Bruised Nose or Broken Nose ?

Whether you are concerned about yourself or someone else, it can be hard to differentiate the difference between a severely bruised nose or a broken nose. The pain for both can be extremely severe, thus making it even harder to know the difference. Below are symptoms that are the same with a broken nose or a bruised one;

* Swelling

* Extreme pain

* Bleeding can occur, but does not always.

* Bruising

If your nose is actually broken, then you will most likely be able to visibly tell. As with any bone that is broken, the break causes disfiguring in one form or another. With a nose, it can appear to be moved "out of place," or that the bone going down the middle of your nose is not straight anymore.

If you have all the above symptoms, but the nose is not moved or does not appear to be disfigured than you most likely do not have a broken nose.

Broken Nose Picture

Treating a Broken Nose

If you believe you have a broken nose, you should seek medical attention. If your nose is broken and you do not, it will not heal straight causing the nose to appear "off center."

There is no way to treat a broken nose from home.

There is a special tool that doctors use that is inserted into the nose that straightens it back out.

Picture of Broken Nose

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mochirajackson profile image

mochirajackson 2 years ago from Liverpool, United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing this. I fell at the weekend and I landed on my nose. It's been hurting like mad and swelled up, although it didn't bleed. My eyes are both swollen and black but my nose still looks straight (phew!) I have read several articles but yours has been the most reassuring that I probably just have a bruised, rather than broken nose. Thanks :-)

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