Bones To Pick...Truth Unfleshed.

Bones To Pick -Truth Unfleshed.



I sincerely hope that

if they ever happen

to exhume my body,

for whatever reasons granted

and open me up for further study.

There they will find a

vest manuscript of poems

written in the afterlife

and stored in the carcass

of my shed, and useless flesh,

that at long last answers

the puzzle to life after death.

In fact I will insist on this

to whatever spirits greet me,

that after I die,

that I must be allowed to do just that,

and also be allowed to haunt someone,

or many someones

until they press for an exhumation,

under some falsified pretense,

only to successfully discover

what death holds after life.


It's that or ghost writing


which is far too anonymous


for my tastes.








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