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How Your Brain Works

You have probably heard about the guy who was able to write with both his left and right hands at the same time while maintaining a continuous dialog /conversation.

Yes, he had trained his brain in such a way to be able to use both his left and right brain sections at the same time. While this could be classified as an outstanding case of brain showbiz-ism, it certainly does not serve a practical purpose for ordinary everyday folks like you and I.

What you are most probably looking for is to get your brain function more organized - Get better memory recall, make it sharper, faster, come up with creative ideas and solutions to pressing life problems. Probably learn faster, become a better student, come up with unique brilliant ideas and inventions. Yes, you are probably looking to improve your brain function to improve your quality of life.

Just remember it is not the smartest people who usually excel. It is more often those who use their abilities and talents more frequently with directed focus. The more you use it the better you get.

Before you launch into brain fitness exersizes, there are a few things you need to know about exercising your brain - How your brain works:

1. Your brain is a muscle and just like other muscles of your body, the more you exercise it the better it will get.

However unlike other cells in your body, your brain cells keep growing throughout your lifetime. You need to take special care and create the right conditions for proper growth of your brain cells. To understand more about your brain health care, you may read the article: How to tap into your brain power How to tap into brain power

2. Your brain thinks by association, hence what you focus on tends to grow.

Because as your brain thinks about a single idea new neural networks start getting created. and as your brain associates this idea with other concepts and ideas in its memory banks, more new neural networks, connections and pathways are being created making your brain grow.

Hence learning to focus and concentrate on a single thought, idea or problem should be an important part of your brain fitness exercise.

Improving Brain Function

  • Write your name with your non dominant hand. Do it now.
  • Write the mirror image of your name with your non dominant hand. Do it now. (Ps: Mirror image is created by writing each letter backwards)
  • Write your name backwards with your non dominant hand. Do it now.
  • Go brush your teeth with your non dominant hand. Do it now.


3. Your brain loves variety, and can get sluggish with 'sameness'.

Since your brain thinks by association with other concepts and ideas, you constantly need to feed it newer experiences, ideas and concepts to help your neurons to grow and flourish.

Hence if you keep doing the same things over and over again everyday of your life with no change of pace, rhythm or schedule, you will not be helping your brain to form new neural pathways. And the sameness of your life will kind of 'drug your brain', resulting in its slowing down.

Hence you constantly need to do new things. Experience new things. See new things. Bring variety into your life. Thus if you have been doing the same old - same old brain fitness exersize for long , you need to change. Experience something new.

4. You need to keep challenging your brain with problem solving and new learning activities.

For instance you could take up simple puzzles. Learn a new language, this is a very powerful way to 'tune your brain'. Or you could pick up a math grade 4 book and start solving the math problems in it. This will keep your brain challenged for hours on end. But what if you already are a math or techy geek... in this case go and take up painting or drawing or calligraphy. Tend towards things you are not already tuned into.

5. Brain exercising tip:

Knittting endlessly is a very good brain enhancer. Because while your motor skills and conscious brain is engaged in the knitting process, your subconscious mind is 'wondering in a dream state' or 'daydreaming', thinking of a variety of things and solving problems in the background. This is similar to driving on the highway on a very long trip - where you are automatically driving , yet your mind is far away.

6. Another way of training your brain for fitness and health

is by learning to Speed Read . Then if you use speed reading, it is not only going to exercise your photographic memory, but also increase your knowledge at a very fast pace, helping in building new neural networks in your brain.

Brain Fitness Exercises

The brain fitness exersizes on this page are created using the above basic concepts of how a brain works.

You will be doing exercises that will enhance your focus, concentration, powers of observation, memory and visualization, as well as cognitive thinking and basic problem solving skills. Keep a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil handy as they may be required for some of these exercises.

Brain fitness exercise 1:

Cognitive recall visualization exercise: Look out your window for 5 seconds, then close your eyes and look away, how many colors can you recall from memory? how many objects can you recall?

Or look at any colorful picture you might have. Really observe it for 5 seconds. Then look away and try recall the color, shape, objects and the scenery. How accurate were you.

(PS: the original pictures and related exercises on this page have been deleted due to technical difficulties - I am unable to correct the moderator's objection about pixalation of pictures). 

Brain Fitness Exersizes 2 - Improving Memory

Playing with Words - Brain training with lists and groups

1. Look at the list of words for five seconds:

  • Rose
  • Daisy
  • Clover
  • Bluebells
  • Cocoa
  • Chrysanthemums

a. Close your eyes and try to recall as many items on that list as possible.

b. Which of the words does not fit in with the group above?

