C Section Recovery

10 common questions about C Section Recovery

  1. How long is the C Section Recovery time?
    Generally, you will feel better within 2 weeks but it takes another 4 weeks to heal your wound. That’s why the doctors say about 6 weeks.
  2. How long does the pain last for?
    You can expect to be very sore for several days, up to 2 weeks. Standing straight will be very difficult too. You do experience burning or a pulling sensation when standing or walking around.
  3. What aggravates the pain?
    Coughing, sneezing, and laughing will make it very painful. Getting up to walk will also be painful but you have to do it. You must walk LOTS to stimulate circulation and encourage the healing.
  4. What do I do with swollen feet?
    Keep your feet elevated while resting. And rest often.
  5. Can I climb up stairs?
    It is not recommended to go up stairs. It would be better to move temporarily to the common area for a week or two. But if you have to climb stairs, do it very slowly and hold onto the handles.
  6. How do I care for my wound?
    Clean and Sterilise your wound. Your wound must be kept dry and clean to avoid infection. Use a mirror to monitor the wound.
    Warning signs of infection are : oozing from the incision, if you have high fever of 100 degrees or higher, foul smell from incision, redness and pain at the incision.
  7. Can I do lifting or exercises?
    You cannot lift anything heavier than your baby. And the only exercise you should be doing is walking and pelvic tilt exercises.
    Mistakenly, as soon as a mother ‘feels better’, they have this energy burst and they feel like cleaning and tidying up. But quite often, pain returns again and in some cases, infection in the incision occurs – and that is extremely painful.
  8. When can I drive again?
    After 2-3 weeks
  9. What do I do with my active preschooler?
    From toddler age, your child can understand what you tell them if you explain what has happened in simple words. That is, your tummy is too sore to pick them up but you could have a cuddle together. Also, a good icebreaker is to buy a gift for your toddler and say it is from the baby when you arrive back home.
  10. How do I recover faster?
    If you want a faster C Section recovery with less pain, less stretch marks, less visible scar, you need to support yourself with an abdominal binder. The binder will support your posture while you’re breastfeeding, it will reduce the pain you as you get up to walk and it will protect your incision from infection. If you buy the C Section Recovery Kit, it will show you how to reduce your scarring to virtually invisible. You deserve to be looked after. You may visit www.csectionrecovery.org for more information.


From C Section to C Section Recovery

Incision after surgery
Incision after surgery
Baby born by C Section delivery
Baby born by C Section delivery
New Born baby
New Born baby
Post C Section - Wear your abdominal binder in hospital to help with getting up for walks and reduce C Section pain.
Post C Section - Wear your abdominal binder in hospital to help with getting up for walks and reduce C Section pain.
Wearing an abdominal binder from the C Section Recovery kit.
Wearing an abdominal binder from the C Section Recovery kit.

How long did you take for your C Section Recovery?

When did you fully recover with no more C Section pain?

  • 6 weeks or less
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • longer than 12 months
  • Still hurts on and off.
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What other questions do you have on C Section Recovery? Or share your experience here.. 5 comments

D Solo 4 years ago

Have you seen the amazing Snugglebuindl baby blanket which has been especially designed as a C section recovery product that helps spped the healing process by aiding mothers to pick up their babies without having to bend or stoop, not only making the post birth recovery from c section quicker but also helping parents with back or pelvic problems.http://www.snugglebundl.co.uk/

kimmy 5 years ago

im on my second c section n this is the 6th day im recovery faster this time bu its still very painful, i prepRED MYSELF BETTER this time. and i got the c section kit i hope it works.

regina 6 years ago

can i use a manual tommy trimmer having had c-section 3mths ago?

Jo 6 years ago

my daughter had a csection 1 month ago. her incision is draining alil.

Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 7 years ago from Georgia

It took me a little less than the six weeks to get over the pain. However, since I was feeling better much sooner than my first c-section, I did do more than I should have and wound up reopening my incision. Ouch! The only thing I could do was keep it clean with hydrogen peroxide and let it reheal.

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