Bosley Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Bosley Hair restoration cost
Bosley Hair restoration cost

Hair loss is a tough issue to deal with for both men and women. Non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions such as Propecia and Rogaine typically work well for people with a mild case of thinning hair. But these solutions typically are not as effective for men and women with higher degrees of balding or hair loss. Hair transplant surgery has been successful in restoring hair in completely bald areas. Done right, hair transplants are natural and can't be detected even by your own hair stylist. But the decision to proceed with hair restoration surgery should not be taken lightly. It is very important to research and read a lot about it online and from other resources and consulting with qualified hair transplant surgeons who can best help you meet your hair restoration goals. Thousands and thousands of pages show up in Google for hair transplantation.


Bosley Hair restoration cost details


In this hub, I tried to compile some information on Bosley hair transplantation review and the cost of Bosley's hair restoration procedure. As the demand for hair transplant surgery continues to increase, more and more businesses are being developed that offer hair transplant services. Choosing the best hair transplant organization can seem like an overwhelming process. Bosley is a reputed leader in hair transplantation surgery and procedures and has many informative reviews available on the internet.


How much does the Bosley Hair Transplantation cost?

Bosley hair transplant cost
Bosley hair transplant cost

Cost of Bosley Hair Transplantation

This is a most common question asked by many people who are interested in getting the hair restoration done by Bosley. The cost for a Bosley hair transplant is not disclosed on their website.

Each hair restoration procedure is unique and customized to each patient. So, the costs vary from patient to patient. There is no flat cost to the hair transplantation procedure. Various factors like the amount of your hair loss, the quality of your hair in terms of color, curl and coarseness and the amount of hair you need determine the cost of the transplantation procedure.

While you can pay for it all at once, financing is available from Bosley and they accept most major credit cards.Overall the cost adds up to a few thousands of dollars. One of my coworkers got it done at Bosley, it looks natural and he said hair transplantation cost was around $4000. With the financing, the cost of the hair transplant surgery would be anywhere between $50 a month and $310 a month.

You can request a FREE Bosley guidebook and DVD that will help you calculate the cost of hair transplantation yourself.

There is no cost for this free hair restoration information kit or obligation to you. It only takes a few seconds to order the guidebook. so, why wait? Order now while it is free and calculate the cost yourself right away.

Once you have a general idea of what it is going to cost you, if it is within your budget, you can also set up a FREE meeting with a counselor and review your hair restoration options. In fact, this step is more than free. They run many kinds of promotions from time to time. Just in Aug 2008, they were giving 20000 free DELTA airline miles for meeting up with a counselor.

Bosley has several locations around the world, so there is a good chance there is a local Bosley office near you that you can go to, to determine the cost of your hair transplant more accurately. This free consultation is strictly confidential and places no obligation on you. It will help you make the decision that is best for you.

After you get a quote, it is time to come up with that money. Bosley has made arrangements with a leading provider of elective medical financing, Capital One Healthcare Finance. Their plan provides a convenient way to finance your hair restoration procedure and to assist with managing your out-of-pocket expenses. With the financing it would be anywhere between $50 a month and $310 a month. The payments you make will vary based on the amount you finance and the terms of your loan.

First and foremost step to get your hair back is to get the guidebook and DVD. You should read it and watch the DVD to get as much information as possible and educate yourself of this procedure.

This hair restoration kit has a full color guidebook that explains all about hair transplantation and also an informaton rich DVD on Bosley. It is available for free now and why wait to sign up for it?

Ordering the guidebook only takes a few seconds, so sign up for the free guidebook and DVD at the Bosley official site now while it is still free.

Hair Style
Hair Style

Bosley hair transplantation reviews

You should definitely visit Bosley's official site and read the reviews. Of course, all the reviews that are posted on their site are very impressive. You should also read some of the reviews in Yahoo answers. Bosley claims to have done 200,000 hair transplantation procedures so far.

From what I have read about Bosley hair restoration reviews, most people are satisfied with the procedure and the hair looks natural. Some people have complained that it is not long lasting. Some people feel that it is very expensive.

Hair restoration uses surgical procedures and artistic techniques to create a natural looking restored hairline. Hair transplantation is conducted as an outpatient procedure. During the procedure, hair follicles (also known as grafts) are taken from a donor area at the back and sides of the head and transplanted to thinning and balding areas. "Bosley physicians are trained to artistically perform this procedure in a manner that results in virtually undetectable natural-looking restored hairlines and natural density," states Bosley, on their website. "The techniques and process utilized at Bosley are equally effective in treating hair loss for both men and women."

The average cost of a Bosley hair transplant is at least thousands of dollars. Although conventional medical insurance does not cover hair transplant procedures, Bosley has arranged with Cosmetic Fee Plan, a provider of elective medical financing, to assist with financial arrangements.

Bosley website does not provide published studies or research about their hair transplant procedure, patient safety, or potential side effects.

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creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thanks again for helping people with hair loss problems. blees you. creativeone59

christophallen profile image

christophallen 7 years ago

Interesting. So is Donald Trump a Bosley client? If so, I'm not sure he is a very good advertisement.

Paulo 7 years ago

There is no cure. Deal with it guys. Hey, how about growing a decent personality instead???

Russell 7 years ago

So basically, this procedure is for the rich. And here's a question besides the cost. If you lose your hair, what is to stop the transplants from dieing off like the hair it replaces? Imagine paying thousands of dollars only to have your hair fall out again in several years at a minimum.

Linda 7 years ago

I've read the few comments here--of course on the Bosley site, all are GREAT. Occassionaly--as with everything-- there's going to be a dud. Sad but true-- A face lift can end in DEATH as we've seen on tv, and everyone doesn't think Bald is Beautiful and that a great personality will suffice--you've got to GET THERE (the date) FIRST. I'd like some truthful reviews, pros/cons from the thousands whom have elected hair transplantation over the past 30 yrs. Thanks!

Cecil 6 years ago

I definitely understand what everyone is saying on here and i definitely agree because if the truth is hidden, that does not give people a choice to make a wise decision because everybody can be hard headed or should i say curious at times. Some of the before and after photos i've viewed don't even look real to me but hey i'm just one person. The pros/cons can definitely help people make the right decision because after seeing these comments, hair transplants are not something i want to do anymore. See i was curious because i have been loosing my hair for a long time and i just wanted a change, but i guess i have to just pray on that and leave my hair as is. Research and acceptance is the key people!!!

Hair Needed 6 years ago

Bosley staff is nice. But it takes 8 hours and it is very painful and discomft begins with being scalped alive and 85 stiches and thousands of holes in your head while your awake with no painkillers just local. The local is giving many times, 30 to 50 painful shots in your head. Then the next week sucks, Frankanstein swelling forehead and no shortness of pain and discomfort, then itching but you can't touch it. Lots of money and pain and discomfort, but the best solution to balding out there.

Bosley in Dallas Patient 6 years ago

I did Bosley 5 years ago, I had 2200 grafts and paid $10,000, I was quite pleased with the results. I just had another procedure done 1 week ago with Bosley again, Cost this time was 10K for 2100 grafts. When I first did the procedure 5 years ago the Doctor told me I may need up to 3 procedures to get the thickness I would be satisfied with and I like them being honest with me. I was told by the surgeon this that I may not need another procedure after this one, So time will time if I am happy with my 2nd procedure but based on my past experience I think I will be satisfied. FYI I am male and age 45, I hope this helps someone whom is on the fence about hair translplant surgery, in my opinion it is worth is

Prince 6 years ago

Thank you for your review very very helpful.

