But I'm Too Young To Be A "Sir"

To Sir With A Little Less Than Love - Don't Get Me Started!

I'm not sure if it comes naturally to me because my ancestors built the pyramids from the ground up (with nothing but some straw and mud and they're still standing, thank you very much) but I do seem to excel at making a mountain out of any molehill, as the saying goes. I have written more than one blog in my lifetime regarding bad guest service (Read one here... When Bad Customer Service Happens...Gotta Get A Gay!), I know I should just be thankful for the decent service I received but be that as it may, I'm still going to kvetch. So I go into my Starbucks this morning and other than the manager it's a completely new crew there. Fine, no problem there but as my drink was handed to me by one of the new guys behind the counter he looked at me a millisecond longer and then said, "Here you go, sir." Sir? To sir with less than love - Don't Get Me Started!

I know, I know, I should be thankful that the kid was respectful, made eye contact and called me sir. And perhaps it's just my delusional thought process that allows me to keep telling myself I'm Peter Pan when I've really reached the age of say, Mr. Darling but I don't want to be a sir. Is that so wrong?

Blame our youth oriented culture or the gay ideal of being ever-young and having washboard abs for the rest of your life, whatever it is, I just thought I was still in the "guy" or even "dude" phase and hadn't really reached the "sir" level quite yet. The thing is that in my rational mind I understand that in a lot of regions in this country, the term "sir" and "ma'am" are done solely out of respect for anyone older than you but it doesn't sting any less I'm afraid. (And if you've read any of my other blogs, I don't know that I could be considered one of the most rational people in the world anyway.) Let's face it, the only way I want to be a "sir" is if the queen of England is knighting me.

It's time for me to face the music (of apparently another, older generation) I do know that when I got my hair cut this week and I started looking in the mirror there was much more gray then brown on the top of my head. I guess I can't just keep telling myself I've gone "pre-maturely" gray like say, Anderson Cooper. The long couple of white hairs on my chest and other areas on my body help confirm that too. No, I'm just a, dare I say it, a MAN now. Ugh. My boyish days are officially over. And this young kid calling me "sir" was just a little like someone ringing a bell in a championship fight. Now don't think I'm giving up the fight entirely and won't continue to moisturize myself until I'm as creamy as the center of a Milky Way candy bar but this round is over and the winner is definitely Father Time.

I've been called a lot worse in my day and one "sir" isn't going to set me back too much. But this morning as I hopped out of my Mini Cooper, full of pep in my step, the Starbucks kid calling me "sir" definitely flattened my tires just a bit. To sir with less than love - Don't Get Me Started!

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livelonger profile image

livelonger 9 years ago from San Francisco

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas Author

livelonger, thanks for the link and yes, I think others will enjoy that too. After reading what Dear Abby had to say I think I was just being overly sensitive...again!

Paulie 9 years ago

I can relate. First it was "Girl", then "Miss" (gasp, when I was in my 20's!), and then my first "Ma'am" in my 30's. So deflating. I think when a woman gets old enough, she becomes "Girl" again. One of the worse is when someone says, "Do you remember when? Everyone else in the room looks puzzled, but *you* remember when and then it gets worse when you remember when when was.

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas Author

Paulie, You're so right! Hysterical! And yes, I DO remember when when was!

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 9 years ago

Scott, Darling, I get a double whammy of ma'am (I'm one of those "I can't believe you're over 40" babes). I get the "here's your soymilk chai" ma'am. And I also get, "Señora." There isn't anyone in the world happier to be married than me. But the first time a waiter in a restaurant here in Miami called me "Señora", I felt like a great grandmother. On the other hand, a waiter in a French restaurant called me "Miss", and it made me want to empty my wallet on the table.

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 9 years ago

...Oooops. I meant, "Señorita". But "miss" wins out over "ma'am" for me any day.

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas Author

Ain't it the truth!!!

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago

Oh Gawd.. I was getting called ma'am at 19 in Texas and it REALLY freaked me out. Over here I get called madam which makes me feel like I belong in a brothel...

Huntley 9 years ago

5 years ago - Hollister store...buying gifts for two nephews. HOT "dude" behind counter said "Thank you SIR and have a great Holiday." I've not been in a Hollister, A&F or American Eagle since...for anyone and certainly not myself.

FYI - The weather in Las Vegas last week was amazing...sorry you were stuck in the rain.

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas Author

Glad you had a great time in Vegas...we aims to please...and take your money!!!

Got this in Urban Outfitters last night...guess it's the Sears and Roebuck catalog for me from now on! (tee hee)

John Reed 5 years ago

One more sign of the apocalypse. The last few who practice common courtesy will be shunned by those too vain to appreciate it.

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