Zero Calorie Foods: Miracle Noodles

Healthy low carb noodles and low carb recipes

I love low carb recipes, and I've come up with some really great ones. I also love pasta, and as you know, pasta isn't usually part of a low carb diet - or a low calorie diet, for that matter. I tried to figure out how I could enjoy "pasta" and still get the benefits of low carb foods. Okay - tell me if this sounds too good to be true: noodles that have virtually no carbs, no calories, and no fat. They're also affordable and super quick and easy to prepare. Sounds like a scam, huh? Well believe it or not, they're for real! The noodles are all the rage with many dieters. They originated in Japan and China. Leave it those wise Asians to develop such a food! The noodles are made from konnyaku flour, which is derived from the root of the konnyaku imo plant. The flour is also called "glucomannan."

These amazing noodles are generally referred to as Miracle Noodles or shirataki noodles. You can order them in several different types, including angel hair, fettuccine, orzo pasta, black shirataki, mini-pearls, agar-agar, and rigatoni. And not only are they calorie free, they're also gluten free and soy free, so they're especially beneficial to those with gluten and soy allergies. They provide a healthy low carb option as a substitute for traditional pasta.

Also, the noodles are largely composed of soluble fiber, which few of us get enough of. This fiber fills you up and makes you feel sated, and in addition, the noodles aid in digestion. By slowing the digestive process, the noodles help slow and regulate the absortion of glucose, making the Miracle Noodles very beneficial for diabetics. The noodles actually help with diabetes control.

The soluble fiber in the Miracle Noodles also helps lower cholesterol. The fiber accomplishes this feat by combining with the cholesterol in bile acids so that it is excreted instead of absorbed by the body.

Numerous studies have touted the benefits of these noodles, including those conducted by Sweden's Orebro Medical Centre, Universita Sapienza Roma, and Canada's University of Toronto.

The noodles are unbelievably fast and easy to prepare. They come in pouches, practically ready to eat. All you have to do is rinse them with warm water and cover with your favorite sauce. Or, if you prefer, you can add them to other dishes while cooking.

What do the noodles taste like? Well, honestlly, they don't have a lot of taste by themselves. But they have the wonderful ability of absorbing other flavors. You can toss them with melted butter and garlic, or add them to soups. If you're in a hurry, rinse the noodles under hot water, spray with no or low-calorie food flavor spray like olive oil or butter, and sprinkle with herbs and spices. A lot of users prefer covering them with Walden Farm's no-calorie marinara sauce and sprinkling a little parmesan cheese on top for a healthy, tasty meal.

Low Carb Recipes

It's easy to create lots of low carb recipes with these noodles! I like adding them to shrimp scampi. They really soak up the flavors of the butter and garlic! You can also make a cold pasta salad with the noodles by adding some fat-free or low-fat mayonnaise, a little vinegar, some Splenda, black olives, chopped green onion, and diced bell pepper. I also find that adding them to light stir-fries gives the dish more bulk without adding calories.The Miracle Noodles are very versatile, and you'll find endless uses for them as part of a healthy low carb diet.

So where do you find this amazing product? The only place I've found the noodles is online. Your local health food store might have them, so you might want to check there. My health food store did not have any last time I checked, but you might have better luck.

I use the noodles in several low carb recipes!
I use the noodles in several low carb recipes!

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Waren E profile image

Waren E 7 years ago from HAS LEFT THE BUILDING............

These noodles are news to me,I read a low calorie diet can slow aging and quicken the body's healing!

Great hub habee!

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Waren. I need to order some more!

If you try them, use lots of seasonings.

Terrapanthera profile image

Terrapanthera 6 years ago from The Netherlands

Wow, Habee, this sounds really awesome. I love new things and specially when they are healthy. I'll check out the link! Thank you & have a nice Sunday!!!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Terra. They don't have much flavor, but they "soak up" other flavors pretty well. Thanks for reading!

The Rope profile image

The Rope 6 years ago from SE US

I can't wait to try these! I'm sending a link to my sensory analyst friends to see what they know about these - maybe they can give us some amazing recipes. Thanks for terrific info. I love pasta and this may just be the answer.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Let me know what you find out! Thanks for reading!

The Rope profile image

The Rope 6 years ago from SE US

Hey Lady: my friends love them as well! Now I'm even more psyched, if that were possible! They did have one word of caution though - don't eat too much at one time until you know how they react in your system, the noodles have a bad habit of causing diarrhea in some people who over-indulge. Thanks for bringing this choice to us.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for that warning! I'm headed over to your place now!

lv4fer 6 years ago

I tried them tonight, they were very good and they make you feel full for hours. I ate them around 3.5 hours ago and still feel full! I bought them at an Oriental Food Market.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for reading, Iv4fer!

KR 6 years ago

Miracle Noodles, they are not actually a noodle, but from a root or something, they come in packaged in water, 7 oz. usually, for one person, rinse very good, 2 minutes, they have fishy smell before you rinse, I then boil for 1 min in fat free chicken broth, then in fry pan, I add lite soy sauce/pepper and fry up the noodles good, this gets out the squishyness, then they are tasty with chicken or veggies. but fry them up in some sauce, so they get not so squishy. No Calories, starches or sugars, gluten free, EASY! not cheap though.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

thanks for the info, KR!

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