Bobby 6 years ago

Bosley lies about the results. i had 2800 grafts done in Chicago by Dr Terrence O'Hair which cost about 12,000$ two years ago. It was very painful and I look no different than I did before going to Bosley. I feel embarrassed and ashamed I fell for such a scam.

bob  6 years ago

i went to bosley 15 month ago in troy mi. 12...'500. later i dont think it was worth it. my scare is there yet it itches. some what dissapointed i wish they would of made it write.

Vince 6 years ago

IM 16 and ive been losing hair since the age of

13 im very insecure about my head i dont even go to school cause im embarrased of what will be said i go out every weekend and have fun and live life but everyday i where a hat and im tired of it so im wondering is there any way id be able to reverse the affects of hairloss by qoinq to bosley?

tim 6 years ago

embrace your hairloss, guys. i've been going bald since i was 22'ish. at 26 i finally shaved my head with an electric hair cutter with zero guard. i used to be scared of being bald, but i got used it quickly and actually now prefer it (growing my hair out again with my thinning crown) to having hair. no combing, no fixing my hair after having the windows down in a car ride, never worried if my hair is f'd up. it really is great. embrace, guys, you may end up loving the bald.

me 6 years ago

its so easy for men but for women what would we look like shaving our heads? gi jane?

joe 6 years ago

Hey everyone,- first I want to say I sympathize with all of you,-losing your hair, espescially at a young age is horrifying, not to mention and especially if your a gal, it must be devastating! I must say, that I have been to Bosley over ten years ago, and I still have the hair! so it has worked for me,-I think that it would be a good idea if you are not happy and suffering by you hair loss. -But it is costly!

Shawn Dee 6 years ago

Was searching Bosley and came up with this site. I just had surgery done in Chicago 24 hours ago so I thought I'd leave some comments. I'm 28 years old with mild hair loss and looking to improve the front hairline and thinning so I got 1,800 grafts done. First let me so I hate needles, shots, have no tattoos--so I was nervous and my adrenaline was pumping! With that being said, I think you'd have to be a coward to say it's extremely painful. The day is broken done into the 3 phases--removing from the donor area, setting spots for new hair, then placing grafts in those spots. Before they begin removing from the back they gave me some pills to calm down and a shot in the arm--I hate shots and I didn't even know she was done it was so light. Then they numbed the back of my head--took prolly 20 seconds and was just repeated pokes in the back--was not bad at all--as a matter of fact after that I completely calmed down cause I thought this isn't so bad. During the removal didn't feel anything at all, completely numb, took prolly 30 min. Then they separated the grafts-took about an hour, I just watched a movie. Then they numbed the front--same as the back, took prolly 30 seconds, mild pokes, wasn't bad. Completely numb while he picked the spots for the grafts-took prolly 45 minutes. Completely numb while 2 nurses inserted, took prolly 3 hours--I just watched a movie and joked with the nurses. At the end my meds from the back were starting to wear off so I did get sore, but they numbed me again--nothing unbearable though. Then boom I was done--was there from 7am to 3:30pm. That night, yes I was sore and a little pain, but I was late taking my medication and once I did I was fine. Today sore but not bad at all. So I can't speak for results yet, but as for the procedure--was not bad at all!--first day after not bad at all! I had my wisdom teeth out last year and was much more painful after the procedure. And has for the staff--AMAZING, Dr. O'Hare-Great! Now I may be in complete pain the rest of the week after writing this and may see no results, but as of right now about 30 hours after the procedure, from the bottom of my heart, this 'i hate needles and almost pass out thinking of them' kid is saying thumbs up so far! I know I was very nervous about this whole process and who to believe, so if you have more questions I'd be glad to answer...

sean h 6 years ago

hey shawn thank you for the detailed review of your procedure. it definitely eased my discomfort. i just scheduled a free bosley consultation so im about to approach step 1 of this whole hair restoration procedure. what are the results looking like for you right now? i believe its been over a week, are you happy about your results or is it too soon to tell?

mitch m 6 years ago

I had a Bosley procedure a year ago and am generally happy with it. I've read through all the comments here and see a couple items missing that happened to me and anyone considering should be aware of. First, they can only get the hair so thick with one procedure. The people you see in their ads have probably had 4 procedures done which would equate to $48,000. Secondly, I experienced more 'shock loss' than I was told to expect. I lost quite a bit of my existing thinning hair and it didn't grow back. So, the procedure turns out to be a 2 steps forward one step type of thing....

Mateo 6 years ago

I've gotten 2 procedures done, and i'm ready for another one. Not because i regret the first 2, but because i'm astonished at the first 2. I can't imagine my life without having done the 2 procedures. The first one was awesome, when i was 24, then i felt i had to have another one done, at age 28. Just because you put hair in, doesn't mean the hair that was already there won't fall out. It will. If it was intended to fall out, like mine is/was. Now i'm 33. It's time for another one. I'm excited! Honestly, if i hadn't got the first 2 procedures done, i'd be living the life of a bald shaved head guy. Not ready to go to that anytime soon.

Justin 6 years ago

Thanks for all the comments and reviews. It helped me make my choice. I have an appointment for Tuesday in Atlanta, GA. Im 21 been seeing some air loss since i was 18. I was classified as a 2a-3 on there charts. Im having 1400 grafts but into place. Ill keep an update going for anyone who is interested. Ill updated the day after the procedure to let yall know a little bit about more about how my experience went.

bigt 6 years ago

thanks Justin, looking forward to hearing your update

mamas lil girl 6 years ago

JUSTIN GA (2A-3) will you pleas post a pricing later on when you get your 1400 grafts. i am looking into this for my mother and would like a few price quotes on others before i put this as an option for her.

Snoop Dawwg 6 years ago

I'm getting 1400 grafts done and was charged almost $7200.00. Kinda nervious about the outcome and having second thoughts. They told me about the chart and the doctor said I'm like a 2 to 3 and he said I'm a perfect canidate for the surgery. Anyway I just hope they fix my lil problem and not mess up my hair. I'm just a lil nervous....

richad 6 years ago

Fue Hair Transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving skin containing hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness, whereby grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to bald scalp.

