Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects - Are They Just A Fact Of Life?

Are You Taking Blood Pressure Medication

Every Day Of Your Life

Have you been diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure? Has your doctor prescribed a blood pressure medication and if she did is it working? Do you get the side effects of those drugs like a general feeling of weakness or nausea or headaches or a continual need to urinate?

If your medication is not controlling your blood pressure, or you're having side effects that are making life uncomfortable you should see your doctor about a different dosage or a different combination of drugs.

Are you looking forward to taking these pills for the rest of your life? Do you think this is just the way it has to be? How would your life change if you no longer had the discomfort and expense of blood pressure medication?

Life Can Be Better

There is an alternative.  Have you discussed it with your doctor?     

Western trained physicians are taught that drugs are a first line of treatment. In fact there is a new school of thought among some doctors that newly diagnosed pre-hypertensive patients should go on an aggressive drug therapy immediately.

Isn't it interesting that the American Heart Association says "Blood pressure-lowering drugs can help control blood pressure when diet and physical activity alone have not succeeded." Think about this for a minute. The leading authority on heart research is saying that drugs are useful if diet and exercise don't work. 

Did your doctor tell you that?

The fact is thousands of Americans have not only controlled their hypertension but have actually cured it using diet, exercise and stress management. Organizations like the American Heart Association highly endorse this approach because it not only cures blood pressure problems, it will also lead to a much healthier life minimizing the risk to other diseases like diabetes and obesity.  Did I mention you'd have more energy as well?

It's Up To You

A solid nutritional diet like the DASH plan which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants AND is easy to follow, thirty minutes of mild aerobic exercise like walking or cycling and effective management of stress in your life will relieve you of your high blood pressure and the medication that goes with it.

How would your life change if you weren't chained to the drugs?

You owe it to yourself and your family to research the alternatives. Your heart will thank you.

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