Teeth Whitening with Invisalign Braces

How Invisalign Braces Can be Used For Teeth Whitening

One of the advantages of orthodontic treatment using Invisalign braces is that you can whiten your teeth whilst you are wearing your Invisalign aligners.

I have used this myself with great success. Like many people I found that bleaching my teeth at the beginning of orthodontics was an excellent motivator at a time when I was making the adjustment to life with braces.

Invisalign braces are a modern alternative to fixed metal or clear braces. Made of medical grade plastic they are clear, removable, flexible but strong aligners. Custom made using a mould of the patients mouth, teeth are moved by using a series of aligners. These aligners are worn 20-22 hours a day and can be used as trays for an at home bleaching procedure.

How does it work?

An at home teeth whitening process requires two elements: a bleaching gel or solution and trays to apply the treatment to your teeth. What often makes at home bleaching procedures purchased through a dentist expensive is that they require the making of custom made trays in order to get a really good result. This means that the dentist or orthodontist must spend a considerable amount of time taking moulds of the teeth in order to create a perfect fit.

However, an Invisalign braces patient already has a custom tray, made by a dentist or orthodontist, in the form of their Invisalign aligner. This is perfect for at home bleaching. This can be filled with a bleaching gel or solution either provided by the orthodontist or obtained by the patient.

The gel is usually added to the tray and then, depending on the strength of the formula, worn for one to twelve hours. This may be repeated over a number of nights.

As the bleaching tray (or aligner) is custom made there are no gaps between the tray and the teeth to lead to an uneven result.

During my Invisalign treatment my orthodontist provided me with Nitewhite gel which I used with great success. However I discovered shortly afterwards that it was available for Amazon at a significantly lower cost than through my orthodontist.

NiteWhite Results

Limitations of Invisalign Aligners As bleaching Trays

One of the limitations of using Invisalign aligners as bleaching trays is that many Invisalign patients require the use of buttons or attachments as part of their treatment. This is where small clear blobs of hard material are attached to the teeth in order to give the aligners more grip on teeth requiring complex movements.

Whilst these attachments are in position Invisalign trays should not be used as bleaching trays as the areas underneath the attachments do not bleach leaving a darker area on the tooth.

For this reason Invisalign patients are advised to bleach either during the first four weeks of treatment prior to attachments being fixed or at the end of treatment after attachment removal when final Invisalign trays may be being used as a retainer.

Actual Patient After Invisalign And Whitening

Courtesy of http://myinvisalignblog.com
Courtesy of http://myinvisalignblog.com

What About Non Invisalign Patients?

My orthodontist provided me with Nitewhite teeth whitening gel as part of my Invisalign treatment. I soon discovered that this was available through Amazon. What I also discovered is that there are kits available (you can see them below) that include trays to use at home. This is exactly the same get as you get from many dentists and orthodontists but at a fraction of the cost so it is well worth considering.

My own results with Nite White were fantastic so I can highly recommend this gel. My only comment would be that as with any bleaching system it doesn't seem to last forever, I needed to redo it after a couple of years.

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Invisalign Newton 5 years ago

Very nice summary and forewarning. Do you know of any experiments on the long terms impact on the Invisaligners of using the whitening gels? I am thinking here of a retainer, which may be kept for a few years and be the basis of multiple whitening treatments. Do the gels eventually weaken the aligners? Any references would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Chris Smith 5 years ago

Interesting, Invisalign braces seems to be an effective and practical way of tooth whitening.

sell my dental practice 5 years ago

I work within the industry and have just been speaking to a hygienist, she has ordered me a gum mould from which she is going to apply 2 coats of gel, i keep this in overnight and its ment to work wonders.. all for £200 will let yu know how it gos

Eternity Bands 5 years ago

Invisalign braces sounds really useful. I wasn't aware of this technique, however it sounds quite easy and less complicated.

identalhub profile image

identalhub 5 years ago from United States

Though people try some home made processes for teeth whitening but invisalign braces helps one while the braces treatment is going on and no other alternatives are required.


Sterling heights dentist 6 years ago

Great utility of the Invisalign braces. Its quite easy to use and the results are unbeatable.

Invisalign doctor 6 years ago

Thanks. Whatever other options are, the convenience of Invisalign braces is unbeatable.

Cindy Brayer 6 years ago

What an interesting article! We have been using Invsialign for a while in our office and our patients have been very pleased. Thanks for sharing.

Invisalign 6 years ago

The Invisalign aligner can be used as a bleaching tray. Apply the whitening gel in the Invisalign aligner and wear for 1 hr for 7-10 days.

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