Jusin 6 years ago

Hey yall, this is my follow through. I got the procedure done yesterday if you read my following post. First of all just to let yall know the staff was awesome everyone was so nice and very willing to answer and questions you had. Here is how my day went at bosly in Atlanta , GA. Arrived at 7:15 they walked me to a private room with a couch and a tv, kind of like you own personal waiting room. About 8 o'clock the nurse came into explain the procedure again and you have a chance to ask any questions. Around the same time some comes to discuse payment options and finacing. About 9 o'clock you meet the doctor for the first time. He discues a few things with you then takes a pincel and draws where he is wanting the grafts to go. After he is finished you walked ot the room where the procedure takes place. You sit and the chair while they get you ready. You are givin some Diazapam (Valium) to calm your nerves along with some antibiotics and pain meds. After the meds have taking affect the nurses gives you Versed (IM). This makes you kind of loopy and very tired. They made sure i couldn't feel anything and started taking what they needed from the donor area. I COULDN'T FEEL A THING. i acaully had a long ride there really in the morning so i feel asleep. I woke up to them putting the stiches in. After a few mins i closed my eyes and feel back asleep. woke up with they nurses behind me seporating the hairs from the follicles under the microscopes. this proceses takes a few hours so they ordered me lunch so i ate and watched tv. Once they where finished they they numbed the top of my head with 1% lidocain and Epi Mix. If your allergic to cain drugs there are other things that can me used. Once i was number the doctor comes in and makes his marks where the grafts are going. They told me at any time i felt dis comfort tell them and they could numb me a little more. Only once did i feel anything and they were very quick to numb me back. That process with the dr take about an hour. Aftert that they Nurses come back in and place each individual graft by had, this took a few hours. But your allowed to watch TV or Movies. I just sat there and joked with they nurses. I cant say much for the results because its only been like 15 hours but so much as the staff and process i give it a 10/10. If you thought this was (very painful) you prolly need to grow a pair. I acually got lucky and i filled in on a cancelation so i got each graft at $ 4.75. With the grafts and the post-op kit and the meds they send you home with i payed right at 7000. Sorry for anything that doesn't make sense or misspelled im kind of drowys form the pain meds i took this morning. Any more questions please ask im more thatn willing to answer. Hope this helps anyone. i would recommend it

Justin 6 years ago

Btw I completely misspelled my name, i blame the vicodin

DanR 6 years ago

Besides the per graft charge, what are the extra charges (medical, surgical, drugs etc). Thanks.

Justin 6 years ago

im thinking it was 425 for the Post op kit and Meds

charry 6 years ago

Hair Restoration is a surgical technique that involves moving skin containing hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness, whereby grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to bald scalp.

mike 6 years ago

Thanks all for such informative comments here. I almost went for this thing before I read this page. My dad is bald and so will I be. No butchering of my head.

derekf 6 years ago

Um... I was totally interested until this site. I really don't want to go bald, but reading all the comments made me think bosley has people leaving comments here. If you read them all, some of the comments are repeated or close to, word for word. I'm gonna try and find people who have had it done in real life, not on the internet. I was just concerned about money but this site made me think bosley is the hair equivelent of the newest ab machine that will make you a model. The internet is awsome, but it has made me more paranoid of peoples word. Bummer.

phil 6 years ago

Hey Everybody,

2nd operation did 2.5 months ago. I have a lot of hair or rather had a lot of hair. Very thick in the back, but I was starting to thin up top and bald spot growing on crown. But the first operation was to lower my frontal hairline. I always had a high hairline, which I never liked. After the procedure I was very happy. But here's the thing. They spread your donor hair so that it doesn't appear patchy. when making the incisions all over there is a thing called Shock fall out. I was happy with my hairline, but it appeared that I had less hair in the typical balding areas, front and crown. At first I didn't make any connection with the procedure because I was naturally losing hair there anyway. So I have gone for the second procedure to thicken my front and fix my crown.

2.5 months after 2nd procedure. I am worried now. I know my growth won't really start kicking in until 3/4 months after wards. BUT a lot of hair was lost and I am thinking once the hair implants grown in it will still look THINNER in areas that WEREN'T an issue to me before.

What I am saying is these procedures do work in the sense of giving you new hair that will forever grow, but you could be damaging a lot of the hair you have and thinning it even more.

My suggestion to those that have a lot of hair in some places and starting to bald in the crown area or frontal areas is try propecia first. Better yet get on propecia to STRENGTHEN the existing hairs and then get a procedure done. They say that the shock loss is on hair that was weak and was going to fall out anyway. So my theory is get on propecia to help keep the hair you have.

Now depending on things I am up in the air about getting a third operation. It's almost as if once you start down this path they have you hooked for several operations because you don't realize that you are losing a lot of hair because of the operations. It's almost as if they have to replace all your hair to get it right.

If you are very bald then this comment doesn't really apply too you. It's just people that have some balding or thinning that I would suggest propecia only or propecia for several months before getting an operation and staying on it.

At 2.5 months I still don't really know the results by the way of operation 2. It will be another month or 2 before things start really kicking in .... I hope.

Rich 6 years ago

I had the Bosley hair procedure done about 11 years ago. I think it was around 2000 grafts, but can't remember for sure. It was probably one of the most painful procedures I've gone through, and the mild pain killers they gave me for the next few days did not relieve the pain much at all. Ask for good painkillers, fist of all. The results? My scalp took about 9-12 months to fully heal, and the hair grew kind of funny for the first year and a half. After that, it grew similar to the surrounding hair and now looks perfectly natural. I am pleased with the results and considering doing it again. The only thing really making me hesitate is the pain! I suppose if you take some valium or other pain killers before the treatment, you might do ok. The shots they give you in your scalp feel worse than hornet stings, let me tell you. I can't believe they haven't made any real advances in the last 15 years, but apparently from what I'm reading in the testimonials, they haven't. My transplanted hair now looks like the rest of my hair, and my girlfriends and work mates can't tell I've had anything done. In fact, I've joked with my girlfriend that I had a hair transplant and she's said "yeah, right". So she can't tell. The recovery from the pain and itching scalp took maybe 3-4 weeks. If you can gut it through, it's worth it.

Phil 6 years ago

I commented above Rich's Comment. My hair is visibly growing now, but only 3 weeks since last comment.

I wanted to give my own view on what Rich above stated.

- Only the people I tell or knew about my operation know I had anything done. They have learned there lessons from the past as far as the incisions. I guess it matters on the doctor but there is definitely an art too it. So don't go to a new office.

- As far as Pain, I agree with Rich. During the procedure I was fine, but shortly after the procedure... OH BOY, prepare to try and knock yourself out. I think that was bad for like a couple days then bareable. Once again everyone is diff on the pain threshold, but Rich is right it hurts after. Actually I just reread Rich's comment about the the shots/needles, and that gives me shivers thinking about it. During the operation I was fine.

6 years ago

Great to read all these comments, as I'm running out of options regarding my thinning hair, & lately it's consuming my thoughts & affecting my psyche. I'm cutting it shorter & shorter, getting it "frosted" every now and then to break up the dark hair vs white skin contrast, tried all the creams, vitamins, minerals, shampoos, etc but as I start looking at photographs & from comments and the direction of people's eyes that I haven't seen in a while, my baldness is progressively getting worse, faster, & started at my forehead & is now creeping across the entire crown.

I completely subscribe to the fact that "hair does not make the man", but the facts are I'm relatively old (39) to be starting a new career, which Im good at, but is very "personal" & involves gaining trust & facilitating enthusiasm, I have been at this for 2 years & have witnessed personally how older (actual & looking) colleagues are relegated into roles of support, but that younger, healthier (actual & looking) colleagues are the ones moving ahead, this is career-wide, not relegated to any particular company - sad, but true. Likewise, Im recently divorced & back on the dating scene, & my options are limited (hat or clipped close)& lets face it, it helps to be at your best, attitude & appearance. And finally, I dont have a "good head" to go for the shaved, or even close clipped look, as a serious of accidents have left my scalp (previously hidden by hair)scarred & lumpy, I also have a high forehead.

So I'm seriously considering getting this hair transplant surgery done, by either Bosley, or Hair Club - any opinions on which is better & why?

