very good at taking care of the insects and other invertebrates that also move indoors about the same time. They are especially good at catching flies. We always keep bananas in the kitchen and there are the attending fruit flies. Once we get a bold jumping spider in the house, there are no more fruit flies. The bold jumping spiders and their kin are not a threat to humans other than perhaps startling a person. :-)

Mr D 5 years ago

Sorry it wasn't on the roof, It was above my head E.G when i got up off the bed i saw it! It was by my head the whole time. I'm familiar with black widows i've only saw pictures of them mind ya! LOL. I got really worried has i know they are poisionious & Their venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake. I also have a baby girl who's 4 months!I soon got the missus & Baby to sleep in the front. It defo had two red marks on the back, But it wasn't really fat as black widows are!

Really old man 5 years ago

Mr. D., If the spider you saw was not hairy and was glossy black with red marks on it, it very well could have been a black widow. If there was not web (a black widow's web is not a neat, tidy web), then the spider was moving to a new location and not a resident. Now, a black widow does not have to have a web or be on its web to bite someone. So, just because it may have been a transient does not mean you do not need to be careful. You certainly want to protect your four-month-old girl from the black widow, for a young child or an elderly person are the most at risk of the bite being fatal. I'm not suggesting you allow your wife or yourself to be bitten either.

Their venom is much stronger than the venom of the most poisonous of the rattlesnakes. While you are remembering this fact, remember also that most rattlesnake bites are not fatal. Indeed, if a black widow injected you with as much venom as a western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox), an eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus), or a Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus) -the three rattlesnakes with the most dangerous venom- then you would almost certainly die. However, remember also that the black widow is injecting a very tiny drop of venom designed to kill an insect similar in size to the spider itself or smaller. Admittedly, that is more venom than I want in me but not reason to move to another house. Be cautious, be wary, be careful and, if you see the spider again, smash it just to be on the safe side.

Mr D 5 years ago

Thank You for your information! :)

Janice M 5 years ago

I'm trying to find close-up pictures of what the mouth of a black widow spider looks like. Making a giant spider on my lawn out of PVC for Halloween.

Thanks, Janice M.

Spiderman 5 years ago

I just wanted to say thanks for all this great infermation because I had project for school and I chose black widows as my topic and out of all the websites I been to I would say yours was the best so thanks for all the infermation

savannah 5 years ago

i like the it

5 years ago


nik 5 years ago

omg i got bitten help!

JasonInVegas 5 years ago

Have had a Black Widow for several months as a pet. I keep her in a jar and feed her roaches and crickets. I understand many people are quite scared of spiders but me and my kids love watching her feed. They are very amazing predators. I am glad to hear she could live 3+ years.

JasonInVegas 5 years ago

Have had a Black Widow for several months as a pet. I keep her in a jar and feed her roaches and crickets. I understand many people are quite scared of spiders but me and my kids love watching her feed. They are very amazing predators. I am glad to hear she could live 3+ years.

lawrence campbell 5 years ago

I've handled a black widow before. As long as you remain calm and don't squeeze her she is calm.

Moose 5 years ago

When I was a kid back in the early 70's in central California I caught several in a large mason jar and hid them in my closet, then one night I forgot to put them up and my mom coming home from work discovered the jar on the table, needless to say she wore my butt out with a wooden spoon LOL kept asking me if I lost my mind!

az newby 4 years ago

I recently bought a home in southern AZ. I know black widow spiders are common here, and had a frightening experience with one getting way too close to my 2 yr old. I sucked the spider into the vacuum and dumped her in the toilet. Then called the exterminator to spray for spiders etc. Should I still be worried that there are more venomous spiders in my yard?

julian black 4 years ago

Widows arent that bad, most people think they are the most dangerous thing on earth. When I was a kid i heard stories of them killing people in 3 hrs and ridiculous things as such. the reality is that 98% of bites arent fatal and that tiny 2 percent are elderly, infants and people who are allergic to the bites. The bites do suck but you could get bitten by one and just suffer the fever like symptoms, ive been bitten by them a couple times and never really worried too much about it.

julian black 4 years ago

That being said im not saying you shouldn't go to the doctors, because everyone's body is different and deals with the effects of the venom differently, the doctor can tell you how your body is reacting to it, and make your symptoms a lot easier to deal with.

Elyse J. 4 years ago

This is going to sound a LITTLE odd. My husband found a black widow yesterday and knows I hate spiders. He put it in a jar and left it on the counter. I got home and freaked out. I put some water in the jar and ran away from the spider. I know it sounds stupid I hate black widows. I woke up this morning to dump out the glass and the spider and the spider had turned white and disintegrated. It was still intact but it was see-through. Really odd. WHY??

noyb 4 years ago

they aren't harmful as long as you treat them carefully.

