CLA - How Much Should I Take and When?

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Now that we’ve looked at the pros and the cons of supplementing with CLA, we need to go over how much you should take and when you should take it.

Before you supplement with anything you should know what dosage you have to take in order to achieve the results you want. You also need to know when the most beneficial time to take the supplement is.

First, let’s look at how much conjugated linoleic acid you should take.

Proper CLA Dosage

The most common dosage used in research studies is 3 grams of CLA a day.

Supplementing with just 3 grams a day is all you need to see benefits from CLA.

BUT you have to read the label of your conjugate linoleic acid supplement to be sure of how much CLA each serving contains.

Some supplements are going to list an oil or a CLA blend that isn’t 100% CLA, but they'll usually tell you what percentage of that oil or blend is CLA.

So, if it says it has 1000 mg of this oil or CLA blend per serving, but it’s only 80% CLA, then you’re only getting 800 mg of CLA per serving.

And you want to aim to get a supplement that contains at least 1 gram (1,000 mg) of CLA per serving.

Let’s move on, and talk about when you should take your conjugate linoleic acid supplement.

When to Consume CLA Supplements

As I just mentioned, you want to consume 3 grams of CLA a day and you should aim to have at least 1 gram of CLA in each serving of your supplement. From this information, can you imagine what I’m going to recommend?

You should break your CLA supplementation up into 3 doses! So, if your supplement contains 1 gram of CLA per serving then it’s very easy for you to get your 3 grams per day.

And you'll want to take your CLA supplement with your meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This will help ensure that, when you take conjugated linoleic acid, you’re also getting some kind of protein from your meal. And if you remember from the last article, protein can help calm some of the minor side effects that might arise for some, when supplementing with CLA.

So CLA supplementation is pretty straightforward:

  • Make sure your CLA supplement has 1 gram of CLA in it, per serving
  • Consume 3 grams of CLA per day
  • Break up that 3 grams into (3) single doses of 1 gram to be taken with your meals

If you follow these simple guidelines you should expect to see both fat loss and muscle gain!

So, now that you know how much conjugated linoleic acid to take and when to take it, you’re probably wondering which supplements are the best.

And you know I can't leave you with unanswered questions, so let's go over five of the top-rated CLA supplements, and we'll wrap up this article series.

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Are YOU Ready to Start Taking CLA? 12 comments

M.Bishop 5 years ago

I am a 47 yo male working in office and minor physical activity. I am 6'3, and in March 2011 weighed 337 pounds. With CLA and reducing meal size along, with protein shakes I am now down to 282 and 36 pants. Still taking the CLA, with excellent results.

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

That's awesome, M.Bishop! Keep up the good work; you've come a long way! I'm happy to hear that CLA is helping you along in your journey.

SneakySquirrel 5 years ago

How long after March 2011 did you see those results? 5 years ago

I have a 10yrs old girl. She is always chubby, with 90lb

I wonder if she could take these CLA pills and how many mg per a day she can take

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

I wouldn't recommend ANY supplement for someone that young, Holly. She's still growing and her weight can fluctuate a lot, depending on how active she is and how she eats.

And just wait until puberty hits; her body will change a lot then! So hold off on the supplements for her for now, and try not to let her hear you call her chubby... things like that can stick with someone for life.

lupe 5 years ago

My name is Lupe .I just started takinng it after one week with breakfast t'and I already loat three lbs.

kman 4 years ago

Where are the best places to buy CLA and if I have one that has 780mg of CLA of the 1000mg CLA Blend. should I take double the dosage during 1 of the breakfest, lunch and dinner.

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 4 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Hey kman, I got mine from; they have good prices.

You could take a double dosage each time, if you like, or you could make your breakfast or dinner dosage a double dose. That way you only take 4 pills a day and you're still getting 3120mg by the end of the day.

Diana 21 months ago

Should I take the CLA with the meal or after?

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 21 months ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Take it with your meals, Diana.

Aundre nash 18 months ago

Which is the most trusted site from where i can purchase cla??

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 18 months ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Aundre nash I often shop at, because they have some of the best prices, shipping, and selection, but you can always shop around for the best price.

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