Also, I have a pretty good handle (from these comments)on the price & the procedure, but I would like to hear for how long AFTER the procedure can you tell you've had the surgery? I mean Ive seen photos of all the redness, the holes, etc, so I would plan on taking some time off from work & staying out of sight to heal, but I'd like to hear how long should I plan on being "out", before I can confidently go back to work, school, stuff like that without wearing a full head cover?

Also, I read that one of you suggested applying Propecia for the months before the procedure, has any one heard of a doctor recommending this as well? Just wondering if it would interfere or make the fallout better/worse?

Thanks for all the comments/suggestions. Keep em coming!

Jay 6 years ago

Just had my 3rd procedure done this week, and i have to say that i think they've come a ways when it comes to post surgery care because my first 2, i remember having lots more pain post op, as well as some pretty serious itching issues, but this time around, with this new post op kit they have, things have been much easier. A few people have already given good descriptions of a typical "day in the office" so to speak, so i wont go into detail there, but for those of you who are afraid of the pain, id say it really depends on the individual. Some people are definitely more sensitive than others, but i haven't found the pain to be anything worse than discomfort really. I guess my first night, after the numbness dies down, was kinda painful trying to sleep on it, but other than that, as long as i wasn't laying down, it was nothing. After the first night or 2, the pain is pretty minimal (though still noticable since you just had a piece of your scalp cut out).

The procedure itself is painless though. I slept through about half of it since those pills hit me pretty hard. Oh, and one last comment in response to those guys complaining about still losing more hair later... of course you're going to lose more hair. Most men with male pattern baldness dont just stop losing their hair, so while you wont lose your implants, you WILL lose more hair in the future. If you didn't get the implants, you'd just be that much more bald. If i hadn't had my 3 procedures, id be as bald as my father at this point (which is basically a circular bit of hair around the head, and everything else being bald), but as it is, i look like im just starting to recede in front, and everything else is pretty well filled in. So if i were to grade my happiness with my transplants, id give it a solid A. It'd get an A+ if it were a little less expensive :P Ive always waited to get my procedures done when i get their little coupons in the mail where you get 3600 grafts for 800 dollars. I find that to be pretty reasonable compared to some of the prices others have quoted. Of course, now you also have the post op kit which costs another 500 bucks though, but now that ive tried it for the first time, i think it's worth it just for the reduction in itching! Supposedly helps the grafts scab off quicker too, so we'll see.

Jay 6 years ago

Obviously mistyped in my previous post on the cost (oops). The coupons are 800 grafts for 3600 dollars, not the other way around! (cant blame a guy for dreaming)

Sheepinstein 6 years ago

I know chicks that like bald guys. I also don't judge women that are going bald. I think if people weren't so judgmental the world would be a better place. Please stop judging people by their genetics! Judge them by things they can help, like being ignorant or shallow. Why pay 12,000+ dollars for hair? The Bosley doctor will be the one with all the chicks! Thank you.

deez 6 years ago

Im 16 and i have a bald spot on the back of my head and in the front of my head i dnt have much hair, i get so embarassed and im always fixing my hair and its embarasssing when people make jokes, i cant afford bosley what should i do? someone please solve my problem.

To Deez: 6 years ago

I had the same problem. Try out a product called Nioxin. It's a shampoo and conditioner. There are 8 types I believe and I use #1. It thickens your remaining hair regrows recently lost hair by removing DHT. I started going bald when I was 16. I got Nioxin when I was 17, my hairline came back for a while. I'm 20 now and my hairline is receding again, but much more slowly. I hope this helps you.

Women'sHairLoss profile image

Women'sHairLoss 6 years ago from Massachusetts

Good information about Bosley hair restoration treatments.

Your readers may also be interested in checking out my related hubs... about my personal experience receiving a hair transplant.

Keep on hubbing!

Andy 6 years ago

For those that have theirs done, may I ask what's the average price for hair restoration? Or the price depends on the procedure. I may consider Bosley or HairClub. Thanks everyone for the comments. It's very helpful.

April 6 years ago

weird question but has anyone done the Bosley Revive and had strange side effects? No one from Bosley will answer my question and told me I had to meet with them but that won't be until 2 weeks. Very strange things going on, and I wonder does this stuff go into the blood stream??

Brian 6 years ago

just went in for my first time and everyone wants to get the most graphs possible rite?? 2400 she said is the most they would go the first time no more then 2800 to 3000 graphs witch means up to 2 to 5 hairs grow per graph.. $12.000 I would say its worth it if your starting to lose your hair.. after the first procedure you will not see any results for about 6 months.. after 9/10 months you should see everything, but honestly tou would probly need another one after the first one is payed off... goodluck

David 6 years ago

Hair transplant really do work. Just take your time to locate a good surgeon. There are lots our there, but still plenty of bad ones as well. Make sure you see real patient results and don't just judge the surgeon on photos or videos.

DRB 6 years ago

Just had my 1st transplant with Bosley. I still have pretty good hair coverage, but wanted to fill in + to conver for future loss. In the beginning, it was hard for me to get the courage up to call bosley to discuss this topic, so I did my research up front (various web forums). I guess I weighed the pro's and con's and (pro's one). I discussed it with my wife, she supported me (which is what helped me build the confidence to do it). I met with the consultant (he also is a client), which was good to see (I actually was jealous of his hair :).) I guess that helped me, knowing it had worked (real client). I also understood I wasn't going to have the hair I had when I was younger, now I'm 45. I went with 1500 grafts($11K). Like most reports above, very orgnanized procedure, medicine, map area/1500 holes in your head :), scrape out donor, graft count, fill in holes. I was somewhat shocked the 1st mirror review (redness - like road rash). But, they do provide a nice hat to wear home though. Day 2, I used the pour system to wash my hair vs shower head , not scalp/graft contact is VERY imporant. I would say be prepared 7-10 days to get back to normal(unless you don't care visible scabs or plenty of coverage). on the 7th day I could wash my hair (really helped in the healing + solutions (graftcyte) spray (7 days, I found it best if you have hair to spray up front and let it roll back to cover scalp vs spray directly (sticks to hair (lesson learned)), this way you don't have to touch the area/grafts). The healing kit also has pads (1-3 days)this helps to strength/heal. After 7 days back to normal (rogaine). I also started taking Procebia (they provide you a 12 prescription).. not cheap though (about $75 per month). But why not :). I went to work on 8th day. (recommend having it on Thur or Friday to gain weekend recovery days). Actually at work, no one noticed but had a few looks.. Now just time, wait and see. I go back in 8months, already started thinking about #2 and how I would plan it.

