Blepharitis an Eyesore for Sure

It catches your eye

You wake up one morning and feel like you have sand in your eyes, you try to get it out but it won't move. Then your eyes start itching like wild fire until you could take a cat's claw and scratch them out of your head.

Sound familiar? Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid, which causes, crusting, intense itching, burning, and a feeling of sand or grit inside the eye. You swear you have pink eye, call out from work, go to an eye doctor and he diagnoses you with blepharitis.

He gives you a script of an ointment with antibiotics in it and steroids, tells you to use it for seven days and you will be all better. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

After seven days, your eyes are fine for a few days or maybe even a week and then they start all over again. By now the itching is so bad, you could take someone else's hand and scratch your eyes out of your head.

Because you see, blepharitis is most times untreatable and constant use of steriod eye drops can cause pressure to build in your eyes and cataracts to form. The best thing for you to do is put warm compresses on your eyes twice a day. Using a cotton pad (for make up) soak it in hot enough water that you can stand, place it on your eye lids and put a little pressure. Do this for five minutes on each eye and never use the same pad on both eyes (cross contamination). After five minutes start wiping the eye from the inside out with one sweep.

If you do have ointment from the eye doctor, place it on the outer lid not in the eye. Washing the eyelid with baby shampoo can also help.

Blepharitis is an irritating condition that is sometimes not treatable and you may have to live with and do what you can to tame the symptoms. Giving up eye make up ladies might be your only saving grace. You see the little bugs that invade your eye lashes, love to get a hold of your mascara and hang on to it forever causing bacteria to form on your eyelids. Thus causing blepharitis in all its glory to stay around and aggravate you.

Your eye doctor may try to treat you a few times, but they know that over use of antibiotic/steroids for the eye can cause you issues.

At this point vanity can not win as far as make up is concerned. You have to learn to live without it until you get a hold on the matter. I think you would rather have itch free eyes, then bugs crawling around on your eye lashes, sucking in all the goop we put on them.

Make sure that you do not touch things and then touch your eyes without washing your hands. Sometimes they will have to do a scraping of the eyelid if it becomes severe, but it rarely causes any damage to the eye.

This condition plagues many people each year and sometimes you have to surrender to something in order to get it under control. Happy itching people. (

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