Possible Situations and Solutions to build your confidence

Matters great for the unconfident person while a waste of time for a confident. You are searching for the confidence, Are you?

Rememberconfidence isn't available in articles, it’s available in you

If you are fed up of articles giving tips and tricks or some number of ways you have to adopt and then you will be confident, then you must have to give an eye to my opinions to build the confidence.

Its not a game of some minutes to build confidence or be confident instead it’s a task of months or may be years depending upon your nature , actually building confidence has no law no formula so you can adopt that and by that universal law become a confident person and live a successful life, as for as I am concern, no one can improve your confidence but just you, no one in this world know how to make a confident personality” instead they know only “how to be confident”.

The secret of confidence is that everyone has its own and no one is able to give you confidence by teaching some classes of “how to be confident” or by writing article on “tips to be confident” or ways, methods or exercise to be confident.

Now the question arises, how to be confident?

If I answered it that I have no answer then you must shock that why do I wrote article on a matter about which “I am nil”. The thing is that I have no formula no tips no specific method that how you can build your confidence, Yep I know how to maintain my confidence.

"No one can give you confidence it’s only you who has the power to build your confidence."

Remember if you are much serious about this problem that it’s a time taking process but it’s so easy.

It’s so natural and you don’t feel burden, only you have to determine yourself that you are confident. Its pretty amazing that the lack of confidence is just a feeling so feeling is just inside you, along with this I agree with you that others behavior greatly effect this but that’s the only case when you can’t determine what’s going on with you and how they act to degrade you and to loose your confidence,

"Knowing the reasons that make your personality unconfident is the only way to be confident."

Maturity matters greatly to build your confidence; if you are mature you must be confident. Do you know what the world mature means it’s not a specific period of life bounded in how old you are, it’s the level of knowing and amazingly there is no scale to measure how much mature you are, there no specific definition that apply on everyone so one can determine that he/ she is fully mature. So we can simply say that everyone is mature or may be no one is mature.

"Maturity is to know, is to handle, is to grow up, is to accept, is to be knowledge able, is to be wise, is to be gentle and is to be experienced."

How we can get maturity to be confident?

Its totally simple to be mature or increase your maturity level , just give yourself time , at least 10 minutes in day so you can think on “what you have done all the day”, specially in what way you had done”.

To give yourself time is to be alone for some time you chose to think about yourself, leave all matters and get yourself in a comfortable situation then start scratching your whole day memory, dip yourself in all the situations of the day, analyze all the situations, think for the good that you have done mention the bad happenings, observe all of this according to your goals, needs and destiny.

Thinking about yourself and giving yourself time reveals on your faults and also on your good properties it will give all you want, it’s the best and regular method to proceed to your goal to build your confidence.Thinking gives you maturity and the feeling to control yourself, don’t ever think that thinking gives tension and if you don’t believe me try and search about it. Maturity and thinking are closely related to build the confidence.

The easiest way to build your confidence is to make an invisible armor sheet around yourself and to make this armor shield of confidence is so easy, just you have to do that you are feeling unconfident against some one like boss, elders, colleagues, girls vs. guys and vice versa, release yourself and make yourself a non feeling device or a robot for a while.

By analyzing continuously yourself you can figure out where the odd is, become your teacher takes life seriously, remember make your life more efficient at every second of your life.

So build the confidence is just a difference of thinking as we can say that, just as much as we see in others we have in ourselves.

Do you think its all boring, hectic and waste of time, remember I am just suggesting you too give at least ten minutes to this, do it regularly for at least two weeks then observe what changes happened in your personality.

It’s a time taking process

Building the confidence isn’t a rocket to eject, actually it take off like a smooth modern passenger aircraft so don’t hurry to solve the matter. It’s just a game of your vision, confidence is a form of wisdom so increase your wisdom, protect your vision and increase your knowledge.

"Give yourself hunger of knowledge as much as you can, to know more is to be more convenient about to get confident personality."

My story

When I was in O level, I was a much unconfident due to my week body and darkish color, my class fellows tease me as they know I m a shy and unconfident, once I asked my old English teacher, “Teacher, How can I get confidence, I think I lack this?”

He sitting confidently on his chair and while smoking dipped his broad eyes in me and making the eyes more broader he answered, “do you know little buddy it’s a great mystery for human that “how to be confident… but I think it cover most of it

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt”

So dear student don’t worry just feel the confidence and confidence will be with you”

One day at the age of 19 I was reading a novel, sorry I cant remember name of the novel but I still remember one of the beautiful saying by the writer

“It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.”

Why we called it self confidence?