ftj 6 years ago

I just had my 3rd procedure, pain is quite bearable as they use a vibrater/massager when they inject you with the numbing needles the areas being worked on. Yes lots of pricks, but its mind over matter, just watch tv and don't think about it. Trick to avoiding after surgery pain is gel ice pack. I have a shoulder gel pack that I used so the flaps can wrap around 3/4 of my head at a time. I ice the stitched area first then move around to forhead and each time the flaps cover the sides. I did this about 5 times the night of surgery, once in the middle of the night and then 15 times the follwing day followed by 5 times a day for the next 3-4 days. 48 hours after surgery of icing and vicodin and there is just dull pain and no swelling with that regimine. After my first surgery I had swelling right down into the corners of my eyes on day 5 because I didn't ice enough. After second surgery, more icing this time, day 2 had swelling around left ear side of face a little, but only because I went back to work and ddin't ice all day until I got home. After 3rd surgery same deal had second day little swelling down left side ear of face only because I went to work again after day 2, As soon as i got home iced it and no more swelling from then on. The swelling never got beyond 2 inches from the worked on areas with continued icing. The gel pack is perfect because it only last 20 minutes and then gets cold again in 45 minute to hour so you can do again. Plan on watching tv all day in a recliner while doing this it makes the recovery time 2-3 days and the scar heals much quicker. I went to get the stitches out in 13 days after 2nd procedure and the stitches were hard to get out because I had healed to quick after 2nd procedure. I went in 3 days earlier(10 days) for the 3rd procedure so they came out easier. I told Bosley they need to tell people this gel pack thing it makes the whole recovery very short. For the record I am a 5A bald pattern and just added another 1575 grafts to end at 5200 total and I currently have 90 percent scalp coverage and 10 light in the back after 2 procedures. They 3rd has filled in the rest in the back and has focused on increasing the density of the remaining covered areas. I wear a hat everyday to work and have not shown anybody the results until recently and had nothing but compliments with the 3rd procedure yet to grow in. I went 11 months between procedures so you can get 3 done in less than 2 years. 2 years 8 montns for the final growth results. You hair takes 9-12 months to grow in dense, even though it comes in after 5-6 months, it thickens and soften in the 1 year and after time frame. If you start down this path, plan on doing 3 procedures, its like playing texas holdem, once you got most of your money into the pot after 2 procedures, you don't just fold your hand, you have to go all in or else you won't be happy with just 1 or even 2 procedures. I went to DR lorenze in Atlanta, he is very qualified and Bosley is the most highly recommended in this business since they founded this procedure and have had the most time to train and perfect it. The hair replacement process at Bosley is garenteed, it says it right on your paper work. 85% minimum of the grafts take hold and will grow for the rest of your life. The 70 year old bald guys with a full head of hair around their lower half is the hair they put in your bald area, its not the area that's causing the baldness its the hairs in that area. Place bald resistant hair in a bald area and it grows there for a lifetime. That's why they garentee this process. Its not the balding area its the hair that's genetically challenged.

chopper man 6 years ago

I just had my second procedure done fellas. Very satisfied would highly recommend it to anyone. Do it early before all your hair falls out. That's it! Go for it!

Mike in east Cobb 6 years ago

I had my hair done in 2001. The numbing was the hardest part but I have read that they have a "numbing"massager thingy that does that now. I STILL have ALL the hair I started out with 10 years ago. I had 2400 graphs over 2 sessions. It was the BEST $$ I have ever spent. I am Short (5ft2) so being short AND BALD...NOT GOOD ! I have a GREAT hairline. I am VERY HAPPY with Bosley !

Vince 6 years ago

I want to thank all of you for your comments. after reading what you've had to say, i've made my decision not to proceed. i'm 50 yrs old and disinterested in this barbaric process that hasn't changed a bit since i first explored this over ten years ago.

Julie 6 years ago

My husband had an appointment to have Bosley "fix" his hairline. After reading these comments, we will be cancelling the appointment. It seems really shady to me that they proclaim that there is "minimal" pain and that scarring is "invisible" after 6 months. The other shady thing that I have noticed is that anyone who is saying that Bosley is awesome, explains the entire procedure and makes sure to add in little positive points throughout... almost like they are marketing for Bosley. Interesting, don't you think? What a bunch of junk! I think we will try out propecia and see how that goes. Thanks, everyone.

Skullpeeler  6 years ago

This site is rigged, for every bad review , Bosley has someone write 5 good reviews right after and than even then they only change up the wording slightly. Geez , and the price.. Do t k ow about you, but as an average American working man. It's really stupid to spend that mu h money on something more than 50% of patients aren't satisfied with. Rather shave my head and use the money to buy a new car, truck or bike.. My hair has been thinning over the last 5 years, wanted to see how much it would cost so I came across this site. It's not really that big of a deal guys. Shave your head, get a new look for Absolutely free. Called a pair of clippers! I've read most of the reviews On here and I have to say. Bosley must be losing clients if they have to keep posting fake reviews( slightly changed) and the best advise I have for women. Is wear a wig, how awsome is that , to have a different hair style color and length. In about the time it takes to pull one off. And put another one on

Med.Com. 5 years ago

My first hair transplanted grafts were done in 2009 by Medical Hair Restoration which has now been bought-out by Bosley. The first procedure went well. I experienced very little pain and hardly any swelling to forehead. The procedure costed $7,488.00 at 1,867 grafts. I can't remember exactly, but the back to work time was approximately a week. I continued wearing a hat and about 3 months I could see a vast difference in new hair growth. My co-workers could see the difference and wondered what was going on. I was very pleased with the results, so in 2011 I went to Bosley for a second procedure. This time the procedure pain was more noticible and there was a great deal of swelling. I told my wife "I am not a monster":) My recovery time is taking a lot longer than the first time, but if the results are good as the first would be worth it. Bosley was more expensive at $6,200.00 for 1300 grafts and that was supposedly a deal. If you are thinking about the procedure..."you've got to pay to play".

gman 5 years ago

Man I cant believe these prices for hair restoration. I cant afford this, 5000.7000. 12000. Bosley must have lost his mind

Ed 5 years ago

I just scheduled an appointment for the procedure. I was able to fill in on a cancellation so my total cost for 1200 grafts will be $8,045. I was also given a prescription for Propecia. I'm trying to get this done at its early stages which the Bosley people are telling me the procedure plus the use of propecia to stop the current hair from falling out should be all I need. I expected them to tell me it may require future treatments. The reason I decided to go ahead was in the begining they said I could probably be ok without the procedure and just using the shampoos and propecia. This didn't seem like the tactic of a company that just wanted to sell me an $8000 procedure I didn't need. They were very upfront about being able to stop the hair loss without surgery. I was the one who stated I wanted to add more hair to my receeding hairline. I may be throwing good money away but after using Nioxin, Revivogen and a few others I estimate that over the last 8 years I've spent about 4 to 5 thousand. My appointment is this Tuesday so I'll keep everyone posted. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Tim 5 years ago

I am considering this procedure. Have any afro americans ever had this done and what was your results due to the different texture in hair.

full lace wigs 5 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Ed 5 years ago

I just got home from my procedure. It was from 7:30 am until 4 p.m. Up front I have to say it was easier than the root canal I had done a few months ago. To start, the numbing procedure wasn't that bad. I think the dentist numbing is worse. They let it tak affect and started. I didn't feel a thing as they were removong the donor hair from the back and stiching me up. I opted for the stiched that disolve on their own even though it added an extra week to getting them out. After that they flipped me over and while 3 technicians worked on separating the grafts the doctor starting making the areas where they would go. When he was done they started implanting. This went on for a few hours until lunch at 12:00 p.m. In they morning they took my order for lunch so it was waiting there in the room for me. After lunch it was back in the chair for the rest of the grafts. Now that I'm looking at where the gratfs are I'm so glad i did this. My hair line is now at the same place it was when I was in high school. The recover period is probably going to be a little tough but I'm happy I did it. I go back to work tomorrow and the best thing is it's OK for me to wear a baseball cap so no one will see. Like i said in my last vpost. If you have have any questions I'll do my best to answer based on my procedure. By the way I had mine done at the San Diego office.

