Purchasing Health Insurance Competition

Competing Across State Lines for Health Insurance

I know some have suggested that individuals be allowed to purchase health insurance across state lines. I am not at all sure how this will help with competition. I think this will be detrimental to the consumer because the insurance company in Arkansas may not be subject to the same laws that a Georgia insurance company may be held to. I also think that this would be a nightmare for the State Insurance Commissioners because how would they regulate the companies that were not located in the state. If any insurance wants to operate in a state now why not just set up a company in the state they wish to sell policies in. If this is passed as part of health care reform I don't see how the federal government will not be heavily involved.

More Goverment In Health Care

For those who recommend that we be allowed to purchase health insurance from companies outside of the state we reside in, you should rethink this idea. When large companies are operating within a state and regulated by the state, the Federal Government does not get heavily involved.  The only possible way that health insurance can be purchased across state lines is if the Federal government regulates the industry. This is the only way that consumers can be treated fairly from state to state.

I also think that the state governments do not have the funds to regulate insurance companies not within their jurisdiction. The cost for the consumer in the form of state taxes would be tremendous. The state insurance commissioner would need much more personnel to take care of complaints for companies outside their jurisdiction. If we are going to make it so that insurance can be purchased across state lines, we should also insure that all items are able to be purchased across state line. People should be allowed to get payday loans from a company in any state regardless of where they reside. Because i live in the state of Georgia I cannot get a payday loan even from a company located in another state. If I lived in some of the other states it would be quite easy to get a payday loan. If we are going to open up the competition for health insurance why to do away with federal lawmakers and open everything up for competion across state lines.

The critics of the proposed health care reform need to really consider what this option would mean since most of them indicate that want less government involvement in their health care issues. If the insurance company outside the state falls under state guidelines, they may as well have a branch located within the state. The only reason i can see that an insurance company would not have a branch in othe states is because they do not like the relulation in the state for health insurance contracts. If the fear for insurance companies is that competition will put them out of business, then how will purchasing health care insurance across state lines prevent this.from happening. If people are allowed to purchase across state line the insurance companies have just as much a chance of losing customers as gaining customers.


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