Do you know why we call confidence of someone, self confidence, do you ever think why confidence is related to self, surely its depends on oneself that what he thinks for himself, it’s just a feeling a rhythm of ideas in you, make yourself such that one think for a second to degrade you or not.

how to build confidence-simple solution tips
how to build confidence-simple solution tips

Situations in which one loses its confidence

Situations in which one loses its confidence are different for everyone but most of therm are similar, by studying them one can easily know where the fault is and what to do with that.

Introduction to new

One introduced to new environment feel unconfident naturally and unconsciously and need to build confidence instantly.


When we compare ourselves with others, many of time we lose our confident, actually comparing is a big virus for a growing personality, comparing always creates disturbance, just because of reason that no one is like you, no one born like you so its a big reality of life that the things happened with you cant happen with others, works done by you cant be done by others, no one is your copy in you are the copy of none.

"Don't compare it makes much easier to build your confidence"


Many of times I had observe that over society builds or ruined our confidence since from the age when we don’t know what a self confidence is, read your environment watch the evils who want to destroy you and your confident, give them a lesson or just make a way different from them.


Acts and reacts of parents, teachers, officers, colleagues, partners, friends and beloved ones greatly effect self confidence, observing them is a difficult but interesting and essential thing so focus on this matter and easily build your confidence.

Disturbing yourself

Don’t impress by others, analyze you, what you want from others? Love, respect or care, become choosy in your selection of people you like, make the world disturb because it’s already disturbed but for God sake don’t disturb yourself.


Financial status and economic issues greatly affects human confidence level but it’s a matter that you admit your financial level and don’t make a hill of future plans and hopes don’t be so sensitive about future.


Lack of knowing is greatest of all, if you what going on you will handle, knowledge is the key to be confident, remember this knowledge doesn’t comes from books and lectures it comes from the human.

learn and learn more how to build your confidence

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Solutions to get self confidence

You must know the reasons why you are unconfident, if you want to become your doctor indentify the symptoms of your disease. To know all these a simple solution I can suggest that search about these reasons for a week or two, note the week points you have, simply tries to make the most wise solution, listen; don’t try to get mess up protect your self, treat yourself as patient not as a street fighter.

  • Don’t impress by others and lose your confidence, make your mind that Creator had made nothing like you, so what ever you do is different from others, make your self a rock when you face that light rains that degrading you, remember thinking of self confidence always makes you confident.
  • Don’t degrade yourself it’s a death
  • It’s amazing that many peoples I met found them confident by talking to themselves or you can say preparing themselves to face the odds, this is effective exercise you can do in your spare time to enhance your confidence.
  • Don’t give an eye to what others say, you are the one in the history of the earth so don’t compare yourself with others, especially with those who come difficult to others.
  • Generate your own principles, laws and goals of life, make your own world then you will become a new owner, kick those who wants to rule over you.
  • Give yourself freedom of thoughts in every situation, feeling and decision, freedom of thoughts makes a confident person, preferably analyze and repair your social views and restriction on ideas. Developing your ideas is developing you.
  • Extract points from the success stories and develop your own ways to success, remember your feelings to be a successful person and your hope mainly give you confidence.
  • Don’t laugh or try to make others laugh that’s the greatest reason in my study of being unconfident, in many situations you yourself become a joke, May you don’t agree with me, judge yourself. Smile and serious phenomena in you make you a confident person. Smile has a bundle of benefits including this too.
  • Reading the faces and precept their thinking’s, it prepares you for the degrading attack made by them before the time so you may ready to answer effectively.
  • A deep breath makes a man cool and calm and empowers you to control yourself more effectively.
  • Simplicity covers all of this or you can say that being a simple is being a confident.

Remember again confidence isn't in article it’s in you.

its all about how to build confidence easily
its all about how to build confidence easily

How to handle those who want to degrade you and try to destroy yourself confidence

  • Configure them as enemy in your mind then be normal, just get a fixed point of view of them
  • Imagine and think how to deal with them without less talk because generally it is observed that the more you talk the more you got in
  • Don’t try to give anyone a lecture because they can’t understand even if they seriously try to understand what you say
  • When you are free develop answers you can give as response to the harsh sayings you generally expect from them
  • Don’t try to make them fool because they are already idiots, just defend if needed
  • Don’t smile or laugh before them
  • Be clam and confident before them
  • Don’t try to share you with enemies of your confident

Degrading yourself is the major reason

May you degrading act degrades you, May you are the enemy of your self confidence, may you are unconsciously pushing yourself to darkness, analyze yourself at every moment, get your faults and repair yourself, hope and feelings to be successful are the weapons to fix your inner enemies of confidence.

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