Ed 5 years ago

It's now 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. I woke up and can feel some soreness at the back of my head. I just took the pain meds and I'm getting ready for work. I have a follow up appoint ment at 1p.m. so the Bosley team can show me how to wash my hair until everything heals. The goods new is I slept like a baby last night thanks to the Ambien they gave me. 3 pills, one for the first 3 nights.

Ed 5 years ago

It's now Thursday morning. My head is starting to swell a little but I've been using ice packs for the last couple of days which has helped. I didn't take any pain meds last night and I actually feel OK this morning. I'll be attempting my first hair wash on my own, it seems fairly easy. Can't wait for this week to be drinking while you're on the meds.

JohnLV 5 years ago

This is the best site for information concerning Bosley. I'm still on the fence concerning whether or not to do it. I do appreciate all the great information from everyone.

Ed 5 years ago

It's now day 14. All of the scars and crusty stuff have fallen off. My head feels normal (except for the stiches in the back of my head). I'm washing my hair normally and have started running again. I still have a week to go with the stiches since I opted for the disolvable ones. If I had gone with the regular stitches they would be getting removed today.

lolo  5 years ago

Can someone that live in chicago area (female) email me I need to see the procedure before I make a decision. Thanks.

Mark 5 years ago

Showing that horrid hair (?) of Donald Trump tells me RUN...not walk away from Bosley. Terrifying, at the least!

average 5 years ago

I called about this information booklet for my bf and now im regretting it. I didn't realize it was surgery! he's just thininng and i wanted to help. Eventually he will be bald bc his dad is... do they still do the hair thing if he's not bald yet?

Audobonpoe 5 years ago

For the people who say "Bald because of dad..." it's not a gene on the father's side, it's on the mother's side. So, if you're going to be fatalistic, at least look at the right side of the family.

It's true the sales team is slick, but i looked at the consultant's hair it and it was the truth. The guy had an armenian last name, and so was a serious candidate for that "mediterranean" baldness, but his coif was flawless.

I went to the beverly hills office, and had dr . deutsch, who enjoys a great reputation.

If you can't handle the pain, i'm sorry, i cause more damage to myself with mysterious drunken injuries. I slept/nodded along for the whole day on valium, and haven't used any of the Ibuprofen or vicodin in the days since. I'm thinking i might just sell the vicodin to recoup some of the cost. I payed a total of 8500 for 1800 grafts (including the 500 "healing kit" which i barely used... I cant sit around holding wetnaps on my dome all day) My credit is boo boo so i paid in cash. I really wanted that 24 month interest free financing. IF your credit is good, take that option, and if it doesn't work out for you stop paying and you're golden.

I'm about 10 days in, most of the soreness of the scar has left and the front graft areas feel fine. I suffer from dandruff, and although my scalp is in fact numb as i was warned it would be, it's an advantage in that i don't feel how itchy it probably would be.

My biggest concern is the "shock loss" and further recession of my hairline. I don't see anyone here who has given a comforting review about hairline procedures. I have hair over two feet long, although my always high hairline crept back significantly after a 9 month stay in LA county jail. Whether it was stress or malnutrition or genetics i don't know, but i'm not a patient person and am annoyed about the 5-8 month waiting period for the graft hairs to fall out and then regrow. Plus they have a loooooong time to go to catch up with the rest of this bird's nest.

In a nutshell, don't let the "pain" scare you off. It hurts to be beautiful, but not that much if it's only hair loss making you ugly. If you are a very active person and can't take 10-13 days off of lifting/running/whatever, then hopefully your muscles and cardiovascular fitness will compensate for your thinning hair.

Also, the prices are too high, but make sure you negotiate! It's like buying jewelry or other shady stuff, where they pull "discounts" out of their rear ends. Also, if you finance over two years and the dollar collapses, you can pay them back with worthless currency. I just hope someone with hairline issues can post a 6-12 month review as that's what i would like to see. Thanks and good luck.

5 years ago

9. Luckily for me AHS opened up nearby my house at Delhi and I went to advanced hair studio and got the complete consultation about the entire thing from them and got done laser therapy and surgery. It’s good. After going to so many places and studying about it, I would suggest than you can go with advance hair studio.

cool boy 5 years ago

That’s true . You would be advised to take homeopathic, some allopathic, some doctors suggested to get transplant done. And we have to just go round and round and round.

nj 5 years ago

I am facing continous hair loss problems for last 5 years now. Tried many brands who claim to have the perfect remedies but nothing seems to be working. If you have any suggestions then do fill me in .. Venkat from Chennai.

cool_guy 5 years ago

I am a who is experiencing hair loss for the last two years. A few months ago, I've been on the verge of losing my patience in searching for the right hair loss treatment that would help me fight my worsening hair loss condition. Fortunately, I came across Advanced Hair Studio and made it a point to visit them.

5 years ago

The treatment including the products seems to be working right now. I hope that by the time I finish the course in the next 2 months, I hope to leave AHS as a very satisfied customer.

jems 5 years ago

My hair became so thin and it got to the point where I had no confidence at all & was always conscious about my hair & what people would say when they looked at me. The worst part for a woman is you just can’t style them in any way. At this point I started researching into a hair restoration sites.

ak 5 years ago

Been with advanced hair studio for 8 months. The first weeks were very frustrating as I was only told to be Patient. For the first 8 weeks of using the medication and re-growth products I didn’t notice any difference then the following 6 weeks made a big difference and my hair is considerably thicker !

open 5 years ago

You would not believe.. I had completely shut myself down from the world. No more socializing, parties, meeting people as one fine morning I could see my greentop gone !!!for ever!!! Believe me brother. You have made my day !!! and if it works then I would also say Yeah Yeah to Advanced hair… I eagerly wait to meet the team at bengaluru now !!!

ac 5 years ago

And I also feel that the Strand by Strand Hair transplant techniques surgical as well as non surgical are some patented technologies which has benefited a lot of our clients internationally as well as nationally . So based on our Cranial state , the follicles would be made DHT immune much better.

ramu thapa 5 years ago

I am loosing my hair since 2002. Every morning when I wake up I see my hair on my pillow. Whenever I look into the mirror I get depressed.I do not go to any functions, parties or any get togathers just due to lack of confidence in me. Have tried so many remedies in the past. I guess I have to check out AHS Once.

vicky 5 years ago

Consultant at AHS recommended me laser and surgery treatments.I am taking their laser treatment since last seven months and have noticed that getting my hair denced and thick.At the end of the tharapy that is after ten months iI am planning to go for surgery also.I would like to thank my frind to show me the right way.

johny 5 years ago

At AHS I did not experience much discomfort during the procedure and I was well looked by their dedicated client relations people. After 9 months I was totally amazed at my results, my hairline was so dense & full & those who I told about my procedure were just amazed at how good my hair now looked - looking at my before photos after 9 months of having my procedure, I couldn’t believe how different I now looked - I could not of been any happier.

manish 5 years ago

I had taken the treatment from Dr Batra for more than 8 years for hair loss. They had always been assuring that hair loss will stop. But No Result. In the process I kept losing hair. After spending thousands of Rs., ZERO result. Justification from their doctors: if some hair has to fall it will fall & they can only delay.. Please DO NOT fall in their trap

James 5 years ago

Is there any afican american out there that have had this procedure done???? And did it work?any pictures

jasmin 5 years ago

“I have just finished my 11 months of treatment at Advanced hair studio, and I am very pleased to say that my experience was great, my hair looks and feels great plus the service and care at the studio is wonderful. Thank you.

