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Zumba Fitness or Zumba Dance has to be the funnest and most energetically sexy form of exercise today. The Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set is for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced Zumba Dancers. It gives you the feel of being in a Latin dance class in the privacy of your own home. As a beginner you can learn and master the most common moves before joining an actual Zumba Class. For the experienced you can continue on in between your classes.

Losing and shedding pounds while having a wave of excitement move through your entire body. All the while building confidence and self esteem and enjoying the feeling and idea of looking and feeling sexy while experiencing a total body workout without laying or sitting on the floor. The days of sit-ups and push-ups are long gone. We want fun and excitement while we benefit from our exercise routines.

The Zumba Total Body Transformation System DVD set is full of red hot dance steps, easy to follow routines, and pulsating Latin rhythms. Have a dance party and shake off the weight in a sexy and exotic way to the beat of salsa, cumbia, merengue and more. The fast and slow rhythms offer resistance training and help sculpt and tone your body. Have fun in your moment, and enjoy multiple health benefits for the long term.

This set comes with four DVD's and six total workouts. This will work your body from head to toe and you can even choose your target area.

Feed back from the Zumba Total Body Transformation System DVD Set:

"I am a fairly fit, active female, and broke a sweat in no time with just the instructional DVD. They break each step down into 'easy', 'medium', and 'hard' so you can learn the steps and be confidant enough with them to move up into the other DVD's. "

"Okay, okay, I fell for the infomercial. I was looking for something that was pure cardio and this really seemed to fit the bill. So I gave it a try and I don't have any regrets! Honestly, I had four other dance workout DVDs in my Amazon wish-list--after doing the Zumba 20-min workout, I deleted the wish-list. No kidding."

" It looked like so much fun I ended up just jumping in..and before I knew it 30 min had passed. The music is great! "

"I have so much fun and it doesn't feel like a workout but I am moving every part of my body.I recommend this to those who don't like exercising like running, sit ups, push ups, etc. "

"WHAT A WORKOUT!! I'm no athlete by any means, but I stay in decent shape. Within 5 minutes of just the basics DVD (where they break down the movements in "3 easy beats"), I was already breaking a sweat. By the end of the instructional video, my shirt was soaked. This was just the beginning! I have since tried all the workouts, and love all of them!! The music is amazing, I find myself actually singing some of the songs to myself at work and bouncing to the beat. The 20-minute workout is great for early mornings to get me energized, then the Cardio Party or the Sculpt and Tone and Flat Abs in the evenings for my full workout. I've lost 7 lbs in the last 3 weeks, and I'm feeling great! "

"I have never enjoyed working out, but with Zumba I don't feel like I'm exercising. It's like I'm back in dance class, but with a smoking' hot teacher (Beto) and sexy, spicy rhythms. "

"Zumba is not the hottest thing out there for nothing! I find that this wonderful set comprises a variety of workouts that keep someone from getting bored."

Don't forget Zumba makes us feel sexy so why not look sexy. There is no need to put on the sweats and cover your entire body. Watch the video below and see how the dancers are dressed. They dress in comfort and look hott! Why not become a head turning event. They told us to dress for success when they sent us out into the business world. So why can't we dress to successfully feel and look great while doing the Zumba?

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JannyC profile image

JannyC 5 years ago

I love to Zumba Zumba!

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

One of my coworkers is obsessed with this. She showed me a move that looked like she was screwing in two light bulbs... everytime I see her I ask her how the light bulbs are. Lolz.

Ron 2 years ago

I love zumba dancing

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