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As age flies by a person loses the ability to sense and hearing is one of them. Either by birth, trauma,injury or ageing all causes of hearing disabilities can be minimized or even eliminated with the right aids and treatment. Hearing aids have advanced a lot and many new breakthroughs have made the lives of the disabled a lot more comfortable and easy. Just simple sound amplifications aids have known to provide normal hearing. If the person is deaf by birth and has no chance to regain the ability to hear again then he or she can also learn the sign language, which can help them lead a normal day to day life. Along with providing the means for proper hearing, special emphasis should also be laid on the anger, frustration and denial faced by all people with hearing loss and providing counsel to help deal with the emotions.

Sound amplifiers: Sound amplifiers are simple aids which maximize the frequency and depth of the sound making it a lot more stronger and loud. A person whose hearing is weak benefit from amplifiers as they increase the loudness of the sound enabling the person to hear clearly.

Hearing aid books: Various hearing aid books are available which are read by graduates of hearing rehabilitation centers to make you understand the management of hearing disability and it also provides the professional know-how to properly apply the techniques needed for regaining normal hearing. They also provide emotional counselling.

Sign language: For people who are deaf from birth and those who have lost hearing to severe trauma or injury and have no chance of regaining normal hearing have to learn the sign language which is simple and easy to understand and learn to lead a normal life.

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Cleanclover profile image

Cleanclover 5 years ago from Piece of land! Author

Thank you cory. Glad you liked the hub and the awareness. :-))

Cory Padilla 5 years ago

Great missive. Loss of Hearing is a very lonely experience as millions of our fellow humans experience dimished hearing every year. Thanks for raising awareness.

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