Bone Knowing: Acting From Your Gut.

It was a clear black night in Big Sur, and as I sat in the natural hot springs overlooking the Pacific, I felt as though I was floating through thousands of stars above the Milky Way..

During a recent meditation retreat, I re-discovered this peace I longed for. We so often go without it, constantly reaching for our cell phones, the internet, television, something to distract us from ourselves. But it was there that I was forced to face myself; let the broken pieces fall to the ground, and allow the light to shine through the cracks.

Through my journey, I was fortunate enough to collect some wisdom. The base of it comes from 'bone knowing', originally taken from a book about a woman challenged with the decision to marry the man she loves in the face of his terminal cancer. To me, bone knowing became more about the simplicity of trusting your gut. Doing what is right, even if it's scary. But mostly, it is truly understanding that all of the unknown lies within you.

In life, we are faced with decisions. Some as easy as which ice cream flavor to choose. Others as difficult as moving to a new place, changing careers, and following our heart to the one we love. Yet we often make deciding difficult with ideas like 'what if' and 'maybe', forgetting to realize the very small but mighty voice within. Our guts know, and so do our bones.

While on this beautiful trip, I met a wise old lady that could tell I was faced with some of these so called choices. For some reason, I had two seemingly good situations in front of me, and I refused to make up my mind. She said, 'it's funny, you didn't light up when describing either' and 'sometimes indecision is a decision'. Perhaps she was on to something, and the right thing had not yet surfaced? I took that lesson home with me. Within a day, a third option appeared (magically, perhaps?). I felt butterflies in my stomach, my limbs on fire. I knew what to do.

It's true what they say. When you know, you know. And sometimes, it's simply trusting your bones and going for it.

Enjoy this uplifting music by a new favorite band, The Lumineers. Like their name, I hope their songs illuminate your day. Let your broken pieces fall to the ground, and allow the light to shine through the cracks.

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Jamie 4 years ago

Beautiful post

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