Blogging as Therapy

 Blogging is a great method of releasing stress or other emotions in a safe way. For some reason, once the words are typed into the blog, the calm returns. If someone is in need of therapy they should seek professional council. Writing is a tool used quite often in psychologist offices everywhere.

Blogging is just another way of saying online diary/journal. Once you have written your articles', you can always go back and read them. Sometimes when you return, you can see the article in a better view.

Creative blogging is a most excellent way to release emotions in the most expressive form. The reward for myself is the people that are enjoying my blogs. Besides, this imaginative way of writing helps keep your mind working:)

One rule in blogging I try to remember when I am feeling angry or upset, is to never write any negative remarks about any person(s). You do not get anything from instigating in a blog. If you feel really upset about something, make sure you seek counciling from a professional.

Reading others' blogs is good for you as well. They might have writtien a blog that helps you. Even just reading an article about a topic that interests you can take your mind off of a bad situation. In all, I think blogging can be helpful in therapy, but should not be an only source. 

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goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....


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Lgali 7 years ago

i think so too

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