Like what they say:

They are more scared of you than you are scared of them.

caitlyn vandewater 4 years ago

i was about to fall asleep in my bed and this little black thing comes crawling on my bed.. i scream grandma grandma and shecomes in and gets the spider and then its all good and then i wake up with a purple and black toe.... nasty i know and im only 14

janet 4 years ago

Well I have a jar full of them that my husband caught today while moving rocks around our fishpond. They will be dead later tonight. I hate spiders.

moreno 4 years ago

i saw one

lolz 4 years ago


lucas 4 years ago

great information :)

keg 4 years ago

it look nesty

angelflixjr10 4 years ago

omg !!! i never herd that type of info b 4

daddy gone bad 4 years ago

1. blak widows are very interewsting i have one as a pet!

2. they have two fangs and are dedly i tranded it every time it lays eggs i give it to my fishys!

3. tomarrow im going to let my black widdow free !

4. my fish rilly injoys the eggs!

5. i love insecs in my dream a dog fed my baby kittins to a jigantic black widow i hate that dream!!

from daddy gone bad

gavin and cedric 4 years ago

we are writeing fa

Klark Cent 4 years ago

I saw an episode of 1000 Ways to Die and this dude let a BW bite him because he thought he was immune to the venom, and well as the name implies... he died. I personally think this show is full of shit. Any of the symptoms would make him call 911.

Patty 4 years ago

We have SO MANY of them on or small property. I hate to kill them but my elderly mother putters around the yard and there isn't a safe spot to be if shes around pine straw, our shed, etc. I captured one this morning and her egg sac plus one that had already "hatched" it's young. If I thought someone would like to have them I could start a roundup!

ds 4 years ago

ihate you

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4 years ago

i hate spiders but love learning bout them lol


Newgirl 4 years ago

I just moved to colorado and i found 2 or more black widow spiders next to my fromt door :/ it is scary because it is my first deadly thing i have seen... And now i read that they can lay up to 400 babies each cacoon.. There is going to be thousands of them under my front door :( ahhh i am so scared!!!!

Shannon07 4 years ago

We just discovered we have at least 4 huge ones living on our porch.. We killed one already. I'm now super worried about egg sacs hatching : / we are letting the property manager know tomorrow!! Especially seeing as my boyfriend is still recovering from a spider bite from almost a month ago!! I check our room every night now.

tt 4 years ago

Boy, that spider silk is so strong..yes, only the black widow spider has the stronger web(in the USA), as the individual strands of spider silk are actually thicker than that of most other spiders. To the unfortunate insect or insects, the web strands to them would look like angel hair pasta with an ordinary spider, but probably would be as thick as regular string, possibly all the way up to thick string to the insect!!! If these widows were the size of your hand, you are looking at web strands that would probably be as thick, or almost as thick as sewing thread, already getting dangerous to a human on being ensnared, and dangerous to a large bird like a pigeon. The size of the one on Lord of the Rings? Forget it!!! That freaking web strands would be as thick as string, probably even thick string!!!! Spider silk is so strong, that a large web with strands just as thick as angel hair pasta would be dangerous to man.

Jeramy 4 years ago

I caught a black widow spider and I am keeping it in a Jar they really are amazeing inscets!! I have had the privlage of seeing her rap up 4 flies in her web.......I am checking for egg sacks sence there are hole's they can escape through and when I got her there was a male black widow with her in her web......He was dinner for my Venus Fly Trap...... but I kept her I used to hate spiders and I am really freaked out by them but I have to say I am learning to respect them!!

bc 4 years ago

yes they are

haley 3 years ago

black widows suck i hate them i have small children and i keep finding them in their play toys out side.... i fear that my children are in danger... plus their just plan creapy looking

profile image

dannyb915 3 years ago

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EeE 3 years ago

I did have 3 black widows in my garage. My Xbox is currently in there so I spend some time in there. One of them was ground level 5 feet from me on my right and another above me to my right, then one far left.

They did not mess with me so I left them alone until the one on my right came down to eye level. I did not notice it until I went to reach for my cup. It was bigger then the other 2.

So sadly I had to kill it and the others about a week later a new spider came it was also a black widow, it was way bigger then the other 3. So my brother decides to shoot it with one of those BB guns and its ass like explode.

IT IS STILL ALIVE.... I found it on my door with no ass... I went to kill it and it ran... PLZZ tell me it will die soon....

laura 3 years ago

this black widow video is creepy but it gives you lots of facts. I'm doing a project about it for college but this is a creepy subject to do a project on aaaaahhhhh

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