bhavin 5 years ago

The Stylish are doing an excellent job over here, My hair is looking good. Altogether I am happy I have chosen Advanced Hair Studio.

ri 5 years ago

Consultant at AHS recommended me laser and surgery treatments.I am taking their laser treatment since last seven months and have noticed that getting my hair denced and thick.At the end of the tharapy that is after ten months iI am planning to go for surgery also.I would like to thank my frind to show me the right way.

am 5 years ago

I have allopesia and I have lost my 100% hair from whole of my body.Went to Advanced hair studio and they advised me for cosmetic replacement. I never wanted to go for wigs or weaving.

man 5 years ago

I've been using laser therapy at AHS. The medication, formula, shampoo, serum etc. When I started program, my hairline was thinning. When during the procedure, there may be two or three months of little change and followed by dramatic improvements. Since using it, my hairline had widened in the front and it has thickened in thin spots. The treatment is very user friendly. Guess You do need to have patience with this product and use it for a while to see results, and results are slow but progressive. I highly recommend advanced laser therapy.

thanks 5 years ago

I am a 30-yr old woman who is experiencing hair loss for the last two years. A few months ago, I've been on the verge of losing my patience in searching for the right hair loss treatment that would help me fight my worsening hair loss condition. Fortunately, I came across Advanced Hair Studio and made it a point to visit them.

jems 5 years ago

At AHS I got enrolled on laser procedure for 10 months. laser procedure helps treat pattern baldness by means of using low level laser light. Luckily for me, my intuition never failed me, because now I am experiencing positive results. Currently, I am undergoing laser hair therapy using the laser machine at the studio. In the 8-month time that I'm using the Laser session, I can see hair growing in the balding area of my scalp. Thank you for giving my confidence back

John 5 years ago

Get over it people, it's hair! I've been shaving my head for years now. I started to thin out in my late twenties, I haven't lost a lot of hair, but I choose to shave it for the simplicity. If someone doesn't accept you for the way you are, then they were never really worth your relationship to begin with! 42y/o male

vind 5 years ago

I'm 48 yrd old and considering the procedure. Is it really worth it? FYI, I just started to see my hair receding.

I hope this really works.


pun 5 years ago

hey i dont know what to say because there are s many scams out there and there is more bad complatints than good ones so bye bye bosly

Shreya sharma 5 years ago

Strand by strand surgical is an amazing way to grow natural hair on the bald scalp. I tried several therapies and procedures but didn’t work so at last I did a hair transplant in Advanced Hair Studio Delhi and the doctor created a beautiful hairline on my scalp which I used to have 10 yrs back. I am extremely happy. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

hakrria 5 years ago

am goin for it

chico 5 years ago

Thanks for the comment the part that scare me was that they scalp your head was that about will people notice the day if I would do the surgery should I take a week off from work? Can someone answer this question

carlos 5 years ago

You can get this for $ 2.000 in argentina while I was asked $8.0000 at bosley. I spent a total with airfare & hotel and food of $5.000.- So do the math. Bosley is a Rip off.

profile image

somuchbetter 5 years ago

I have had the process several times. I started early so that people would be less likely to notice. I never post things online, but I know how hard this decision can be. I wouldn't have written anything had I not seen the comments by the haters.. the ones who are saying just deal with it, butchers etc. I think if you are advising other people to just deal with it, you have some issues and feel that you have been dealt a hand you don't want but aren't willing to do anything about it. The process works. Yes, it is expensive, which is why I have chosen to do it in stages. Yes, it is painful, at least it was for me. The procedure itself and the days following are painful. Those are the facts. On the other hand, it works. I have a full head of hair. It looks natural; I get attention from women that I wasn't getting before the procedure. Maybe I just feel more confident, maybe I try harder to look good now that I have the confidence but I don't regret having it done. I had done everything else. I spend 2k at hair club only to walk away and leave the weave at the office. I knew that was not for me. I have done Rogain and Propecia, in fact, they encourage you to continue with those afterwards. No one knows I have had this done. No one has ever commented on a change. THe bottom line is that I feel better about myself. I did this for me. If you are unhappy with losing your hair this is a real solution. If you are comfortable with letting nature take its course or you like to shave your head, as soneone said, great. It is a personal decision and all any of us really has the right to do is tell the truth and be supportive of everyone's choice when it comes to his or her own life and decision.

calli 5 years ago

i've been balding since i was 22. im now 27 and honestly i do wear a lot of hats cause i always did even before my hairloss started . i do feel insecure sometimes when i meet new ladies n stuff but i'd rather that than having to fork out 10.000 dollars every few years to hide my baldness. this procedure is unnatural and after all... its not like im a balding women ... besides some many famous people are bald white and black alike. don't waste money on this nonsence its all vain . sponsor a starving child or donate money to useful foundations. dont waste 50 000 on your hair ! commmon seriously....hope this helps

Tom 4 years ago

I went to the Bosley office in Troy MI in February of 2010 for a consultation. They asked my expectations and developed a plan. I was 40 at the time and still had quite a bit of hair left although it was noticably thinning. I wanted to have a hair transplant for me, not for anyone else. I don't care about attracting anyone. I've always enjoyed having hair and I don't want to be without it. My looks haven't changed much over the years, no weight gain, still have 20/20 vision, etc. My credit history was wiped out so I had to pay cash. I couldn't have as much done on the first procedure as I wanted but I was still able to have 1900 grafts done for $8,500. I just had a 2nd procedure done 2 weeks ago, 2,600 grafts for $12,000. I debated over and over about spending the money. The first procedure was a complete success, my hair grew very well in front where I had the grafts placed. I needed to have the back done and I wanted the front thickened up. I am also using the Laser Comb. During the first 6 months after the procedure the transplanted hair has no noticable growth. So when I saw my non-transplanted hair growing fuller I knew that the Laser Comb was working. I will continue to use it to prevent future hair loss. I've noticed with the 2nd procedure that my scalp is tighter and I experienced more pain this time but nothing unbearable. I know that everyone is different and will have a different experience. My experience has turned out great and I can't wait to see what I look like in about a year when I go back to see if I want to have any more grafts done.

John 4 years ago

I just had my procedure of 2,000 grafts done a day ago and honestly it wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world but just seeing the grafts of where my hair line will be in months from now makes it all worth it but i suggest you buy the laser comb and propecia so you get the full effect and no i dont work for bosley im just a 24 yr old male who missed having a full head of hair.

Michael 4 years ago

I just had hte procedure doen yesterday, 2112 grafts. I don't know if this site is legit or not, but my comments are from me. The process described above was sim for me, but pleasant and not painful to me. I was in the chair from 7:30 or so to about 5pm, got up about 3 times to view the grafts being separated through their microscopes, and eat lunch. I am starting Day 1 pre-op and will post my progress periodically. Cost was $10,632.60 for everything. $4.80 per graft. I have no regrets and am hopeful I will be pleased with the results.

vida 4 years ago

Can anyone explain how they take donor hair from the back of the head if you are a female with long hair? Does that me they will cut your hair in order to have your hair even all around?


Laurie 4 years ago

Vida, they don't actually transplant the HAIR, they transplant the follicle. You won't see new hair growth for several months.

Yayo 4 years ago

I had Bosley remove the hair off my back and ass to regain a full head of hair. Some people say I look like a sh*thead but I think it looks good.

