Cabbage Soup Loads Of Benefits In Every Spoonful

To start a meal or as a light meal, cabbage soup is good for you, it is delicious and it allows you to get your fill of vitamins. Become the accomplice of a healthy and balance nutrition, come along and discover the virtues of cabbage soup. My grandmother used to say it all the time: "eat your soup, it will make big and strong". Well one thing is sure, it does not make you gain weight, just the opposite, it help in weight loss or in maintaining a slim waistline. Because it is rich in vegetables, it is loaded with fiber. Fiber facilitates elimination, but it also has the distinct advantage to give you a feeling of being full. To enjoy a bowl of cabbage soup just before a meal is therefore the best way to limit excessive eating for the rest of the meal.

Keep Your Figure Eat Cabbage Soup

If you are watching your line (and who is not, these days?) here is a little advice: Replace potatoes with zucchini. They work essentially the same way as potatoes. Remove fat from meat broths before using them. Do not puree your soup in a blender, to conserve the efficiency of fiber. You already know that cabbage soup is full of vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy and balance diet. But it is good to remind yourself of it, once in a while, because fruit and vegetables also contain antioxidants and other nutrients that ensure protection for your body. It is so important that ALL doctors agree. Doctors always recommend that you should get at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Studies have proven that this alone also contributes to a reduction in cancer risks.

Make Sure To Keep All The Benefits Of Cabbage Soup

To prevent loss of these indispensable nutrients, respect a few common sense rules: If you must peel your vegetables, wait until the last minute to do so, and do not soak your vegetables in water to clean them. Limit cooking time for your soup. Your soups will always be at their best when you prepare them from fresh vegetables that are in season. When they are in season they taste better and cost less, it is also when they are in season that they contain the most nutrients. Consequently in winter, opt for leeks, carrots, turnips and cabbage. Take pleasure in shopping for your vegetables, enjoy the preparation process, take advantage of this time to show children these wonderful products, so they too will learn to appreciate them. If children help in the preparation of the soup they will eat it without fuss. Another good thing about cabbage soup is that it can make a family meal for a small budget. Remember that homemade soup does not last much longer than 24 hours unless you freeze. It freezes very well, and can be reheated when needed, so do not hesitate to make a large pot and to serve it over several meals. Many good cabbage soup recipes are available, variety is the spice of life.

Books On The Benefits Of Cabbage

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fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

The cabbage soup diet is one of my favorites, however I never thought to use it any other way, now I will. Thanks for the tips on such things as how and when to buy the vegetables. I also never thought of not soaking my vegetables, good tip. Thanks Mireille.

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

Fastreta, thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the soup.

trish1048 profile image

trish1048 7 years ago

Hi Mireille,

I'm a bit confused by this statement: Your soups will never be at their best when you prepare from fresh vegetables that are in season. When they are in season they taste better and cost less, it is also when they are in season that they contain the most nutrients.

Will they or will they not be at their best and taste better?

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

sorry about that it is a poorly stated sentence. I started saying one way and finished another. Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

trish1048 profile image

trish1048 7 years ago

Hi Mireille,

You're welcome.

I've done a cabbage soup diet, but it didn't last. After two days of nothing but cabbage soup, I was done :) I will admit however, that it was tasty, and probably something I would make again. The idea of freezing soups is a great one. Nothing nicer than coming in from a cold day and heating up some homemade soup.

A very nice hub, thanks for sharing.

sillysqrrl profile image

sillysqrrl 7 years ago from World Citizen

i am definitely going to have to try some cabbage soup now

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas Author

@trish you really have to vary the soup if you want to do the diet. For most people who follow this diet it is the morning that is the most difficult. Let's face it cabbage soup for breakfast is not appealing. But there are ways around that. Remember also that you can only stay on it for a week, so it could be easier to say, okay just one more day type thing. For me though I think that I see it not as a diet, but as a way to maintain good health and make my meals lighter by eating a bowl of soup before dinner, so I eat less and burn more calories. At some point in life you have to count every calory gained or lost.

@sillysqrrl try it and let us know what you think. I have a 9 year grand child who just loves it.

tranvinhthuy 7 years ago

Sometimes we're too busy to take care of our own health.There's some small tips but really useful.

Thank you for your great post

johnhonai12 7 years ago

cabbage soup is highly nutritious , i have been checking for recipees to do with cabbage i liked this one it looks excellent , will try for sure expecting more kool articles from you

wwwtt 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips on such things as how and when to buy the vegetables. I also never thought of not soaking my vegetables

harryish 7 years ago

when i read this hub ,my mouth is watery and was very nice too.good job.

anangf 7 years ago

i like reading your hub. your article is useful. soup diet is also useful and a lot of nutrien on it for everyone. thanks

Erik 7 years ago

Nice post! Very informative! Clear and easy to read. Hope you write more articles regarding this topic. Thanks for the post!

contactknb 7 years ago

Hey thanks for sharing !! Very easy to understand & follow. I like cabbage a lot. I'm going to try the above recipe. Post more articles like this.

bittudavis 7 years ago

the cabbage soup is one of my favorites.. it became my favorite as it was so tasty. but after reading this i came to know about the cabbage degrees in dieting. thanks for sharing this information mireille. thanks.

parminders30 7 years ago

Cabagge juice is very beneficial for health as i also take this juice twice in a week.But i was unaware of some medicional properties.Also there are nutritional properties in the juices.Thanks for providing this information regarding the medicional properties.

youthelife 7 years ago

nice and helpful post i think it is clear and great .. and iam definitely going to have to try some cabbage soup now

nizardanaf 7 years ago

nice article and after some day to work like it is mention in i can say that i am very thankful and want to lear more from you...

All my respect

Darren Haynes profile image

Darren Haynes 6 years ago from Maryland USA

I love home made cabbage soup. When freshly made with in season vegetables, cabbage soup is at its best. Ready made cabbage soup at the store is not even a close second in my opinion.

Fungus-Yeast profile image

Fungus-Yeast 6 years ago

I didn't realize Cabbage was a high fiber food. I'm a huge fan of diets that concentrate on increasing fiber intake, so thanks for introducing me to this new one.

George Huss profile image

George Huss 6 years ago from United States

Thanks! Always on the lookout for soup recipes!

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas Author

Thank you all for your visit and comments. I hope you are enjoying cabbage soup in this cold weather some of us are getting. I am looking at 2 feet in front of my door, so it is cabbage for us tonight.

jeniffer 5 years ago

cabbage is really good

becky 5 years ago

Hi great post i have just made the cabbage soup, today is my first day on this diet and i must say it smells lovely. I just hope i can keep it up for a week i only want to loose a few pounds, thanks becks x:)

Kim 4 years ago

I have done the cabbage soup diet and it truly does work, however you need to be active as well in order to see the reults. It was a quick healthy and great way to lose 10 pounds. In the same breathe by day 2 you are hungry fight through this as the results are remarkable. I swear by this cabbage soup.

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