Boosting confidence in children- 6 useful tips

First check yourself

To build confidence in your children you must need to have confidence in you that you are right on your path and right in your concepts.

First check yourself then check your child.

Make sure about goals of your child, make sure that what your child need and make sure that what type of response you expect from your child.

First decide what you want to give your child then you have to proceed to other steps for boosting confidence in your child.

It is a reality that flaws in children are 90% inability of their parents, so you have to first acknowledge yourself about the properties of real successful parents.

Make things easy for your children

Give your children a permission to say no

Give your child a space from the early stages to make his/her own comments and views of anything; don’t impose anything on him/her. Don’t make any pressure on your child even of your personality, let him make his own concepts and views to live life, you just have to tell him what is right and convince him by logic and proofs, it helps you from the base in boosting confidence of your children.

If he/she say no to anything or any matter don’t go out of yourself, just try to approach him/her technically, in this modern age difference of generations become more due to fast advancement in the world, so you have to make a difference of parent and child and a friend and companion at the same time but in different situations you have choice how you can handle your child more effectively.

boosting confidence in children tips
boosting confidence in children tips

Don’t say such things to them which you yourself can’t do

I had experienced behavior of parents with child in my research of boosting confidence in child that most of time parents order their children to do something which they are not doing themselves, this difference in behavior of parents with themselves and their children is the basic flaw that start distortion in the child psyche and in the result children start hating their parents and blaming them for their failure in life, they start blaming their parents for their studies, success or any other place where they feel unconfident due to lack of ability or lack of base to set their mind to accept the lack of ability.

This thing force a child to fight with himself, with his parents with everything they interact, this is the thing which makes a child a rebel from his environment.

Encourage your child

The best thing you can do in boosting your child’s confidence is to encourage him/her on his/her good things, even if they are little but encouraging and appreciating your child work, activities, habits and interests works much more then any other thing to build your child confidence.

Appreciate him/her like he/she deserves it, not in the style of giving donation of appreciation. Make him/her feel like that the appreciation is usual for him/her there is nothing special about this type of reward of his/her effort.

Make him feel proud on him/herself on his/her parents on everything he had, that’s the best boosting confidence tip, you ever had but the use of this tip is not as simple as it looks, handle it with care and with your full concentration because it can only work if your child consider it as his payment not his reward or prize.

Criticize the behavior not the child

When parent or any elder criticize the child on any mistake in such a way that the child feel that he/she is bad and never become a good, child feel that he/she is not able for anything and simply a failure in all fields, this creates a great flaw in child’s mind which creates a feeling of inferiority in his/her personality.

To avoid this parents must have to understand that “don’t criticize the children criticize on the behavior, criticize them more logically” so that their mind can accept your point of view about any matter, that’s the quality you have to create in yourself.

Don’t impose your thoughts immediately

If you will try to impose all of your wills on your child, he/she must behave as rebel and become aggressive because you are ignoring his personality, he/she has his own personality and way to understand things because he/she belongs to the next generation and you must have to understand this difference of generations.

Give space to him/her and handle this situations of telling something good and useful to him/her like a wise teacher, try to teach him/her when you find his/her mind in good healthy fresh and acceptable condition, teach him/her good things when child want to listen them, when he/she is neutral. You can also teach boosting confidence tips in this type of situation.

Show interest in school activities of your children

Show interest in everything of your children to build their confidence in you, sometimes you just have to be with your child just as friend and play with him/her, the more your child feel comfortable to be with you and to discuss more things about him/her, the more you will become able to understand why he/she is unconfident and so shy and afraid of challenges of life.

The more you know about your child the more you can deal the matter of boosting confidence in him.

Give privacy to your teenager

Privacy is the need of every person; one must have some place to spend some time with him/herself. One of the most important confidence boosting tips is to give privacy to your children.

You can search on the internet how many children are depressed just due to behavior of their parents and the reason of such depression is that parents are not ready to give some space to their children and make them feel like that they are innocent and don’t know anything, if you want to build your child’s confidence you must have to give respect to his/her privacy because privacy is the right of every child to grow up effectively.

Train them the hard way

Make your child responsible

According to my research, giving your child responsibilities works more effectively then any other tip of boosting confidence. I suggest you to make an experiment and give some responsibilities to him/her like any work in your home, buying something from market all of this give him/her experience and he/she will be able to recognize his potential and abilities, this gives him/her confidence on him/herself.

Everyone know that responsibilities are needed for a person to become more mature and sharp minded and if a child got little responsibilities from the early age he will become more mature and wise then other children of his/her age due to experience.

Give your child opportunity to interact with every type of environment

If you are afraid of the odd environments and people who can change mind of your child then you may be wrong, if you don’t want to let your child go and experience different type of things then you are making your child a coward. It’s not a tip it’s a warning because I have seen many children unconfident just due to that reason.

Don’t do this to your children let them go in different challenging environments, let them help themselves in boosting their confidence but first sit with them and tell them all the right and wrong, with logic or with believe you have to just make them the wise, who at least know what is right and what is wrong then let them go, let them go to hostels, to other places which they love to visit, let them handle their life, let them learn form their mistakes, which they made at such point that you can handle but if they become old as coward they will be of no use to this world nor for themselves.

How to punish them to give them a good lesson

Every child make mistakes and sometimes of such type that he need a lesson for this, good parents are those which give their child a good lesson instead of good punishment, because punishment is just a satisfaction of parent’s anger and is of no use to the child instead work negatively on child’s psychology, the physical punishment is of no use because if you want to change mind of your child and grow him up then use one of the best confidence boosting tip.

Punish his/her mind don’t punish his/her body because body has no concern with child’s mistakes and errors, give him a good lesson train him/her like a soldier so that he can fight for the battle of his confidence, success and survival.

A useful video for boosting confidnece

Child respect

Respect your child’s interests

Respect to your child interests and wants is needed in the processes of boosting his/her confidence, I am not trying to convince you to give him/her all he wants, either its good or bad, cheap or expensive, you just have to give some space to him to tell you his/her desires.

If you think his/her choice isn’t possible to complete, try to convince him by the reasons you know instead of just saying no to him/her.

Let him stand against you and tell you what he/she want

Respect their thoughts

The next stage of boosting your child’s confidence is to respect your child’s thoughts, its next stage because if you know how to deal with desires of your child then you are able to work on this, give him/her a free hand to assemble his/her personality psychologically, give him/her space to assemble his/her thoughts and then refine them with time.

Gradually your child learn from mistakes and follow him/her up secretly and just notify him on the wrong turns, give him/her ability to take decisions. Decision making is very important in boosting confidence tips.

Let him say what he wants to say

What to share with children

Share your problems

You must have to share your problems with them which they can understand, these discussions give them more experience of how to deal with others and also help you to become more frank with them.

Laugh with your child

Laughing and sharing fun with your child work effectively to become more frank to your child and making him/her laugh also works among boosting confidence tips.

Don’t be afraid to say sorry

If you have done something wrong don’t be shy to say sorry to him/her, it is not possible that parents are always right because they are also human.

Give time to your child

Its simple giving more time to your child works more to build his/her confidence because you can make some corrections of your child if your child is with you for a while.

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