Dan 4 years ago

I had the Bosly procedure back in 2005. I had 1500 grafts. The result was very disappointing. Nothing like the pictures they have on their website. The grafts grow but its just not enough. Up close in a mirror you can see that all the grafts grow but when someone takes a picture you can see the scalp. They want you to get 2 or 3 procedures and I don't believe its worth it. Its a total waste of money.

TransplantedC 4 years ago

Had a FUE trans 3 months ago. Cost twice as much as FUT but allows you to wear hair short at extraction site. Roughly 2100 units extracted/implanted. Typing on iPAd, hence short sentences.

Anyway, cost was absurd. Unbelievably expensive. Seriously, you could buy a car instead... But, how much is your self-esteem worth? Or how much to say at least you tried? You can't expect to get what they show in the commercials because of several things (genetics, amount of units transplanted not revealed, amount of loss prior to surgery not revealed, etc.), but you will see some improvement.

In my case, Had unusually positive response to Rogaine. Used rog for two months prior to surgery (and don't kid yourself, it is surgery). FUE extraction method performed by one doctor, three techs and an assistant separating units under microscope at same time. Went in at 9:30am, left around 1AM the next morning. All f'n day surgery, seriously. Procedure split over three days (MWF), each day as long or longer than prior. Bleeding/scabs looked awful, couldn't cover due to possibility if damaging units, very draining, humiliating experience. As for pain, Lost count of shots and never quite completely numb. Imagine being scalped all day long. Plus, couldn't move during procedure. Unbelievably painful. If I hadn't spread it over three days there's no way I could have done it. I was like a wounded dog afraid of getting beaten. Going to work that week would have been impossible, or should I say humiliating and pointless- wat too hurt/dazed to be productive. Also, they did do the vibrating but the shots just hurt like hell. Also, couldn't drink soda/caffeine that week (doc's orders) and was cranky as hell, very little family support because wife thought I was just being vain. Slept great because I was just drained.

When all was done I my transplant site was just hundreds of burgundy scabs, no skin showing at all and the donor site was red/inflamed, painful. Donor site looked scalped and felt it too. After two weeks scabs finally went away but head was very red. Head was numb for a month.

Second month, redness went down but had problem w/ acne. Lots of big, terrible pimples. Doc said to simply pop, clean and put Neosporin on.

Tried to return to using Rogaine solution but it made acne worse.

In the third month decided to try Rogaine foam (btw, I always use generic). The foam really worked great without drying or irritation I'd heard about. Also, I started cleaning any forming acne w/witch hazel on a round cotton pad and after cleaning using Neosporin.

Results: hair is staring to grow on transplant site which just seems miraculous. I experienced no 'shock-loss'. Still fighting acne in donor and trans site but much better thanks to treatment described.

Was it expensive? Insanely.

Did the doctor/staff earn the money? I still can't believe how labor intensive FUE was. They worked insanely hard, all day, very few breaks. I'd say they might be undercharging.

Was it worth it? Yes. If only to say I put up a serious fight against a condition I didn't like.

FUE vs FUT? I don't have a scar across the back of my head or any scar at all. Double the cost but completely inconspicuous. I think that's worth it, but I wear my hair short.

Will I do It again (2nd procedure)? F&ck no! That expense, that much pain... Twice? Can't do it.

And may I add I didn't go through Bosley. I went through one of the most cutting edge and experienced surgeons out there. I don't believe there is any better. Very honest about every aspect, very skilled, very skilled tech team and still wayyyyyy too painful/expensive to go back. Glad I did it but I'm done.

Recommendation: try Rogaine and/or Propecia as soon as you notice Any hair loss just to keep what you have. It gets more difficult and expensive to replace loss as you lose more hair. Then, if that's not working see a doctor for a consult. This is a serious, long term thing without guaranteed results. Having the money, family support,time to do it and confidence that you'll accept any outcome is the best way to go in it.

I'll try to post follow ups as time progresses.

Toronto 4 years ago

I feel Bosley have some people to post here !!!

It is very costly and the result is shady , so I'm not going for it... PERIOD

ricyangd 4 years ago

Last hair transplant at Bosley in Beverly Hills, California was a few year ago. I spent $27,631.50 for all my procedures. I ended up getting a Staff Infection which was diagnosed by another private Dermatologist as Folliculitis and Scarring Alopecia and ended up losing 90% of my hair transplants. I had a meeting with Dr. Bosley himself which he offered no help, remedies or suggestions on my hair loss caused by his employees using contaminated instruments during my procedures which caused the Staff Infection.

Ric Doremus 4 years ago

Last hair transplant at Bosley in Beverly Hills, California was a few years ago. I spent $27,631.50 for all my procedures. I ended up getting a Staff Infection which was diagnosed by another private Dermatologist as Folliculitis and Scarring Alopecia and ended up losing 90% of my hair transplants. I had a meeting with Dr. Bosley himself which he offered no help, remedies or suggestions on my hair loss caused by his employees using contaminated instruments during my procedures which caused the Staff Infection.

Thomas 4 years ago

I'm considering the hair transplant procedure. However, I see “before” pictures where men are completely bald on top but they have hair on the sides and back. Yet “after” pictures (and I’m sure after many procedures - or so I presume) they have a full head of hair. How is this possible? So my question pertains to “surface area”. Think of it this way; take a standard piece of paper - 8.5 by 11 inches. Cut the bottom one-third off. Now assume your hair currently occupies that bottom one-third. How is that enough to cover the remaining two-thirds? Whether they remove the actual hair or the follicles…there is limited surface area…there is only so much stretching of the scalp. Please explain or correct me.

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JimmyJaz 3 years ago

Donor area differs from client to client. One person may have more donor area than another making them more of an ideal candidate for hair restoration. Generally, there is more than one hair follicle growing from each graph so as hair grows back, it covers more area and looks more dense. I am lucky to have a generous donor area. I had one procedure of over 2,000+ graphs and it covered most of my scalp, front to back, though still looks thin only because my hair is thin by nature, anyway. Though I look years younger because of the surgery. I am returning to have one more procedure of 1,000 -- 1,500 more graphs. Then I might consider one more after that. Procedure took almost 10 hours but was worth it to me. Post surgery was pretty funny. My head looked as if someone took a cheese grater to it but I was able to get a sense of what my head would look like with hair again . I experienced NO PAIN at all. Meds are given to the client at the time of surgery to fight off possible infection. After a few weeks, I did develop what looked like acne on the recipient area and was told not to touch it with fingers since it might damage the follicle; it is new hair trying to poke through the skin. They went away within a few days. A warm compress on the area is suppose to help reduce the pimples but I did not find out; I just let the pimples run their course. The procedure was well worth it to me. Good luck to those who are considering this surgery.

STEVE 3 years ago

Like all the comments, but I'm still not sure I want to go through all the pain and problems. For those of you who suggested using Propicia be aware of the problems it can cause. I tried it for a year and it did help with hair loss but a grew man boops, which I hate and loss all sexual drive.

graeme 2 years ago

Hi Guys had mine in uk 3 mths ago and agree with Steve in all aspect's but happy i did it ...

Dave 2 years ago

Please use caution with Propecia! I used it several years ago, and developed side affects! This week my doctor told me that Merck was not forthright with the dangers of using the drug. He will not prescribe the drug to his patients. Please be careful!

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