Brain Fitness Exersizes

More Brain Fitness Exersizes using words

How many words can you create by adding something before or after the following words/letters. For each root word or letters, create as many words as you can in 5 seconds.:

For example:

root word: 'over', Possible words that can be created from it: lover, rover, hover, overt, cover

Complete the above exercise for the following root words. Remember to take only 5 seconds for each.

  • root word: verse
  • root word: Quest
  • root letters: tion
  • root word: son
  • root word: tate
  • root word: Ward

Improving Memory Skills

2. You are going shopping, and you forget the shopping list at home. Can you look at the list below for 5 seconds and then look away and write down as many things as you can recall. When you are done. comeback and compare your list with this list to see how many items you missed. List:

  • bread
  • apples
  • butter
  • eggs
  • cucumber
  • onions
  • carrots
  • oranges
  • flour
  • brown sugar
  • maple syrup
  • baking powder
  • chocolate chips
  • cornflakes
  • tomato paste
  • toothpaste
  • beauty soap
  • detergent
  • washing powder
  • sardines can

3. Recite the alphabet backwards (Z to A) without stopping.

4. Consider the 3 words Crab / sauce / pine, if you were to add the word apple to each of them, this would create the following 3 compound words: Crab Apple, Applesauce, Pine Apple. Create compound words by adding a single word to the following group of words:

  • board / widow / hawk
  • cub / den / share
  • nest / egg / feather

Brain Fitness Exercises 3 - Brain Training Exercises using Math Skills

1. Look at the series of numbers, it follows a pattern. Can you complete it.

a. 3, 7, 15, , , 127

b. 10, , , 40, 50, , , 70

c. 2, 6, 14, , 62 , , ,

2. Use the numbers 1 to 9 to create 100, each number should not be repeated more than once.

for example: 123 + 45 - 67 + 8 - 9 = 100. Create as many combinations as you can.

3. Count backwards from 100 to 0.

4. Recite the multiplication tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or even more. For instance you could start with 2x1=2... up to 2x12=24. Then keep reciting for 3, 4, 5 etc. Doing mental math is a great way for brain improvement.

5. How about doing some reverse multiplication or division mentally... For instance: instead of 2x1=2, mentally rehearse 2/2=1, 4/2=2, 6/2=3,8/2=4... essentially reverse the multiplication tables and recite them. Works great for brain training. Will help your brain in creating new neural patterns.

Brain Training - Physical Exercising of the brain Muscle

Brain Improvement Exercises - Brain fitness exersizes 4.

These exercises are designed to work on your brain muscle physically.

1. Stare straight ahead in front of you. Then without turning your head, move your eyes to the extreme right. What do you see in the periphery. Bring your eyes back to the center, and still without turning your head, move your eyes to the extreme left, what do you see there? Repeat 2 or 3 times.

2. Keeping your head straight and your eyes focused right in front of you. Then without turning your head, slowly start rolling your eyes and complete the full circle of 360 degrees first in one direction and then in the other.

3. Keep your head straight, then while holding your neck straight, tilt your head backwards as far as it will go, bend your head forwards, then slowly start rotating your head for the full circle in one direction. Repeat in the other direction. This may cause some dizziness. So make sure you are sitting down while you do this head/neck exercise.

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ambreen tariq 7 years ago

thanks a lot for the tips,,i will also twit your page at twitter. as i think others will also have the right to know and do all the exercies you have recommended,,thanks again. and as i am a lover of love your lens

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 7 years ago Author

Hi ambreen tariq, I am glad you find this hub useful. Thank you for your comments and I appreciate the twit. Blessings.

Durgesh singh 7 years ago

thank u sir for such a good comprhensive knowledge.this test and advice would certainly help me and my friends who r very desperate to improve their memory skills....

thank u very much once again

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 7 years ago Author

Hi Durgesh singh, thanks for your comments. Here are 3 simple tips to Improving your brain and memory skills :

1. the more you use it the better it gets.

2. the more you expose it to variety and new things, the more it grows.

3. the more you organize information in your brain according to certain simple rules of memory recall, the easier it gets to retrieve later on.

Wish you the best!

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Awesome hub!

health products 6 years ago

Very ncie hub, not only do you need to exercise your body you also need to exercise your mind

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Under cover agent 5 years ago from New Zealand

Very good.

Church Tabor 4 years ago

Thankyou I have lost 40% of my memoey because of a scar on the left temporal lobe on my brain and also epilepsy and i've been looking for some help with my memory

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Harsha Vardhana R 3 years ago from Bangalore

Wonderful tips and exercises! Thank you.

Hope you would keep adding such valuable information regularly!

JPpriya 2 years ago

Great brain exercises and i hope it will work out well in my case.

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