Body Fat Loss Tips From A Bikini Model

When Bikini Models "Feel Fat" Here's What They Do...

Do you hate your body fat? We all have our days when we feel fat and bloated, but if you’re a bikini model and you’re job demands that you be camera ready, a little extra bloating and fat in your pooch can cut your career short. So it’s essential that bikini models know how to get rid of this extra body fat when it comes time to put on the bikini and pose in front of the cameras. Here’s how they take care of that problem…

1. They cut out wheat products. A lot of people have an allergic reaction to wheat and don’t even know it. But this allergic reaction causes your body to store excess water mainly in your abdomen – that stomach “pooch” that all women hate. So in preparation for a big shoot or contest, bikini models cut out all bread, pasta, pastries, donuts, cakes, and anything with “wheat flour” in it because when you eat wheat, your body can take days to get the bloat down.

2. They exercise 2x a day. Now for most of us, it’s hard to even exercise 1x a day, but when bikini models get serious about leaning down, they break up their cardio exercises into 2 sessions. So instead of exercising for 1 hour in the morning, they’ll hit the treadmill in the morning for 30 minutes, and then do the other 30 minutes at night. Exercising 2x a day really speeds up your metabolism and helps you drop a lot of water weight, so those lean muscles can show through.

3. They wear an exercise belly band while they work out. Have you ever seen those neoprene bands with Velcro that they sell in Sports and Athletic stores? Well, the scientific evidence on whether or not they give lasting results is still out, but they do seem to give some temporary slimming effects. When you wear these bands around your belly while you exercise, your belly gets really sweaty because these bands have no “breathing” capability. This pulls some of the excess water out of your belly area. You can see it working when you pull off the band after exercising and there’s a puddle of sweat. Sure, as soon as you start drinking water again, the water goes right back in the fat cells, but it can give some temporary slimming effects.

4. They eliminate salt from their diet. Salt makes your body hold water, so cutting out all salt from their diet keeps the bloating down.

5. They stay calm and relaxed. When you get stressed out, there are lots of hormonal changes that happen inside your body that will show up on the outside of your body as well. By doing some yoga, meditation or breathing relaxation exercises, bikini models keep themselves calm and peaceful the day of a big modeling shoot or competition. And by keeping their mind calm, their body does not react to stress by bloating or puffing up. This gives them a leaner look all over… who would’ve thought that keeping your mind calm would play such an important part in your appearance? It’s amazing how much the mind and body are connected.

Being a bikini model is a demanding job that takes a lot of self-sacrifice. There’s no pigging out with your friends, or staying up drinking until all hours of the night because you have to look fresh and rested for your photo shoots and competitions. It also requires a lot of personal commitment to hit the gym, do yoga to keep yourself calm, and eat only healthy foods so your body doesn’t have a “backlash” and bloat up. This kind of demanding lifestyle wouldn’t fit most of our preferences (I know because I tried it for a summer, and that’s about all I could take), but there is still lots of good slimming and fat-melting tips that we can learn from them. Follow these tips and you too will lose body fat all over your body.

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desert blondie profile image

desert blondie 8 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

Such good tips! My daughter's wedding in one month and these are so do-able! Thanks!

JSSmith 8 years ago

Really very good tips on Body Fat Loss.

yourdietanalysis profile image

yourdietanalysis 7 years ago from Denver, CO

Great tips. I totally agree with the suggestion of exercising twice a day. I have tried this myself and notice amazing results. Another suggestion I would like to ad is eliminating dairy from your diet. Dairy is extremely fattening and addictive. Cutting dairy out of ones diet is an amazing way to eliminate belly bloat fairly quickly.

Arvind Leo Pereira 7 years ago

I have heard the same comments from various sources, i think this is right, too much salt is not good for our bodies.

sankar396 7 years ago

i liked it . since it is from a bikini model , it can be 99% true. i would also want you to check my website and my hub. this is a good posting. my cousin's wedding is coming up next month and i am sure this would really help

JPSO138 profile image

JPSO138 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

Very informative and clear. I am sure that many will appreciate the information.

Pretty Model Girl profile image

Pretty Model Girl 7 years ago from Tempe, AZ

Super helpful tips! Thanks for the advice!

theherbivorehippi profile image

theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

Awesome Hub!

gedeputra profile image

gedeputra 6 years ago from jakarta

nice info my friend's..

John 6 years ago

Nice tips indeed

More Valued tips here:

macky_c profile image

macky_c 6 years ago

great tip. i think this is not for models only but to everyone who's trying to loose weight.

Fettverbrennung 6 years ago

Great tips! Working out twice a day may be a little bit hard for working people but all other tips can be followed easily! 6 years ago

I've heard about the salt factor, it is a retainer of water and can also make you bloat. nice hub.

lmonline profile image

lmonline 5 years ago from Brazil

Helpful tips! Thanks for the advice!

Elizabeth 5 years ago

Sounds all about right- I will try to excersice 2 times a day- we will seewhat happen :-)

Blank 5 years ago

I hate mr Polak densest middle school providence rhode island

dheape 4 years ago

Working out twice a day may be a little bit hard for working people but all other tips can be followed easily!

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